How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why This Affects You Also.

I wanted to spend some time this morning putting down some thoughts as to how this relates to you and why you should not live in the places I've lived in and why.

I really do this for you since my cause is lost, this has gone on for too long and I see no way to return to the place that I called home. I view it as the State has for some time, this problem has no solution. They already gave up on me long ago. In reality they invested in their failure and my demise and here is why. They wanted me gone and saw that as being least cost, protect N attackers where N is an integer larger than 1, that being the victim, one of me.

Unfortunately they invested in a number of failed approaches to fix this problem and I get into some of that here and basically already have discussed all of that. You paid for that and have been all along. It is expensive to harm and cut up your kids and then invest a lot of money telling expensive medical lies about it. What are your Police doing now? Worrying about where I am at and then they hope to tell you I am a deranged lunatic. Oops. I was 4, days or years old? I doubt it. They have all this time and money to put on this show and it is just that, a show, and it gets you nowhere.

For you however and you may think this has nothing to do with you, but it does, you need to consider where you end up most importantly when you need help or get ill. And here is why. Your problem may be easier, I did not have family or friends on my side, that will help you but it may NOT save our skin overall.

Everything I have told you so far is true, I don't make this up, and I have no gain in sitting in front of this computer for the last ten years doing nothing but this. It does help me since I need to witness and organize and express it so I can remember it and understand it and explaining it to you forces me to find out new things. It does work that way.

I am also certain my analysis is correct as to why and how this was done. Most of it is a fraud designed to fool me and by that you too. Once you see how the vanity plays forward and backwards in time, how the situations are contrived on that, and how many coincidences there are in all of it you will come to the same point as me. It is being scripted.

So start with some simple background that nobody can refute:

1) I have knife wounds on my left arm. You and I were told this was an accident. It is not. There is NO medical need to have them there nor is there any documentation telling me and you this was a surgery. Forensic experts look at it and within about 5 seconds say a number of things; Those are not surgical scars. They knew what they were looking for. There is no medical need for them to be there. That is not an accident. -- That was 1981. It is now 2014. I still have people telling me lies about that and protecting my parents and others who did it. Nobody will touch the knife.

2) The Lutheran Church is involved since they claimed this accident that never happened damaged their Church. It is a hoax. They even filed a law suit against me after the attack to claim just that. It is also a lie. I was harmed in the Church as a child and again in the United Methodist Church that Heike and I attended when we lived in Lockport.

3) The medical community knew of this since any hack of a doctor could say this is a knife wound. They lied to me about it.

4) My friends had parents in Niagara County government. Goldes worked for the County with Ellen being in the Social Services and by that Child protective division. My parents abused my sister and I and involved others. Photos were taken. You knew all of that, I was forced to forget it, I had to live there. I remember it now along with the knife attack. The knife wounds were made without anesthetic in the Wilson NY fire company's ambulance. It flashed back in 2004, I now recall what it felt like to be cut up like that.

5) My father has friends in law enforcement and the military. You do the math on that one. They protect him at my expense, in that they blame and punish the victim in order to protect he and them.

6) I now look back and see I was being psychologically harmed as a child. My parents were being coached as to what to do and say and this was done to cause me harm. I was being taught things wrong, events were being scripted to play with my memory of other things, etc. They are not smart enough to do this alone. The State is involved. My mother was also hospitalized for the harm they caused me as a child. There is physical injury caused me as a child and the medical community acted to cover that up to protect my parents and to enable me into their care for further harm. See my witness of my father's discussions with my late, Great, Uncle Art Baker when I was 8 or 9 telling me this was planned all along. I am leaving as of then.

That should be enough to get you started, there is a lot more. The point being as follows and it comes down to trust and competency of those running the show and how long it takes to get Federal help to shut down the circus and freak show you call NY State and Western NY. There has been too much deference to local judgment calls on something that ends up costing the country a whole lot of money.

What it means to you is as follows:

You have a system of government there that will never offer you any return on your investment. You will not be protected by Police or fire rescue personnel. Should you get ill or injured at home say, who are you going to call? The Sears hardware store?

