How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

I had to write down events that I now characterize as those Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down events.

This relates to times I had discussions with my former spouse Heike Helga Jones/Berlind/Guggenmos and others notably Dr. Victor Demjanenko of CEDAR SUNY Buffalo.

Most of these were flip replies to what I considered to be non sequitur statements or questions posed to me that I for some reason saw fit to reply something odd in response to.

Responses to those replies had Heike and in this case Victor get stiff in the legs and almost fall over backwards. They were stunned. Meaning something is wrong.

Former Spouse Heike Helga Jones --

1) United Nations -

Heike and I chatted about CEDAR's website design during the initial days of the www and their home page seemed to depict a scene with people from all nations holding hands akin to the Coca Cola TV ads "I'd like to teach the world to sing"...

I found some of the ethnic distributions to be statistically significant and off and mentioned that in passing in reply to what I thought about the web design. I said it looks like the United Nations.

Heike was horrified and almost fell over! Busted! It is as if the wicked witch of the west had been doused with water. There is malice aforethought and intent in their actions of course. This is not what she wanted to hear.

2) Diploma Amherst Manor -

During the time we first started dating and conveniently right after my degree from SUNY Buffalo was conferred in 1992, Heike pressed me as to if I was going to graduation or if I would go pick it up from Crofts Hall. Everyone was too worrying about what I was doing and pushy about my plans related to these events.

I replied to Heike no I'd not be going to commencement or to pick up the degree since I felt it was worthless and a waste of time. I reiterated that I felt it is all a fraud. And that I don't need it.

She was shocked and almost fell over backwards onto the floor of my apartment since she knew I was correct to say that. It is a fraud.

Heike despite what I told her went to get the document from the other part of the campus and insisted on bringing it to me, I told her again I don't want it and she can toss it out. She was annoyed and just dropped it on my desk and left. Why all the fuss? Too much push.

3) Doug Golde Working For CEDAR -

Later when we were married and owned the home on Campbell Blvd in Lockport Heike one day asked/suggested to me maybe Doug Golde would like to work for CEDAR. I found the comment odd and not really apropos since Doug was not really a good fit for placement there and I decided to reply "Maybe he already does?".

I was right, Heike almost had a heart attack and fell over backwards. Doug later admitted he was compensated for his involvement in the crimes against me, I also assume in the degree and employment frauds, and the marital sham that would cost me my life.

SUNY Buffalo and others conspired and used shills such as Doug, Ken, Eve Rothman, and Heike to do this.

A lucky guess. I was right again.

SUNY Buffalo Professor Dr. Victor Demjanenko PhD. --

4) Heisenberg Strikes -

One day Victor during his 15 minutes per week visit to CEDAR popped his head into my office to see if he could worry about what I was working on (I did not work for Victor but he really just needed to do this to take credit for my work and to seem important to Srihari to justify his salary by saying things like I talked to Terry so now he knows what he needs to do, as if I needed Victor for any reason. All a lie and posturing on his part since he had no input in my work flow at all. He had to ask what I was doing since he had no idea.).

During his special time with me he made some odd comment that came off like a threat and accusation to which I replied "Heisenberg Strikes."

He immediately grasped the implications of being blinded with his own science and the fact he is meddling in something and making it worse.

He all but fell over backwards into the hallway. I was right again. This was abuse.

Jon Hull had already threatened me and Victor made his odd comment about a last will and testament.

5) Who Are You, High Plains Drifter, Themis Boards -

During the time they sabotaged their own project and I had to rewrite firmware for a SPARC based VME processor card, I assume I was not supposed to solve the problem, Victor came to me that day and said "That was not in the script" and stood there staring at me incredulous over the fact that I actually solved this problem.

This was identical to the scene that has the midget in the Clint Eastwood movie implore of Eastwood as he rides out of town.... "WHO ARE YOU???? WHO ARE YOU????"

I did not consider the task that complex and I see now it was done intentionally.

He did this and then turned around and stormed out of my office. Upset I had resolved this problem.

They wanted to dead end the project and blame me for it.

6) Get Paid Early Get Paid Often -

Victor planned his office visits well, in order to coincide with pay days every two weeks to minimize his time in the office, since he had his own company, and he was a tenured professor drawing a salary from the State at SUNY Buffalo.

As he stood in line with me to get my check from Heike up front he felt a need to tell me it was pay day and he was here to get his check, which we all seemed to know at this point and I said yes it is "One needs to get paid early and get paid often.".

Victor was horrified and almost fell over backwards again. I guess I hit a nerve on that one too.

7) Make Out My Will -

Victor one day made another useless visit to my office, odd how he really never bothered to visit the other software engineers, and this time he made a comment about tar and feathering something and asked me if I had made out my last will and testament.

I felt this was not in the context of our work at CEDAR and replied no, I don't have anyone I can leave his debt to since I have no family.

He almost fell over backwards and ran out of my office.

Suffice it to say these people conspired in these atrocities, the degree and employ and marital frauds, and the hate and murder crimes.