How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why Faith Wont Save You. Or me.

This comment stream was from a friend Kumar who offered that I just forgive those who attacked me and this of course does not work and here is why:

I don't allow Satan to take the blame for what you or others do, especially to you or me.

I hold people accountable and pay taxes in order to maintain a civilized society with rule of law.

That means access to courts and Police who protect me and the innocent.

I forgive people only when they admit they are wrong and are accountable and make it right.

Not before.

And I don't forgive States who offer no mercy to those who are not needing it since they are innocent children victims of crimes.

I think you'd be better served to see them charged. They may harm others.

Don't be so selfish with your wanton and Carte Blanche forgiveness.

You don't speak for God either. This is another flaw with your logic.

And you can't be sure that these people won't harm others, but they will since you tell them it is ok by what you say and do. Your faith is no guarantee moving forward that these felons will or will not see justice at all.

And you can't speak to their faith at all if they had any. And it is not up to you either.

And you'd not be a martyr either, since you won't allow a legal process from the State to move forward on your behalf and with that they'd even assume you'd not be a victim of crime. Since you can't see any crime or criminality in anything.

They don't need you and can compel others to be charged anyway. No matter what you want.

You set a bad example Kumar.

I think your predicament Kumar is you support the crime in your want to sit idly by and offer to me that a higher power will make them pay. Yet you risk life and limb to support a government by your vote in the want to remove anarchy and install rule of law and a governing body to support you.

You can't have it both ways and I won't have others preach to me that I need to accept crime against my person and property to allow some version of YOUR God to fix it for me. They need to be prosecuted. Now.

Again your faith will not save me.

See the problem?

Your acts of omission and the want to let someone else worry about it.

Be fair to me. Your words convict you. I don't need to travel anywhere to see that now.

You ask someone to forgive too much and to usurp the rule of law based on faith I am NOT obligated to have.

I have a right in the USA to be protected under law and be an Atheist if I like since Church and State are distinct and apart as they need to be.

You support the criminality with your advice and your words Kumar. And you offer collusion to allow those felons to go free since you refuse to witness against them.

And you suppress the witness of victims.

That makes you a felon Kumar.

From you Kumar:

"I never harm others, and thats not my character..... It's true that many people have cheated me, betrayed me, but i always forgive them....... Because the person who forgived other is close to god....... I just obey the rules of The Highness."

And you allow crime to happen and not speak against it allowing your God to manage it in his time and his way if at all.

Since the criminals who partake in the crime likely don't share your faith they won't account to your God ever. And who says your faith is accurate? You might be being misled by it.

Your faith won't save me or others.

It likely won't save you either.

And you've been beaten by the Devil again since he wins this one too, you got to be a criminal via the back door this time. He snuck in on you again.

Doug Golde, one of the "friends" who led me to be attacked and knifed in 1981, actually assisted in this harm to me and then told me he'd pray to God to help me.

How perverse is that? See a friend harmed violently to the point of murder, raped with a knife, see harm to him as a child and take part in that then order God by snapping your fingers to help the person.

Can you define arrogant any better than that to me?

Acts of omission count. You are really on the other side of omit, and commit with bad advice.

You can't break the law and allow others to do so then hide behind it even using God to do so.

The duality ruins you and your faith and your law/State.

I'll see people prosecuted thanks and that includes those people who claim to be "Godly" or Church goers.

They can find God in prison or in Heaven when they are put to death for their crimes.

Seems fitting, they offered murder and death for me. Let them suffer it.

Their religion is the problem here. So is yours.

And their law is at fault and so is yours. Let the Police fall on their swords also.

I also don't forgive people who are not contrite and who fail to atone and repent of their crimes.

Otherwise you paint a cosmic death trap Kumar for victims of crimes with your faith.

And you do harm others Kumar with your faith that you cram down my throat and that of others that says we just need to be silent about crime done to us and let someone else take care of it. Why sell me so hard on it? And this has been the problem all along, and smells just like more child rape and abuse that victims get suppressed on from witnessing against.

