How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why The USA Is A Fraud.

The two party system in the USA is another case of the obvious being missed by you all. It is adversarial for no reason, since both sides fault each other for no reason other than them being Democrats or Republicans. This is simple and needless prejudice.

They may have the same ideals and goals but still agree to be at odds for no reason. Hide in plain sight.

A good example I have and you see this all the time, is with a faux friend of mine, Thorne Kontos, a former US Navy hate monger and a staunch Republican. Thorne has all manner of ways of being a vigilante and to visit his prejudice/retaliation and blame the victim credo heaped upon victims of some of the most horrid crimes and UnAmerican things you can do to someone and then blame them for it as he did to me.

He concedes that with the slur and left handed accusation that says "You cheated death three times" and I point out I did not owe death anything nor do I owe him anything. His count is low on the number of attempts made on my life but I know the 3 he means, again not my fault.

His segue into the political world has him do the following; I visited him and his felon drug dealer wife in Sullivan MO in February of 2009 right after Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama wins the top job in the USA defeating his Republican opponent and replacing the Republican President Bush Jr who had the job for the prior 8 years. Obama was in office about 2 weeks and Kontos points out now that the failing economy along with the housing crisis and bank failures are all Obama's fault, and this is just insane. I look at Thorne and ask him "Are you a lunatic? This man barely knows where the toilet is in the White House and was in office all of about one week and you blame him for a train wreck that took 8 years under Bush II to make?". I was struck dumb. Beyond that Americans voted for Obama only because he looks black, he is actually Hawaiian so we are told and we never heard of him at all before he ran for president, who is this guy really?

Yet this is the mentality you see with grown men and women in the USA who do just as Kontos did and make such obviously foolish offers as he did. Then Obama turns around and makes Kontos the fool again by saying to Kontos I am a felon and loser just like you and your Republican US Military goons and I murdered some guy over in another country with no due process since I felt he harmed the USA. A ghetto moves into the White House and Kontos waves the flag now and says hear ye hear ye, the two party system is dead, long live murder in the White House. What crap.

This is akin to what I had recently with those who hope to support the Jesuit faith and the church when I witness against them and the crimes they are responsible for done to me personally. Typically they send women to do this as was done here, and she starts off by accusing me (Blame the victim) of preaching hate. Wrong. I witness against it as I've done all along. I go on to tell her of the countless felonies against my person and property that span over 50 years of my life, some of those crimes could lead to death for my attackers and include, attempted infanticide, child rape, child mayhem, child abuse, pedophilia and production of pornographic images using my sister and I as child victims/stars, attempted murder, sexual assault, a hate crime and vivisection, attempted murder working for the US DOD in a secure facility, clergy and medical provider abuse and quackery and so on.

This person would not relent in two points; one, she refused to concede that I am the victim of ONE SINGLE crime at all, despite there being documented harm that the State admits; and two, since I witness against it and the Church is involved I preach hate. That in itself is a hateful act, hers. Witness suppression is support of the crimes by proxy and by collusion. The Police in the USA did this also by that way in their fake efforts to blame me making them seem right. They knew of the crimes yet just worked to shut me up about them. As she did here.

Then when I press her on the violence and abuse what does she do? Runs to a male friend in the hope he can bully me into conceding that violent rape of children is the kid's fault. Right on. Gender bias and we only like to rape and murder and cut up little boys. That made them both look as fools.

Then when wrong she runs away and hides and slams the door on me rather than admitting something is really wrong. Cowards and liars. Then of course resort to violence and duress and offer that might is right to silence the victims of the felonies. Same mantra really.

These two flavors of deep and long and wide myopia and dishonesty run all through and are ingrained in the structure and citizens of the USA. This is commonplace nonsense.

But this is getting longer than I had hoped and I want to summarize why I feel that no honest person would be able to, nor should they be willing to, reside, work, live, own property or a business, marry, or raise a family in the USA. Most of these crimes were done to me while I was a child and young adult living and working in Western New York State in the USA meaning Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport, and Wilson NY.

This has been honestly 50+ years of harm to me, I have been aware of it and making formal complaints for over 11 years now, not one thing has been resolved in my witness to date as of June 2014. If they won't resolve this for me, then they won't do anything for you. Ever.

