How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Walmart Of Jesus

Bob Wierdsma -- I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties and I hope you don't paint us all with the same brush - but we are imperfect people.

No but your faith enables this. It is a fraud in total. I advise you to stop harming people.

You are either being harmed by it and used to harm others or you are aware of it and proceed in doing that anyway.

Christianity is a cabal and hate group.

This is about you:

So is this:

These are atrocities and child rape.

And Church did much of this as did State. They protect each other in it.

It matters of course since Church denied their faith in total by it.

Your Church is dead.

The perversion works like this:

You harm innocents and then drag them into court since you don't believe in the rule of law and force others to forgive you for it.

In other words I need to pay your debt since it is free.

You can't be forgiven for something you did not do.

This is sophistry. Occult, superstition not faith.

I end paying for you since it is free.

What you believe matters not since it won't stop others from harming me, won't be used to compel them to NOT harm YOU, that is extortion.

These are not difficulties. This is murder, harm of children, and destroyed my entire life.

You belittle them since you feel you are above it all.

When someone rapes you with a knife then I can say, sorry to hear of your little problem.

Or harms your child.

Get the idea?


You painted me with a brush, and libeled and slandered me and invited others to hate me for your hate crimes.

Since you'd (I assume you profess to be Jesuit) stand by the Church which never divested itself from these crimes, then I'd say you bear the burden since you don't stand against them.

You actually filed a lawsuit in a court of law to make me pay for the violence the Lutherans did to me in 1981.

Then you associated yourself with a media fraud that depicted the hate crime as my hate and my fault. Both wrong.

Your body as a whole is responsible as are those like Masons who remained silent and were friends of mine.

It matters what secrets you keep and why. It is easy to assign blame to a body of people who won't remove the rotten apple from the cart.

Harder to maintain a perfect body but we don't need perfect but we do need NON felons to be part of it. Active felonies and new on top of old to cover old make this a problem.

NOT ONE Christian spoke against this OR will admit I am a victim of ONE crime. NOT ONE. If you won't see harm and problems and you really do make all exhaustive efforts NOT to, you should see how people argue with me for hours not to admit one bad thing was done to me ever and they are Christians you'd be appalled and amazed!

- Then you won't fix one thing ever wrong in your life.

Like arguing with cats.

You just offer weak and euphemistic non apologies with the want to color the whole problem as being not important enough.

And then hide behind your faith and your want to be imperfect which any felon can use for decades to be a felon and dismiss the problem as being someone else's concern.

You all sit and fiddle while your child's Rome burns and he bleeds to death in front of you.

Then you waste his breath by jerking him around and babbling about the whole thing with no end in sight.

Participants who claimed to be friends, Doug Golde is one, conspired in the hate crime and violent harm and then snaps his fingers and implores God to fix it for him.

Harm your friend this way and say "I will pray for you". **

Stand back Terry, we are moving forward in Christ now, no time for you. Really?


Be sure to spend about 5 seconds doing that and five more decades on top of the 40 years you wasted making the mess.

You built a shrine of hate to me in your want to incriminate you on it all.


** Given there may be a God other than the one you believe in, does it not make you wonder that mocking him and making an errand boy of God might make him mad at YOU and not your victims?

** When you get hit by a falling rock or lightening don't wonder too much as to why. You treat God as a fool.


Difficulties, yes interesting term.

These are felonies sir.

Some could lead to charges of treason, being a terrorist, recall who KKK are, or a spy.

Death penalties if not at State levels certainly Federal.

KKK are Christian terrorists.

They admit as much.

This rendered me Stateless likely before the age of consent and age of majority in USA.

State knew this and used Police and Military to harm me as a child.

My father knew this long ago and lied to me about it and remained silent about other atrocities.

So did you.

You used my sexually abusive and brutally violent parents against me and forced me into their care.

