How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why Jesus Flavor Two Fails

Your fate as a Christian is complete since you deny your faith, dispose of your savior, and then expect your child victims (Me and/or others) to pay the debt themselves.

And why your next version of your non faith won't work:

You expect me to pay for your crimes. Since for you they are free.

What you believe won't matter since it won't stop others from harming you or me.

"What you believe won't matter since it won't make wrong that others do or did, become right."

What you believe won't matter since it won't change what you said or did to others or me, and we acted then based on what you told us at the time. Why change now or at all?

What you believe won't matter since I don't need to believe anything or have any faith at all to be protected by the rule of law. Others hold me and you accountable to those laws and I can't pay them with money you stole from me. For instance. You can't have it both ways.

Your faith has no meaning to the legal process at hand other than the fact YOUR CHURCH is guilty of the crimes as are others.

As predicted you'd hope to morph your sophistry and lies and bogus savior into something else when it no longer serves you as making wrong turn into right.

Now you offer you no longer accept Jesus as your savior? So what is the point of your Jesuit faith? What then do you base your crimes upon? Other than the fact you claimed he paid for you and we needed to get over it and remain silent about it?

You end up with the same accountability problem, the fact you wanted to get away with murder, and now have some other excuse since none of your religion makes any sense. And never did.

Since you refuse to see wrong as wrong or to accept responsibility for it, you will never be able to account for it.

You refuse to divest yourselves from it.

Your notion of God is the same as your notion of Law/State. Both your God and your State treats you all as fools and suckers and thinks it is all a matter of what they can get away with.

Instead of leading the nation you rather keep everyone in the dark based on your ability to know who knows what and keep track of that and see what you can get away with via that.

This is again the problem with your law and faith, just because you treat your God and your victims and your people as fools does not mean they are.

You won't fool God ever, what you think about him matters not since you never account to him, and what you believe twists in the wind constantly.

And treating the people as fools won't make that so despite your efforts to apply stupid sauce to them.

And for Americans your God matters not since you don't have one other than yourselves.

You are too busy making rain and pretending you are God.

And for each of you and in total there are thousands of different excuses for your faith that you can fight about and kill each other over and in the end, you all have another excuse to murder someone to prove that your Jesus is worse than his Jesus.

A waste of time.

At the end of all that, it is a complete fraud. Jesus is a lie.