How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why I Can't Pay You Taxes And Never Could:

My parents are abusive hate mongers and pedophiles with friends in the law and State.

They and others, including Wilson New York Judge William Ganshaw, New York State Trooper Joe Steblein, Niagara County New York Social Services Investigator Ellen Golde, and others, engaged in a pattern of State sponsored and assisted, child abuse and criminal behaviors including:

Raping my sister and I as children, taking photos of the sex acts that included other adults, members of local clergy and the law, and animals.

Then disseminating this pornography to others.

This included acts of violence and other abuse related to hygiene, medicine, and psycho-sexual abuse that was scripted upon the vanity of the other abuses, done with deep knowledge and expertise, and information share that involved the Police.

Attempts to euthanize me as a child and later as a young adult and adult. Claims would be made these would be accidents though they are contrived in total and planned in advance.

Judge Ganshaw being a local fireman, town justice in Wilson New York, a Nationwide Insurance Agent, and employee of General Motors Harrison Radiator (Now Delphi Thermal Systems) in Lockport New York, assisted my father and others in hateful acts to arson homes in and around Wilson New York in the mid to late 1960s.

I was abused sexually by members of local clergy including at the Wilson First Baptist Church.

Those who would claim to be friends are actually shills, including Doug and Ellen Golde's sons Tom and Doug Golde Jr, and David Farley, who also conspired in homicide efforts to murder me even before I was 18 years old.

I began working and paying taxes shortly after I turned 16. I was already Stateless at that time and the State was cognizant of that and their guilt.

State planned all along before that time to offer me prejudice, to deny me service, and to blame me later in life for the problems they created before I was 16 years old.

This is a legal and Constitutional impossibility.

I was attacked violently again when I was 20 in 1981 and vivisected with a knife in Wilson New York's Ambulance, a State asset, and this again rendered me Stateless despite no effort being made to resolve the extant Stateless condition.

I remained in relations with my mother, father, sister, and friends who are planning further violence to resolve the prior violence and perversions.

Not one word was said to me ever about this despite my working later for IRS and US Postal Service and DOD who actually mocked me on the vanity of the child rapes, and the lynching done to me in 1981.

I was denied medical care again, lied to about the attack with the claim this was an accident, and my name was slandered in local media with the fabricated story I crashed a car into the local Lutheran Church in Wilson New York.

I was then later named as the defendant in a law suit by the Lutheran Church and Rena Rohring claiming I damaged their church, also a lie.

Neither The Church nor the State divested themselves from this fraud, hate crimes, and other abuse and atrocities.

I later worked for US IRS and an employee in Ogden Utah at an IRS processing center admitted circa 1994 that this is now their fault since they are aware of the crimes against me, I am not, and they remained silent and worked to obstruct and to deny me service.

State and others including SUNY Buffalo conspired in a degree fraud making my Bachelor of Science degree useless beyond me being Stateless to begin with.

State and others including SUNY Buffalo conspired in a marital fraud compelling a marriage to a German National Heike Helga Guggenmos SSN 042-84-4676 DOB 01/01/1963 who was later used by state as a femme fatale to euthanize me covertly.

State and others including SUNY Buffalo, DOD, Raytheon etc conspired in employment frauds where they attempted murder again on the job site 07/25/2005 and other times. A State asset and function. This was also done to obstruct and suppress witness using the prior attacks and child abuse to that end along with the perversion of the notion of secrecy and national security.

I've seen not one prosecution of my attackers including my parents, employers, former spouse and even lovers who admitted being paid to harm me despite my spending the last 12 years as of 2015, alone in isolation doing nothing but this witness, and my filing complaints with law enforcement in the USA and around the world. My attackers remain free and at large.

All tax years are to be returned and all income and lost property and assets refunded with penalties and interest.

All costs associated with this 50 year+ attack are State's burden to bear.


I have been denied access to banking products, auto and mortgage loans for home ownership for over one decade for no legal reason simply because I am the victim of multiple violent, sexual, and financial felonies.

These are my accounts still being held with my monies in them. This will never be made right now, it is too late. I have made a huge and protracted effort to resolve it with State/Police. Over 12 years ongoing with my making witness documents, court filings, and other letters totaling over 5,000 computer files and texts as of 2005. I stopped counting then, it is now 2015 and I have done nothing else but make this witness, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, since that time.

Often not leaving my home, assuming I had one, for at times 10 months or more. Not going anywhere, not going to a movie, a park, or the lake, or a restaurant or doing anything socially. For over ten more years. This is unreasonable.

I have sued you in every court in this nation and made complaints to every law enforcement body on the PLANET. Ongoing and continually.

I have suffered permanent injury and financial harm along with permanent injury, disfigurement, paralysis, death and handicap. You denied me medical treatment in order to ignore/obfuscate the forensic evidence of the crimes. State is to blame. You have a plan.

My due diligence is over and is/was above and beyond what you could expect from any normal citizen with just a lay person's understanding of the problems. Assuming I knew of them and you had not lied to me about them.

You involve and use my abusive family against me in this, including friends who are shills and they have violated my privacy and shared my identity information with others such as my SSN etc, others have acted on this. I suffer harm from that alone.

That is YOUR fault since they should be in prison and I'd not have a relation with them as such.

This alone is enough to render me stateless in the USA, I can't bank or own property here, since I am the victim of one, and you only need one, violent crime. There are more and many of them. You planned to let them get away with it.

