How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Witness Of TSA And Airport Security Crimes To State(s).

Body of US DHS Complaints

This is a summary of complaints I have with recent travel on International and Domestic US flights. Backgrounds for the complaints are below and I am merging the complaints regarding TSA and gate agents along with complaints about airline staff and other passengers since they all are related.

I am a victim of domestic violence and am disabled as a result of the attacks. The former spouse attempted to take my life June 06, 2003. She is a German national living in Buffalo NY.

I now learn I am the victim of a hate crime involving a knife attack and vivisection in 1981.

I was assaulted on the job and had my supervisor Roger Goode of Raytheon Tucson AZ attempt to take my life 07/25/2005 while working at a partner defense contractor Diehl BGT Defence in Ueberlingen, Germany. This was done to protect my former spouse, a German and to keep me from this witness. I survived the attack, and Roger and others began to panic since now they knew I'd witness against this. This was done in the witness of US and German security forces. In a secure facility with the planning made in the US.

I flew back from Germany via Zurich on a differing flight and day than Roger Goode. We both stayed at the Zurich Hilton before leaving. This was on American Airlines.

Upon return to Tucson AZ, I connected through DFW airport and the female TSA agent commented vaguely about the attack, justified it via vanity based comments about her son, and justified the murder attempt on my vanity and offered motive for it. She said too much and had knowledge basically saying you deserved that. I did not. Here the TSA has broken the law and is on the wrong side of it. Lynch mobs and vigilantism are not the American way, you act more like terrorists and Nazis to be fair.

Goode et al may face treason charges from this and the wife prosecuted as a terrorist and spy. This could merit federal death penalties. I see no problem with that, they tried to murder me. I was mocked specifically about the harm to me as a child at Raytheon. I guess you declared war on us kids?

She then demanded I remove my shoes. Why? Her witness is worth nothing and neither is yours, you are criminals now.

More recently your cutlery fetish has been manifested again with the following comments and actions. The items vandalized by TSA staff were all damaged on domestic flights, I made sure of this and this is the first complaint I make about all of them. You have no prior knowledge. And you'd have no law enforcement reason to know fully who I am and really given the crimes against me, I'd bet you can not legally ask to see my ID in a US airport. Consider that. You sponsor violent hate crimes and harm of children. You are done. And it will never lead to court or police action. I am immune and stateless. You knew this all along.

The following things have been said to me at various times and on various recent flights:

"I don't give a f*ck!" -- Oriental male DHS agent in SFO. Seems to be the case, go home and find another job.

"I don't need to see it." -- White male TSA agent in SFO. Same problem for you, you can't see anything. Did the airport blow up again and you missed all the blood?

"You need to visit the nude beach." -- White female TSA agent in Tucson. I replied that I will pass, I gained all that weight back after getting terminated at Auschwitz. Goode luck.

"Are you waiting for the bus?" -- Oriental male TSA agent in Honolulu. Seems like a threat to me, I won't be sitting around talking to him since he is at fault and nobody there cares to listen to me. I told him I am the bus, and he just got hit by it.

"Are you working?" -- Oriental male DHS agent in Honolulu. I said that is not possible, with that knife in my BACK who is going to hire me.

Witness Of TSA And Airport Security Crimes To State(s).
"What is your name?" -- Black male DHS agent in Honolulu. Can you read this also? It is spelled out for you.

The following items of my property have been vandalized and damaged or ruined on various domestic flights:

Three Philips Norelco triple head electric razors. Each was removed from the packing material and smashed into 100's of pieces and then placed back into the Hefty food storage bag and then soft duffel bag it was packed in. Done on three different flights with me having to replace each one. The knife wound vanity is clear on this. Could be seen as retaliation as well as obstruction and witness suppression and intimidation. You clearly are criminals.

Two Remington cordless electric hair trimmers. These are heavier than the Norelco shaver but still could not have been damaged by dropping them. These were taken out of the luggage and smashed onto the floor. And placed back into the food storage bag and my luggage like the Norelcos.

I have a Lenovo laptop computer that opens like all clam shell type laptops do. During one flight this was removed in order to "Inspect" it as the note from the TSA claimed, and now it has a knife "wound" made near where the battery indicator light is, on the non hinged side of the case. Done by your people of course. More masturbation with cutlery? Or another clam bake possibly?

Replacing the Remington hair trimmers I purchased a lighter (Australian style plug and power supply NOT US, get the hint?) Philips cordless hair trimmer set. This had the adjustable hair trimmer attachment removed from the bag of other attachments, such as nose trimmer, sideburn trimmer, etc. they all snap on and off the body, and one of the clear plastic guards was broken off. This was done to make it such that the item scrapes my scalp now when I attempt to use it to cut my hair. So now you do this to suggest I deserve this and that I hurt myself with your knife? You are fools and children.

I thought you crashed my car into your local Lutheran Church and put it on the front page of the local news paper that you like to have sex with kids and animals and cut children with knives? Did we miss another of your "accidents"? Crap your pants again did you?

The obvious questions from all of this are as follows:

Who are you to damage my property and steal it from me?

Where are the other attackers who have done this and why does anyone want to trust YOU with your opinions, witness, or wants to mishandle their property and persons?

For those who enforce the law, what is it that you are doing for a living? I don't see you enforcing the law, only breaking it.

Did you cut your finger?

It looks like you are guilty and law enforcement is responsible for the knife wounds, murder attempts, and the harm to me and my sister as children.

Any comment? Other than the crap you already said?

Put your money where your mouth is.

See, I waited long enough for you to take all the rope I give you and then let you hang yourselves at your own lynching.

There is an obvious pattern here and too many events to be just accidents.

Who do you work for again?

And why share that information is the problem? You had to compromise national security assets to tell your associates at airport A that you vandalized my shaver in airport B. There is no law enforcement reason to do this. You are using those resources to commit violent felonies.

And the share of that information allows you to break the law based on your associates doing so in some other place and time.