I was molested at this Baptist Church in Wilson, across the street was the Helpee Selfee Laundromat:

I was being sexually abused in the basement of this church and my mother knew it and spoke to the pastor as I was leaving. She was trembling and implored of the preacher "What are you doing to my son here???" and he replied he is doing this for her....

Then it just gets worse. He basically said what are you going to do, report me? You are a pedophile too.

I was maybe four or three years old.

I stood on the porch which had a ledge, this is a newer step unit to replace the old one.

Wilson NY First Baptist Church 265 Pettit St, Wilson, NY 14172
Phone:(716) 534-4841

Then they linked them up with the claim I drove this car into the basement of the Lutheran Church, front page Lockport Union Sun Journal article basically insulting me about this child rape and the hate crime anew in 1981.

It never happened, I was vivisected in Wilson NY's ambulance with a knife in this lynch mob.

Ambulance is a State asset and this rendered me Stateless anew, Police conspired and were on the scene to compel the hate crime and I cooperated with them.

They implored me to run so they can shoot me in the back.

I just stood and said arrest me or don't.

Then they did this.

This is the Lutheran Church who filed a law suit after violently harming me and claiming damage to their church from the 1981 hate and vivisection crime as published in the Lockport Union Sun and Journal summer of 1981. Front page news.

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church


220 Young St Wilson, NY 14172
(716) 751-9300

It is all a lie.

Heike and I attended here and they conspired in the hate crimes and marital frauds and efforts to euthanize me informally and covertly.

Pendleton Center United Methodist Church
6864 Campbell Blvd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Phone: (716) 625-8306

"Pastor Jean Edmister has been on staff at Pendleton Center UMC since 1992. What started out as a part-time secretarial position, soon grew to be full-time in a variety of capacities, as the church was quickly growing. Then came a calling from God into pastoral ministry.

She was appointed as an associate Pastor to Pendleton Church in December of 2002.

Pastor Jean coordinates the Pastoral Care Ministries, the Prayer Ministries, and sets up seminars and retreats. Besides teaching Bible studies, and visiting shut ins, she is the pastor who most often preaches on Sunday mornings at our Niagara Falls location.

She and her husband Bill have three married daughters, two grandchildren, a cat, and a horse."


Elders including Jean Edmister of PCUMC were actually ANGRY I had learned the truth about that event in 2003.

Your church is dead and I made the analysis as to why Jesuit faith and Christianity as a whole are a fraud, my being a victim is related but not proof of that in total, just of wrongdoing.

But my logic is correct and this is why you are going to fail in all that you do.

It will never work and there is nothing you can do to solve that.

You won't fix Jesus and there is no reason to, part of making this right is to admit your faith is hate and walk away from it.

You can live with too much harm.

And implore all not to resolve it.

Your reply smacks of the want to blame me for something.

Always part of your problem as a Jesuit.

Notice paint, brush, etc.

You are guilty and so is your cabal.

Blaming me does not help since you've done NOT ONE thing to atone for your crimes or to make them right.

And you take money and cause harm and have women and children come to protect you, it is sickening.

Either you are in or out of the Jesuit Mafia.

No middle ground.

What as a Jesuit Bob Wierdsma are you offering to resolve this?

Keep in mind there are complete lifetimes lost including homes a career, permanent injury and handicap, I was dead more than once and had to be revived, marital frauds, my parents are involved as are my grandparents, property lost, you are affected since I worked for the State, millions and millions of dollars are lost in just my case.

Now what?

I have bank accounts held since 2003 with my money in them, this is going to be 2015......

You have a PRACTICAL solution to this?

I'd love to hear it.

Don't belittle me or patronize me with your holier than thou above it all non solutions and the want to make it all OK.

It is NOT OK.

This is why your place just continues to rot and fester and dissolve into a stink pit.

You never admit anything is wrong. Though you are the ones doing this.

And you never fix it and just blame it on something or someone else and then focus on someone in another country who you can compare pain to.

But this is far MORE than just acts of kindness being acts of omission.