The Police like to have sex with children and animals there and take photos. Will you trust having your kids run around and play there? I would not. Do you want that psychotic lunatic with a gun standing outside the driver side window of your car late at night on some lonely road in Niagara County? No you do not.

Despite the obvious character flaws that points out, it speaks to honesty and witness. The police there have nullifed themselves and it gets better. The judges there have a lot of power, you can appear in court on a trivial matter and actually be tossed in prison for a long time just because he or she wants to. In some States of the US you can be arrested for speeding on the interstate. Know that, tossed in jail for possibly months waiting to be heard on a speeding ticket.

Look at William Ganshaw and I think it is a shame that this person enjoyed a full life to be 98 years old before passing away. How could he? Look at what he does to children like me, and I lived in his town ALL my life from birth to basically me being 40 and had my wife almost kill me. Where has he been? What qualified him to do this? NOTHING. He is a factory worker, sells Nationwide Insurance, is a fireman, and is a judge. Too many hats. A conflict of interest, and no credentials at all to do this job and it showed.

Ganshaw is dime a dozen and your small towns are full of idiots like this. Don't drive through them, and don't visit them or live there. Do you know where they are all at? Nope.

I have a mouth full of perfectly good teeth, especially molars, drilled to all sides and falling apart just because my parents had good insurance and the doctors needed the money. There is no way to save these teeth since the sides and cores are drilled out entirely and there was no need to do this. We don't know how he kept the teeth together to fill them. He must have had a technique that ruined the whole tooth a bit at a time, drill, fill, drill, fill, and so on one corner at a time. Now I have a mess.

Going to take your kids to these butchers? Who is going to fix it for you? Nobody. Not one person will speak about that or the knife wounds. I have been yelling about this for over ten years. These people will kill you medically and nothing will be done about it.

If you plan to own a home and have a car and family etc, who is going to protect it when you are away? What if it burns? Or you get injured? Who are you going to call? The IRS? The firemen and police are all a bunch of unqualified goons with IQs of about 81.

The firemen are volunteers with really little or no training, no background checks being done, or being done by Police who are criminals and you end up with just that, a mafia. These people are criminals and you can NOT trust them at all. They are pervasive and beyond that they will follow you all over the place. Do you know on any given day how many of these volunteers are out driving around keeping track of their child sex toys and mistakes? Everywhere you go you have some "Concerned" citizen as them worrying about your business, who you talk to, etc. Can you say paranoid, sure you can.

They decided to bankrupt me in this process of not being married, I now learn I never had a blood test to get my marriage license and that tells me they knew they could not marry us. In that process of making me look like a bad husband being not married to a wife who tried to murder me, I needed medical help and food stamps. I was actually laughed at in the ER of Lockport Hospital on one occasion. I had women at the Niagara County Social Services office do the same, laugh at me. Police were called to investigate this and prosecute my attackers, it is over 11 years now since I was aware of these crimes and nothing has been done. Did you want to call 9/11 and then wait for a decade to save your burning home or to have your kids broken arm fixed? Sure you do. My injuries were life threatening and still are. Those knife wounds could have killed me on the spot and later on in life and nearly did and they may yet kill me today. Now I have new injury on top of that. It does not help.

And again NONE of this was necessary.

In the end of it all, you look at the process and people who made Love Canal possible, read the story about the kids attacked and sodomized on their school bus in Wilson NY, and you decide that nothing is being done there to make things better or to make things work.

My view is that it is not possible to live there. I think you have not figured that out or you have been told that you are special and different and things work different for you since you are blessed and friends of the criminals running the show. I bet you are in for a rude awakening.

For those moving to Western NY or other places in the US, this problem followed me and I was attacked in Germany and in Arizona in defense of her and my father, I bet you are being fooled too. The architecture of this fraud you call the USA is pervasive.

Your deals with the devil are forthcoming and the check is in the mail. Goode Luck.

PS -- Assassinating the character of your child victims is expensive, and this is some of how and why. You have a milk bill here as long as both your arms.

PPS --Many of you likely will closely resemble me, since I don't look much different than most Americans, and given how you all like to take the law into your own hands, you might just end up killing yourselves on it all.