I am the victim of a martial fraud and homicide attempts by a former spouse who succeeded in murdering me such that this required medical intervention to restore my life. This fraud spanned over one decade of my adult life from 1993 to 2003, all tax years for that period of time need to be amended. I still can not file for TY 2003 or any others before that time or after that time.

I have lost well over $200,000.00 of personal property from that. Over $250,000.00 in savings and retirement monies, I've suffered lost wages of well over $2,000,000.00 being out of work for over ten years, suffered lost wages and other expenses and opportunity costs since 1981 when I was attacked, etc.

Former spouse and Albany NY, First Niagara Bank, et al, admit stealing money from me during this and they even offer they don't need proof of harm to do this, offering motive for their crimes in effect. Albany suggested they support the extra judicial crimes against me as being punitive, and that their want to steal more money from me since they aren't owed it, has nothing to do with the fact their own courts gave all income and assets to the spouse. A fraud again on the face. Akin to saying the tax bill is not about the money admitting homicide death and taxes as justified by their ability not to use due process to collect.

Ella Hawkins from Albany NY Tax in 2008 tells me I need to be nice to you/her/them. In effect you threaten, negotiate, then justify your want to make an extra judicial effort to collect something you are not owed. Doing that says you are weak on it. Do or do not. Too late now. Now it is theft. And self supports as being a fraud.

If you are owed the money why did you wait to not collect it? Now (01/22/2015) they (NY Tax) steal $29.30 (Catch-22) from an account they located via the NY State Comptroller or Office of State as unclaimed funds. Why do this now? That is my money also assuming it is really my account or was? Same problem again.

You are too good at getting this wrong and the vanity plays out like a story that says you took it all since you want to blame me for one or more of your crimes and those of your shills and Police. This is your fault in total. You planned to offer motive for your crimes all along. Truth is? You like to harm children then bill them for it later. You don't act as a State by that. I can't pay you since you are felons. You have no witness nor legal authority to collect and tax warrants fail on the same immunity given me, and by the criminality of your acts.

You can't take a life without a trial and NY can't do so at all now, their death chamber was declared un-constitutional in 2004.

This just gets worse and worse for you.

Nothing has been done as of 2015 to resolve this.

I now learn I am the victim of other atrocities including a hate crime in 1981 where I was vivisected in Wilson NY's ambulance, a state asset, harmed as a child, and had others including local law enforcement conspire in attempts to murder me as a child with my father and mother conspiring.

SUNY Buffalo and others conspired in a degree fraud to obfuscate the handicap and Stateless nature of the problem, this renders my BSEE degree taking me 13 years to obtain, a 4 year college degree, useless.

SUNY Buffalo et al conspired in the hate crimes and other medical atrocities and compelled the marriage to the Femme Fatale Heike Helga Jones SSN 042-84-4676 DOB 01/01/1963. She was being used to euthanize me and suppress witness.

While at SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR, I worked in positions of trust doing work for US Postal Service and US Internal Revenue Service on the IRS SCRIPS project. They did complete background checks and discovered the child harm and atrocities against me and remained silent about them. I was not aware of most of them or that my parents, medical providers, and Police are involved.

While working at an IRS Service Center in Ogden Utah, an IRS employee admits to me and one other employee who made a denigrating comment of me.... IRS employee on my left said "That does not help, that is not his fault. I would not go there with this person. There is a larger set of problems here and he is not aware of them, now this is our fault since we are involved." He is 100% correct, this was 1995 or so.

Your judges and police agreed not to serve me and to use a prejudice to allow crimes against me to go on. They participated in them directly, allowed them to go unrequited, and to deny me service. You are done.

I was mocked specifically on the vanity of the hate crimes, atrocities, and child rapes while working for and with and by employees of Raytheon and the DOD, and the US Postal Service and at SUNY Buffalo CEDAR. This was before I was aware of them.

State has defaulted on State's obligations, denial of service looks to be planned all along. This reverses tax obligations, this will now be punitive and accretive, you are paying me now.

And I can't live here now thanks to you.

Your shills in lieu of friends etc, Eve Rothman a former lover and Doug Golde, admit being paid to harm me. That ends it for you. My wife was a paid shill also.

Taking my life to protect those I'd witness against, makes YOUR fate complete. Doing this covertly is not justice and you can't admit doing it. But you justify it later by stealing more. Two frauds and felonies don't support your priors.

I can no longer accommodate you and your felonies and felons.

You are not welcome in my home.

Again to summarize:

1) You agreed upon the prejudice well before I was 16 years old.

2) Before that time you planned to deny me service, you decided I'd be stateless and immune from prosecution by that and your crimes and those of my parents who you protected from harm and my witness.

3) You made multiple efforts at covert euthanasia of me (murder) and succeeded in many of them, I had to rely on medical (not Police that you denied) intervention to restore my life.

4) That says you never planned to offer service by the State and planned to take my life not to do so or to pay or prosecute those who harm me.

5) As you are doing and hoped to do, State/Police have no witness against me, and you can't use others to make that witness for you since you have nullified it. Involving others to retaliate and break the law is more crime and extra judicial harm and frauds. Since you can't go to court and refused to do so then you are done. Using hacks and interlopers gets you to the same place, in jail.

6) I had to leave the State(s) to be offered service.