Next problem is that this has followed me to other states who retaliated and offered other extra judicial crimes against me to protect their associates in New York. Those crimes are all premeditated and built upon my vanity where I was attacked again, murder and violence and financial crimes were attempted and done to me, I had an officer of the Arizona Superior Court implore of me "I am not victimizing you again" and I never said she was, so this admits her guilt now, and beyond that the problems persisted in residency in California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, etc... and so on.

With that I see no hope for you and here is why the architecture does not work:

The Police are a mafia of violent felons who rape children and take photos, they serve no person other than themselves and don't even seem to serve the State. These are documented facts. Some are prosecuted but too few. This harm to me involves just that and them also when I was a child.

The State uses them to seemingly break the law and to stalk victims of crime to make sure that the victim pays and the guilty go free. Police offer ways to blame the victims and use threats and force to compel non truths toward that end.

Local leaders including medical doctors, clergy, priests, nurses and others get involved in the share of information including information only Police could have leaked to compel other crimes upon the victim. This includes abuse, stalking, character assassinations, denial of service and treatment by doctors and State offices, and the rest. Medicine is used to cause harm and to compel death and suicide if need be.

Again Police leak information they don't need to know to begin with, I am immune from prosecution so they'd have no need to know and have no witness since they are guilty of the crimes, and they leak this to other people in the public. The media is used to publish false articles as well as they did with the Lutheran Church hoax in 1981.

Local leaders and levels of authority have too much power and appeals seem never to be heard or even possible. In my case local Judges like William Ganshaw are no more than legal hacks and quacks who are hate mongers, child abusers, have no legal training at all, sponsor crimes against children and adults, and wear too many hats. Ganshaw lived to be over 93 years old and saw not one day of jail time and likely should have spent 50+ years in prison or been put to death. He conspired directly in the crimes against me and with my abusive parents and others in local law and the State to make this happen.

Ganshaw was a Wilson NY Fireman, Our Nationwide Insurance agent, providing home, auto, and health insurance, a coworker of my father's at Lockport NY's Harrison Radiator now Delphi Thermal Systems a General Motors division, and the Wilson Town Justice and likely he was a KKK member as well. Conflicts of interest at least. Criminal as well.

Local Firemen and Ambulance workers are largely a collection of reprobates and felons who like to stalk residents, harm children, and collude with the incompetent and abusive judges and Police to make the mess what it is. I was vivisected in the Wilson NY ambulance and this attack was planned well before that night. They also partake in arsons and burning down of homes as did Ganshaw and my father and others.

Ganshaw had the power to have anyone arrested, their information leaked and otherwise exploited his work as an insurance agent to raise rates, deny coverage, offer it, etc to victims of his crimes. Again much of this can be done to you and you'd have no recourse and have not one person you can rely on if you need help. Yet your tax monies support these goons and fools in their nonsense that serves you NOT ONE BIT other than to likely see you dead for no good reason.

I am betting your luck will be no better than mine and recent history says not and not one thing is better or changed about this culture.

Any offer that there is a justice system for you and the people in the USA is a falsehood, since clearly there is not.

The State and Police spend too much time and your money NOT fixing things, calling them something else, making up ways to blame you for them, and beyond that they have limitless expertise in the sophistry and other frauds that make that happen, and they are far too good at it. In the end of it all you support felons and child rapists who enlist experts using your money so they can harm you more and blame you for it, even as a child and there is no crime they will not do to an innocent and then have some excuse to blame them for it tomorrow.

I'd not invest in America, do business with any American company, or allow them in my country at all. If the USA has it, you don't need or want it. Ever.

And this all self supports, and you end up with the fact that you have The United States Of Nothing, since in the end of it all you get the solution that works for all of you, and that is since there is nothing there for you and your investments of time, money, and taxes, is that you are leaving. I hear that all the time from the Police, you all just need to leave.

There is your justice. They hit, they run, then they come back later to tell you to run away. Or they send someone else to do their dirty work or use some other woman to scrub the bloody dead kid mess off the floor. Get the picture?

Your nation you call the USA is a fraud by that and my witness.

USA is not a nation, it is a cult.