And again what you believe does not matter since it is against the law and the law needs to act. What you believe won't change others nor should it and that could be used against you to compel you to do things lest your fellow people of faith harm you like a Mafia based on that. As in you need to believe this or we will act against you.

It is crime and the law is obligated to act despite what I or you or anyone else believes. And I have a right to witness against it even to people of God. Any God. Even the Jesuit Church and Bible says just that.

And your faith like all others it seems, just offers a new flavor of prejudice. And support of organized crime.

I admire and welcome your dialog Kumar but I think you need to take care what you believe and offer to others since you might have some misconceptions about the law and God.

If nothing else this helps me formalize thoughts as to why this does not work but suffice it to say I've already thought through this more than you have.

I know intuitively you are wrong in other words.

And this is why. I think you are being harmed with your faith wherever you got it from.

Fear not Kumar you are no better or different than the Christians who are all criminals also and their faith proves that out. They do just as you do, and it all reads back the same way. Now you act as vigilantes, and that is a crime, and then offer ways for victims to be silent about it.

Why vote in elections to sponsor a State you never use?

You might as well continue to live in anarchy and chaos and a ghetto since this is what you believe in.

Your flavor of mafia and violent hate as was done to me smells the same.

I think for Kumar you have a similar problem with the Judges in the USA and that is:

Others want to blame and judge me in this to support the violence and gore and abuse and hate. You also want to normalize and marginalize me by that since you say this is common to man and I am no better than the felons who harmed me as a child and your faith does that now. Alienation is part of that plan.

That does not work for the following reasons, I can likely come up with more later on;

Use the time line approach: In this case we will use only three, but there are more, use three violent felonies against my person in increasing time order from A to B to C years in my life.

Born -> A -> B -> C -> D .... Death.

So now people want to arrive at D and say I have an issue with you at B, and think they can blame me for that. And by that not prosecute those who did A,B,C,D.... to me. That fails for a number of reasons.

One is that they offer motive for the other crimes and with advanced planning you can offer motive for ALL of them since likely in my case the same usual suspects are involved.

That is not due process and is retaliation and vigilantism, more crimes.

In addition that is not law enforcement and it still allows the violent felons who did the crimes to me to go free. That is not justice and the public does not want that either.

For many of the crimes I was a child and below the age of consent and majority, I am innocent and the law says as much. Faith comes along to say we are all born sinners. Wrong again. You made the mistake of going there and wrecking that also.

The Judges who would do this are criminals themselves who rely on such foolish notions that they are perfect, drive not 1 mph over the speed limit and in that really have no life to speak of at all and no life experiences to say they ever made a mistake. They consort with other criminals, namely Police who like to have sex with children and animals and who are professionals and experts at sophistry and telling lies. Their witness is worth nothing. And that of the Judges is worthless also since there is no logic or proportion to their wisdom since they just want to protect the State and Police.

You see more of the same approaches here and now.

That and your approaches seem adaptive, they are softening in nature and seem to spiral in to, but only get asymptotically close to you coming out and admitting I was wronged and that justice needs to be served. In other words you enforce the law based on my understanding of the crimes against me and why others are wrong, and don't arrive to pull me from my burning home and say God TERRY YOUR HOME IS ON FIRE! As you knew all along. And that implies information share as the State does and cognizance of guilt and deception. The history and what was said and done to me, and when and in what order proves that out.

You exhausted every permutation of getting what you know to be wrong wrong, done in exhaustive serial time order with many of the assumptions of blame you'd toss on me would be impossible, unlikely, not provable, rhetorical since I am immune, not supportive of the violence or justice, with most mutually excluding each other or others and that says a number of things also and supports my premise that this was planned, the State is wrong, and they don't want to pay.

And much of this behavior of others, is a mime or mirror done to retaliate for all that I was put through with the assumption it was done by me with bad intent initially, which you could never prove let alone know and it would not be in your interest to assume. It still fails for the reasons above. Like going to Church or seeing a doctor, getting married, etc... All of which I did on good faith. And that is proven. And it was done under duress to me anyway.

Akin to following me and repeating the behaviors unto me based on the path I took to become aware I was the victim of these Church and State crimes. Again, blame the victim and mock him for it by acting like he did.

