How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

We Are Special

Interesting how Americans and those who engineer this harm are adept at doing this to perfectly happy and productive members of your State and then hide behind the plight of disenfranchised peoples of other nations.

Typical defenses to atrocities done to Americans by Americans:

1) You are not that important.
2) I am too busy to help you.
3) You are far better off than these people starving in The Sudan.


And there is a large difference between discipline and obedience:

Religion might be your problem now and not someone else's.

And you don't need to be an atheist to disagree with man's accepted and mass marketed religions.

Americans have a way of de-criminalizing crime mostly by harming their own children.

Part of a process for them they feel helps them. Part of your "Military Paradigm".

In the end of it all they end up fighting themselves and for no reason since they don't stand for anything or against anything.

Human life means nothing to them since theirs means nothing.

You (USA) declared war on your own children. And won by defeating yourselves.

Largely a waste of time since this has been ongoing forever, US Police do most of the crimes themselves and have used shills for decades to make this mess the show it is.

Using the school bus is apropos since they rape and murder their own kids in USA.

What is the point? You don't stand for anything or against anything.