How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why The Bible Does Not Work:

The Bible is the Christian Church's accepted and literal word of God. Jesuits start with claiming just that.

All Jesuit faith falls under control of the Vatican State and the Pope, despite the never ending number of flavors of it.

People, and specifically leaders of communities, are essentially weak and need a recipe that tells them how to think and act, since they are not up to the task of being leaders.

Everyone wants a quick fix and a way to be part of a family.

The Bible and Jesuit faith seem to fill that bill. And they claim to have all the answers. Jesus pretends to offer that narcotic.

Myopic inversions seem to be the forte of people like this. Akin to saying since I went to one Church and there was nothing bad going on there then this validates the whole body as being perfect. And this invalidates anyone critical of the Church.

Not true, in general finding one example of how the faith is used to harm people and citing it is enough to discredit all those who follow and protect it.

My witness supports the faith as being flawed and criminal. More than one Church is involved and they are all the same.

The problem generally comes back to blame the victim, we are all sinners who deserve death, and then support violence against them with the paradigm that says God's mighty sword is upon thee.

Not that any criminal needs God to steal from you and rape you with a knife. The solution here is simple, jail. Criminals need no faith to be felons and they won't abide by being disciples in order to break the law. Why would they?

Just because this is accepted practice that does not mean it is not wrong. You can still have God, but maybe this is a poor example of how to worship him.

That is akin to the creation vs evolution debate that all Jesuits get wrong. One does not preclude or obviate the other. God can do both. Create life and have it evolve, saying otherwise dooms your faith and soul out of the gate. Since you can't change and won't, God won't allow it, you need to have him do it to you. Now you have no free will. Missing this point says you will get fooled on it all.

And since you won't evolve in spirit and in body then why bother doing anything including reading the Bible or attending Church? It also seems then that you won't heal, or grow since that is evolution in the micro sense.

You just built the epitome of a cosmic prison and death trap.

The Bible is inaccurate, incomplete, poorly translated, much is lost in doing so, missing parts, wrong and then distorted to serve man and profit.

The text is thousands of years old and adapted from The Dead Sea Scrolls and not all who translate such things agree they have all the parts or that they got it right.

The Bible was first printed in the 1400's with the first printing press from Gutenberg.

It seems like a collection of logical constructs and legalistic bandages and loopholes to fix the problems in life by not doing so.

It ends up as a way to chase your tail. Something else to be confused about.

It has plenty of wise advise and wisdom for living but that does not support the faith as a whole. It largely indicates that the faith is flawed. The other portions, some of which are downright foolish, make that what it is.

It is written by people thousands of years ago who knew little about hygiene, how the body works, the nature of the universe or the matter that we call the world.

These people today would be seen as harboring much ignorance. I'd not follow them or their advice unless I had other evidence to support it as being true and wise.

Discussions of harming animals to atone for one's sins, the use of 5 tumors and 2 cows, and the rest then vector the whole debate into the realm of the insane.

Talking about men who lived to be 777 years, 677 years, 888 years, and the rest tell me something is wrong here.

Much of life and logic comes down to architecture and geometry.

Specious logic and fixes that the Bible offers are ways to trap people into a relation with the Church that has them coming back for more and shedding money and property in the process.

Using the savior, that his blood is worth more than yours, and that you deserve to die, and that Jesus was God in your skin, etc. are ways to say you deserve to be harmed since it is free.

Those who harm you can blame someone else and you if need be.

It ends up being superstition, numerology, occult and harm of others and compelling that unto others violently if need be.

Since there is a long history of violence and harm to children I'd say I'd reject it as a faith and see it disestablished as a whole and made a hate crime to practice it.

Since it seems to be just that. Well mannered and well intended hate and violence. With a bunch of excuses and shystering to make it fit.

In The USA, the problem is that the US Constitution requires Church and State be apart. It is not, and the State uses Jesus to harm people.

It is also like the mental health problem or other practices like Chiropracty. Just because there is a long history and well established practice of something along with teachings in doing so, does not make it a valid process.

Many people are taught things wrong and never know any different. You have been fooled before in life and will be fooled again. This is one more way as to how.

Quackery takes many forms, legal, medical, political, etc.