How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why The Police Are A Sham.

The Police are never sure now if they are Christians or cops? Can they forgive themselves for the fact they can't forgive their victims for Police crimes? Do they worship themselves? Yes is the answer.

The Police enjoy reinventing their personalities to conceal the fact they are scared and guilty all the time, make that paranoid. This is done by having sex with children and animals and taking photos. This is part of their culture and cult of doom and hate they hope to foist upon their victims, that being society in general. This allows them to hate everyone and blame them for it.

The Police are now so capable of reading your mind and punishing you for your bad thoughts and computer use but they are not able to know their crimes against you or things in their witness. So who is to tell them they are blind liars who's word is woth nothing and their witness is useless?

By that they act on the unknown and impossible to prove but claim to do the impossible by that but will not and can not act on that which they can prove and is in their witness. Part of their God play program.

Police rely on the notion that they are always right and you are wrong and that force compels truth. It does not

Police rely on letting egregious crimes against you to go unrequited and then hope to reinstall their authority over you by accusing you of lesser crimes. Your immunity in that case would prevail until they removed it by prosecuting on your behalf and in your witness.

Police rely on doing their job poorly in order not to do it at all. This allows you to be victimized ad infinitum and they hope to blame you via that. This only offers motive for your attackers and for them not doing anything. It still is collusion.

Police rely on information share and protection of other criminal Police at your expense. That way they can brag about being crooks but not be man enough to look you in the eye and admit they broke the law.

Interactions with them over the course of time show their information share and dialog to be adaptive, computer generated, and always leading you further from the truth. That being they broke the law to harm you.

Wants to resolve real concerns such as harm to you as a child, murder, violent hate crimes against you have them change the subject and want to blame you for something else.

Then they are too busy.

Then they use women and paid whores and shills to clean the bloody mess up.

They are special and you are not.

This ends up as satellite guided stalking behavior and a cosmic freak show.

Their espionage they wish to protect by not using the results of it overtly, such that they are exposed for doing it or their capabilities are known, is fed back into a harassment and mental harm game that has them terrorize and murder victims of crime with ELINT and SATINT inputs.

This leaves one question? Who are they there to protect if not the innocent children they harm?

Simple algorithm for the law in the USA:

1) Allow violent criminals to harm innocent children and young adults.

2) Toss mud at the victims and hope to soil their character.

3) Wait for the recipe to fester.

4) Do nothing and leave the whole mess as that and call it just.

5) Build more prisons and hire more useless cops and then have more of them be too busy.

Big Three Paradigm For US Police:

1) Force compels truth, and might is right.

2) All people are criminals. All Police are perfect.

3) They are God.

Next time you see a cop create a planet, let me know. It might be his anus not yours.