How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The New World Order Of The World Wide Waste Of Time.

Given the recent trends, fads, or hordes of lemmings in lieu of web authors and/or the creepy cult it has become, I had to say a few things about what is wrong with the WWW of late.

For some reason those who like to do business with us over the internet have taken it upon themselves to hold us hostage via that fact in a number of ways. For whatever reason they felt a need to standardize their designs making them somewhat consistent in appearance but all alike in their dysfunction.

Having pages that look alike and the rest might make some sense but then again not all the web is the web. Differing tasks can look different and SHOULD look different, I prefer not to confuse my bank account with my shopping for groceries and I can accept the fact each have original ideas and designs and I am able to cope with that. I don't walk into all stores and expect to find motor oil next to toilet tissue and have all of that sitting near the meat counter, on the left. This would be akin to branding your site like your business logo etc, I see that as a good thing. Be different !!!

Based on this trend that I find not only annoying and insulting, but also harmful and decrepit, I felt compelled to comment on it.

I had better user experience running Windows NT and using banking and shopping sites back in 1999. And doing so on single threaded Pentium processors at 200Mhz and having under 1 Gigabyte of physical memory.

This has a "Big Brother" kind of feel.

The points I find problematic:

1) Spinning cosmic toilet bowl of confusion.

Why is it that you all decided to make us dizzy having to stare at this rotating mess while our pages load? This is about the worst thing you can do to someone who needs to look at a computer screen all day long. Rotating things in front of them this way. The browser also did this for us before...

2) Too much white space.

What are you telling me about being green? Did it matter to you that hitting my face with all these photons takes real actual amperage to do? You have to light them all up and by that harm my eyes. Why do it? Make the background black and the text white and do the rest in high contrast. I know and we can stipulate this is not a piece of paper and by that you turn the electric ink into its inverse partner. You are printing your books all black. And this is not a lamp, if I need light I will turn one on and need not rely on my monitor for a suntan.

3) All controls are hidden someplace and you have to hover over them.

What happened to logical and well defined and known control objects like menus and buttons and the rest? Now this is a treasure hunt with all this fun animation where we can wiz all over the screen with the mouse looking and waiting for controls to appear like MAGIC! Your mileage may vary based on actual connection speeds and how long you hover in one spot.... how nice, consistently bad and not consistent. That and just moving around the page has objects being crammed down my internet pipe likely over and over and over again that I don't need or want this moment. Too much data moved and too much opportunity to fail or have things change from one moment to next.

4) Unreliable and slow.

You've taken the wheel and made it square, congrats on that. What used to work well and all the time seems not to work more than 50% of the time, why is that? This is simple web design that has worked for the last 15 years. Why break it now and offer nothing more for it?

5) Control objects require massive excursions of eye/mouse travel.

Your designs in general are consistent in that they offer little content per the area they consume and the light they emit, and require us to look all over the page and move all over the page to use them. Upper left to lower right, to upper middle left, to lower left, to upper right. You get the idea. Use larger fonts, etc. They don't cost you more.

6) Pages loaded over and over again for fun and profit.

For those who don't live in the USA who rarely have to pay for home usage per byte, this might not matter so much but beyond that why load pages so often. It seems now all designs do just that, load pages over and over and over again for no reason.

This all starts to look like intentional harm and abuse.