As in children who are felons not acting like adults.

It is again the same problem of saying too much and too little, it indicates you knew the knife was there since you twist it in deeper and salt the wounds.

And for you Kumar it has no end since it ends up being murder of your own children. And you say just let it go on. I don't agree and the people of "God" are the problem as are you.

Again, you forgive too much and too soon.

I bet when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is we will have another story from you.

You offer this violent abuse and harm of me and mock me for it, then expect me to have sympathy for you and yours. It makes no sense. When that fails you deny the obvious and still look a fool and felon for it.

And for those like you, your faith is not additive and seems to negate the law. It should actually complement it as a citizen and person of God. That being you are in good legal stead with the State but now want to improve to a new level and offer a more disciplined life and adopt a higher calling for better MORAL values.

For some they see it as one or the other. To Christians they seem not to know what being a disciple means. The two would overlap and add. That being follow the law of man AND of God.

Don't toss them both out now since you know them. The Church by that acts as a criminal cabal.


A typical and flawed defense of harm to me and my want to see others accountable for it is as follows in this example from:

You arrive to say - "I love all people ... We need not judge one another. Only God knows our hearts...all sin and all have faults. Please don't become bitter!"

So now the blame is placed upon me and I am now bitter, and that implies being unreasonable. This is of course wrong.

Am I safe to remain in the care of my attackers at the risk of being bitter? Likely not.

To that statement, what you love does not matter since your faith won't save me, stop others from harming me, or make them abide by or enforce the law. This is why YOUR faith is a sham as are your offers here to me.

Get the facts and shed your patina of faith that allows you to support felons who cut up kids and then allow them to hide behind you and Jesus. And then blame the victims as you did there.

You have to judge other people when they harm you or others. Otherwise you support anarchy and pollyanna is your fix. Then you offer victim/witness suppression as you just did. And making that statement regarding bitter is judgmental of you and wrong and impossible to know.

Lets look at this again:

You arrive to say - "I love all people ... We need not judge one another. Only God knows our hearts...all sin and all have faults. Please don't become bitter!"

You love all people and support the violent harm to children by that?

Bring those two kids to your next Worship and rape them with knives and then see how much love you get. Put your money where your mouth is.

Or have someone else do the bloody dirty work for you and then sit there and discuss how much you love all people who do such things. This is what you just told me. So be accountable for it.

"... All sin and have fault..." ; so Bob's sin does not support the fact you allow people to harm baby Terry but then you offer that as support now too?

You are a menace to society Ms Betty.

Do I need to be bitter to have people prosecuted for attacking me? Why ascribe dysfunction to the want to discuss something that is wrong?

Do you provide duct tape for all your child victims Betty?

I was asked to leave the Church after my wife violently harmed me in 2003. That is an admission of guilt.

They conspired in that attack as well as the marital fraud. There is no marriage.

The Lutheran Church never divested itself from the knife attack in 1981 and they even went so far as to fabricate a story with the claim their church was damaged by my car, it is false. Then they FILED A LAW SUIT to drag me into court for that claim after violently harming me with a knife.

Who is bitter? Who is making false accusations? Your church lady.

This is a repeat of the want and an admission that the faith is a sham by the notion they can blame someone else for their crimes. And blame the victim if need be.

That ends up being a trap to fool the victims into being of like mind with the other Jesuits, so that they may end up thinking in the way his attackers do but he likeky won't act on it. Thought, word, deed. Three levels of conflict.

Since it was done to you it is not something you'd likely do to others. Despite their claim to the contrary that says all victims become like the felons who harmed them. Also not true.

This is a man in the middle attack.

I am also betting you do not love these people as they are incorrigible and beyond hope, certain things are sacrosanct and some sins you won't move forward from.

The Bible says just that, do not pray for these people.

And be not yoked with the burden of unbelievers.

In any event you should not support them since you won't even know if they pretend to be Jesuits or not.

It will not matter anyway if they do.

I am sorry if I make too much sense for you.

Your pagan worship of money spills over into the celebration of the birth of your savior and the want to mock his birth and death with the lust for innocent blood: