How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Strangers In The Flight - Mia Farrow and Woody Allen Visit Me Circa 1964.

Mia Farrow And Woody Allen Visit Me Circa 1964 Mia Farrow And Woody Allen Visit Me Circa 1964

Mia Farrow:

Born: MarĂ­a de Lourdes Villiers Farrow February 9, 1945 Los Angeles, California, USA

Woody Allen:

Born Allen Stewart Konigsberg on December 1, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York, actor, director and screenwriter Woody Allen legally changed his name to Heywood Allen when he was 17 years old.

I now recall an event when Mia Farrow and Woody Allen made a visit to our home at 233 Washington Street Wilson New York 14172 USA, circa 1964. They met with my father and I so I could be pandered to them for money, in exchange for their taking me to an area hotel for sexual and violent abuse.

I talked to both Mia and Woody and asked of them their names and they both told me and replied with Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. I liked both of them and was told that we'd be friends, I thought that Mia was nice and asked her how old she was thinking it was polite to do so. She found it funny and retorted a bit but replied with "19".

Some money things were discussed and my father agreed so off we went in their car and we drove around places in Niagara County NY eventually looking for a hotel room. There seemed to be no real plan on their part and they did not know their way around. I was not much help since I was not really too young, just too stupid to know better. I was a slow learner and driving is not my forte overall. ;-)

A hotel was found and I guess we checked into some room, it was painted in this garish aquamarine seafoam green color and then these people started to grope and bash on me. It went on for a while, it looks to have been discussed and memory says that I was drugged/sedated prior to making the trip over there. At some point I became tired of getting hit and was getting less and less cooperative with them. They seemed frustrated.

Eventually Woody and Mia drove me back home and made some complaints to my father blaming me for a "Bad Performance". He was not too happy about any of that, and then we started to toss threats back and forth since my father did not see a reason to pay them back their money. He explained this is a child, you agreed you wanted to do this, and overall this situation would be an "As Is Sale". If you will. Not sure how it all ended with the money but suffice it to say I just wanted to run and hide hoping this all was over.

There was manipulation after the fact on this and I see that Eve Rothman from NYC along with their want to involve my father in dialogs as to what Eve and later Heike and I did in our bedroom, none of which was apropos as I explained to my father when it was discussed. Eve also creeped out on dialog made to me post-homicide in 1981 when the doctor said "Good, I have you back...". It was a non-sequitur and seemed out of place. More psycho drama and gaslighting in lieu of brainwashing.

During viewing of TV and movies as a child at times when they appeared on screen I became quite upset such that it had to be changed to another program to avoid the drama.

Later as an adult I visited my parents in the new home on the lake and Mia and Woody appeared in a news item, it struck me odd since I thought I've met these people in person, likely as a child. I noticed both my mother and father staring at me, not the TV, and my father admitted yes, you've met them as a child, that is our fault. He went on to say you will figure it out, and it is not good. Seems he is right again.

My Father Thomas Henry Jones Famous Sodomy Quote

My father Thomas Henry Jones, after such failed events, would often punish with his pecker. During one event as he sodomized me, he offered this now famous quote as discovered on the WWW with: "Bite The Pillow, I'm Going In Dry". I guess quoting Leviticus 18:22 was beyond him as of then. He needed a professional pedophile pastor to do that for him over at the Wilson FBC.

Dry is right, I have to love your senses of humor. You seem to. And that is all that matters for me.