How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why The NSA Can't Spy On your Computer:

I get tired of hearing all the hype that claims that the NSA can know all there is to know about you and read your mind using your computer. It is a load of crap and here is why.

What is happening is that the USA is finding out that they can not Police the Internet as they'd hope and by that know all that you do online. They can shut down illegal sites who steal money for instance but that takes time and usually they are hosted in a location they can spot easily by the amount of traffic to them. Collecting all the traffic in the universe and then keeping it so they can go back and read your emails is a fraud. It can't be done.

So what they are doing now is making it a confidence game that has them befriend all the experts like me, who know hardware, software, networking, and are experts at digital electronics, analog electronics, computer hardware architectures and software engineering so they can lie about the whole mess and claim that they can prove your wife murdered your cat using Facebook. In effect they hope to have "expert" witnesses testify in murky court proceedings that bamboozle jurors to make a case against people who may or may not be guilty of wrongdoing and then using false premises to offer that the State has proof. They can't and here is why.

The other problem in the USA is that they let people get away with murder and call it bad parenting and bad marriage and bad medicine. Don't pretend that they got tough on crime since the Police are too busy masturbating over the notion they have a new toy to peek into your bedroom window with.

Also in the USA the Police are liars, and they like to have sex with children and animals and take photos and trade them online with other perverts and psychotic freaks with guns. They have no witness since they are blind. That and they don't know the first thing about a DMA channel, why you need one, or what cache coherency/bus snooping is, or know what an AUTODIN II polynomial based CRC is and why you need it.

First off take your computer, it likely runs Windows. This is a fatally flawed OS that likes to get sick any time you open an email and others like to install spyware on it. It has other bugs that allow people to get in there, do as they please, and people like me design computers and hardware and software and we can do things and not tell you. It is not a trusted platform. So no data sent from it or to it can be attributed to it. Ever.

Even if they could, they can't prove you were sitting there doing it, ever. Someone else could be using it.

I can create other copies of your machine and network and pretend to be you. If I can do it so can other experts. More on that below.

I can program a computer to download my copy of Pulp Fiction all day long over and over again and make it look like your computer and then send the data to /dev/null. Meaning toss it out after it comes off the wire. Now what?

You also don't know what I own and neither does the State, the ISP, or anyone else. I don't need to prove that.

Anything that identifies your computer such as a MAC ID can be spoofed, or duplicated. My MAC ID does not live past my modem which sits on a table.

I can configure most routers to have any MAC ID I want on the LAN or WAN side.

I can design my own router, or take yours, such as a Linksys and change the hardware, software, run DDWRT on it, or write my own embedded kernel for it. So can others.

I can clone copies of your cable modem, your wireless modem, or any other DSL modem etc and place them anyplace in the world and make them look like yours. That includes flashing their non volatile RAMs with configuration information or anything that personalizes the modem.

For wireless modems I can insert or jam data to and from you, make antennas that spoof or intercept your data and do as I please to make someone else look like you. Wireless providers will never know who's using your modem and when or where it is at location wise. Neither will wired providers like cable and DSL providers such as Verizon.

Cable modems and otherwise in your home or apartment can be spoofed and tapped by others in the complex or on the network. Apartments are bad this way of course.

Hopes to intercept just your data alone, forget about all usage by others, will fail since at any point you can inspect you can also modify or falsify. And there are many places that intrusion can be done and this breaks chain of custody. Wireless access anyplace along the way makes it worse. And you and the State won't know how many hops are there. And that number changes on the fly.

Simple peer to peer networking say between you and your web mail system server has many packets sent for just one simple transaction and those packets travel via various and changing routes through different routers between you and the end point. It changes all the time and the routers negotiate based on load and available networks, that protocol is often not observable and can not be controlled or easily collated into a single collection point. What one router does on path one is not observable by routers on path two to N. Only peers on path one for instance know what they did but forget it right after the packet moves. In other words even just on Verizon's network assuming your computer and email server shared the same network, they won't know from one minute to the next what path any packet will take or did take.

Routers don't save state for long and handshake between them to move data and then toss out their copies. Like a bucket brigade. This is not observable in the macro sense. You have no overall view of that. Duplicating content and saving it can't be done since you don't have access to all the wires and topology changes. Duplicating all of it is not possible either for the same reason and you don't have the pipe width to do so.

Savvy users like me can link aggregate more than one WAN and then split traffic between Verizon DSL, Comcast Cable Modem, and other ISPs and use DNS servers in Europe, that makes the problem even more impossible since serving a warrant on both of them will make collating traffic exponentially harder. It will still fail for only one ISP. They have no witness.

Having a cop stand over your shoulder as you steal the copy of Reservoir Dogs that you already own won't matter since their witness is useless since they can't be used to say you put it there. And you can just call them a liar and be right.

The hope to have incriminating emails backed up with personal emails to friends fails since they are maintained on web servers out of your control. Just own yours and claim the rest are a fraud. Emails on your local disk have the same problem that Hey Jude gets you above with the rest of it. No proof you put it there.

Seized computers with illegal content such as pirated movies and music will fail chain of custody and usage challenges. Just say that this data was placed there without your knowledge or consent and nobody can prove you placed it there, ever. It takes me about 30 seconds to change a hard disk in a computer and I can load it with the complete Beatles collection to say you stole it. The burden of proof is on the State. Not on the accused.

Any network data that is collected can be falsified since it ends up being just a simple text file. Any jerk with Wordpad can create a copy that says you bombed Hiroshima. Experts and those who designed the protocols won't be able to read it and put it together in serial linear time order since the networking layers on both ends receive packets not for your machine, drop packets along the way, resend them over and over again as needed, etc.

You will never prove any given machine sent or received any one packet and passed it to or from the upper layers of software to/from the network card or that it got to the destination. That is out of the users control and that of the ISP also.

Other computers on the network can also see your packets but might reject them unless their network interface is placed in promiscuous mode. Another point of intercept and intrusion.

Data is generally encrypted, may be part of many layers of tunneling, and many layers of encryption, and splicing fragments of compressed and/or ciphered packets together for even single users would not be possible. You won't know the order or have all the parts of one datagram likely, let alone all.

Knowing your IP address is useless since it can change or be duplicated and it does not have anything to do with you personally or your computer. No ISP can guarantee your IP is unique or non changing. That decision would need to be atomic and made for each packet with you checking a global pool each time. Still impossible.

Elevating the NSA to their current Godlike state is what the USA wants you to believe, they are wasting their time and yours.

It is all a fraud.

The NSA and the USA can kiss my ass.