How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why New York Hates You

I had to comment about the recent efforts of New York State and Erie and Niagara Counties in New York in their hopes to market you on the notion of coming there to work, live, invest or start a business.

I see their overtures to sell you on this area as being dishonest, grossly inaccurate in their depictions of the infrastructure, the safety of the areas in general, as well as the financial stability of the local or State economies.

Local media stories are in fact almost 100% false, telling you how people can safely walk and bike in Buffalo, how young people can come there and feel safe, or that there are housing and work opportunities in Western NY etc.

I've seen 50+ years of bad history with me working and living and owning a home in New York and in Western NY and I can tell you that this media circus is 100% false.

I've witnessed and been subjected to over 100 violent felonies, sexual assaults, including child harms, arson of homes, a hate crime done to me in an Ambulance in Wilson NY, and have had other murder attempts made that ended up being in support of abusive pedophile parents with friends in the law/State that tell me your cause was lost in the 1960's there and has only gotten worse and not better.

State has done NOT ONE thing to prosecute this, has used medical harms and other approaches to lie about it, and has made NO effort to divest itself from these crimes.

They have resorted to using local clergy, medical providers, as well as educators at SUNY Buffalo and local K-12 schools to sponsor the violent crimes against me.

My recent visits to return to live in Western NY have told me over the last ten years that all the good people are leaving, that the derelict and incompetent Police and Judges and the rest of the quacks who run Western NY are only getting worse and not better.

Local home markets are in total a slum, businesses are leaving and with that you have fewer choices for food, auto repairs and purchases, and the rest.

Real estate markets are in total a slum for both industrial, business office, and personal rentals.

Home purchases have people confused as to where to buy with homes in Amherst NY sinking into the ground and the rest of Erie and Niagara Counties mired in new, old, and yet to be located toxic brownfields.

Local produce and dairy products are not fit for human consumption, etc.

What is going on here with Andrew Cuomo and the rest in NY making this bogus media blitz on you is derelict and hugely misleading.

NY and Western NY are dead.

I'd not drive on any bridge in NY State at this point. Or travel through there let alone consider living and investing in this mess.

This media circus is a pack of lies from some very naive and dishonest and foolish people who don't know how to lead and hope to lie and cheat and steal and tax their way out of this debacle.

It won't work.