There is a plan here and intentional harm.

Recall the sex in the basement?

The knife wounds made accidentally.



You are felons and reprobates and pedophiles.

You protect them, so you become what you stand for.

Guilt by association, collusion, and by proxy.

Do you donate to this financially or with your time and work efforts?

Then you are guilty with the support of it.

Now you want to invent this as my dysfunction.

By "painting you".

Where do you stand? Why make me paint anything for you or of you? You never say anything of substance.

A typical rotation, as the Police do.

They say now: You are going to fix it. So blame me and put the onus to perform on me since you can't bother admitting it is your fault.

Not my obligation since you are at fault.

See how this works?

Now you have a different story, then why do we pay you?

Be sure to hand all your kids when they are born a pistol as soon as their hand comes out of mom's vagina since they are going to fix it all.

I smell a vanity trap for you here Bob.

Do you know me personally? Or something about my daily life?

I'd not admit that if I were you since you don't.

And you shouldn't.

It won't help you now or later or before.

You make poor choices in dialog and choice of words....

Why indicate you have knowledge that incriminates you of a crime?

When you are done proving to me you know more about me than I do then I can concede you playing in my underwear when I sleep or cutting me apart until I pass out and doing as you will with me.
I'd call you a creep but lets wait on that.

Reverse cause and affect rotate symptom vs problem and then blame the victim.

Charismatic Jesus Freak Show - Rely on emotion and not logic and not fact and not common sense to (not) resolve it for you.

I am a methodical person since I do this for a living, I make 1,000s of logical decisions a minute when I write software that most software engineers can not craft and I reject about 990 of them and do this for 14 hours per day 7 days a week and type like this all day at the same time.

I can see through you and anyone else in about 5 seconds.

This is what people wanted to avoid, a critical assay and essay of what is wrong here.

No better man to do it than the kid you attempted to rape and murder.

My witness matters.

So does my analysis and opinion since it is better than most.

Church is guilty, end of story.

State is also.

You both act together as a cabal.

Did you care to discuss something?

Please do.

But keep in mind you can't defend this.

Since it is not defensible.

Jesus now offers the Walmart of Faith and Character Assassination for child victims.

I get tired of arguing with people who can't and won't see a knife in their son's back.

Why talk to me now?

This is 2015 and not 1981?

You've lied to me for 34 years or more.

This is a fairly huge set of concerns.

You have priests murdered in prison over less.

Just one of these felonies would or could do that.

I can count over 50 now.

All done to me by Jesuits, Police, Teachers, Doctors....

You have cops murdered in prison over less.

You are all the same largely. Since you follow the same fools.

Your dogma, creed, or mantra never changes and never works.

You can't and won't be able to demonstrate any different.

Do you know why?

You already closed the door on God.

Your church is dead. And you killed it.

Why does the Pope bother to admit now that your Centuries old stubborn refusal to see Evolution vs Creation as being a non issue?

This has been solved long ago for you.

This won't save your fraud either.

Another bandage you apply to a corpse.

I am willing to talk to anyone who has a want to understand something or what was done.

I don't accept abuse however.

If you care to talk then do so.

Don't arrive to toss mud and holy hand grenades then run for the shelter of your mother's little helper.

Speak or remain silent.

I'd say you already are guilty of the latter.

Borrowed time?

Who pays for that?

You are more like the German Shepherd dog who ran to the end of his tether and is about ten feet past the end of the rope with all 4 legs in the air wondering when he will hit the ground.

I predict you will have nothing of value to add.

Maybe read my witness here first before you are critical of me.

It is open for anyone and you need not be my friend to read it.

I have nothing to hide, do you?

Since you don't account to God then you have no transparency in acts or deeds.

God is a smoke screen for you.

Then an excuse later.

Then a whipping boy.

You celebrate each year the fact you murder innocents.

Even toss blood all over.


Hear the Good News.

An innocent man has been killed for you.

A Faustian bargain and replacement scam.