How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Toxic Tarts - Niagara Falls NY USA Panders To Harm Your Kids.

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"Niagara Falls looking to Millennials for foundation"

By Dave Greber, News 4 Reporter Published: April 11, 2015, 6:50 pm


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) - The city of Niagara Falls is pining for rebirth, and they're looking to a younger generation to make it happen.

For the past two years, the city has used a national crisis as a launching point to attract new residents, offering intentives for 20- and 30-somethings, plagued with debt from college.

Their pitch: Make Niagara Falls your home, and we'll help you pay off your loans.

"We want to keep people, we want to attract people" said Seth Piccirillo, the city's director of community development. "And we're not paying your monthly bills. It's reimbursable, you have to be in good standing with your landlord, good standing with your loan company. There are safeguards on the program."

The city has undertaken a 20-person pilot program, which requires newcomers to live in their home in one of four designated areas for two years.

So long as they're in good standing, they could qualify for as much as $7,000 for student loans.

But, some, like lifelong resident David Goodsell, feel like the city has its approach in reverse.

"I think the city should be trying to get the jobs here first" said Goodsell. "Jobs first, then have the people move in."

That was the focus years ago under the previous administration of former Mayor Vince Anello, which kickstarted redevelopment along popular streets.

"Most of this block was plywood on the windows" he said.

A block that now supports those young residents.

"They have to work together. It's vital. Most business districts, especially the ones I know in WNY, it's the neighborhoods that really kept those businesses alive."

But beyond being practical, it's also boosted community pride.

"We're seeing new investment of vacant buildings, more than we thought that we would" Piccirillo said. "So we think we have helped with that. We're seeing more people pay attention to that. We're seeing a vibe change. We're seeing young people use #liveNF as a way to rally the community."


The entire Western NY area, including Erie and Niagara Counties are hoping to reinvent themselves with this new "Medical Corridor" with their want to turn sickness into industry.

SUNY Buffalo and other local colleges and medical providers are teaming up to offer new "State Of The Art" and "Cutting Edge" BioInformatics medical campuses where you and your families can come to be sick. Medicine here is beyond derelict, this is akin to more brainwashing, and these people market this and do medical murder to children and adults such as was done to me.

Much of this is plopped down on top of and amidst some of the most toxic waste dumps and polluted real estate on the planet.

Now with this article local leaders hope to bring new fresh (naive) blood into the problem and offer them something in the process.

The other residents like David Goodsell are also wrong since jobs won't fix the problems, even though this is one aspect of the malaise. Jobs left since no thinking person would bring employees there.

That and I lived in this area for over 50 years and had some of the most horrid atrocities done to me including child harms I really can't speak about in public, and not one person there in the community spoke to me about it, or spoke against it, and they went so far as to mock me for it and they supported it ongoing.

The problems are essentially:

Local leaders and law makers including Police, Judges, and State leaders are incompetent criminals who do nothing to enforce the laws.

I was attacked in a hate crime and lynch mob in my home town of Wilson New York USA with full cooperation of local Police, Judge Ganshaw, other local Judges before and later, and Firemen even going so far as to use Wilson's Ambulance in the crimes.

This rendered me Stateless and by that unable to work in the USA or own property.

Then the Police and others including medical providers conspired with my abusive family and others who claimed to be friends in degree frauds. I studied for over 13 years to earn a 4 year BSEE degree from SUNY Buffalo, at great personal expense to me with these injuries, all for no reason.

My horridly abusive family acted with others in the State including people in Social Services, friends in local clergy and the Police who lied to me about the attack and child harms, I died from being knifed and did not know what was done to me.

This went on again for well over 22 years before I learned the truth in 2003.

Claiming that you want to bring people to Western NY to make them well and to bring children or young adults there and that they'd be safe is about the most foolish suggestion I've ever heard. This would be the LAST place on earth I'd go to no matter who you are let alone bring the sick or young there.

Housing markets there are a slum in total. Overpriced, falling apart units, usury rents and thuggish landlords who blame you for their crimes and offer you deserve this as some form of Cosmic Punishment.

The area is rife with brownfields, that even long time local residents are not sure of any more, since not only Hooker Chemical and Love Canal are known areas of pollution, but places farther from the city areas are now turning up as waste dumps.

Love Canal went sour in 1978 or so, nothing is new here and progress that takes 40 years is not progress.

Local Police and medical providers conspire in mafia style approaches to strong arm victims, offer medicine as punishment or to compel agendas and I've had more than one homicide attempt succeed and needed medical intervention to be here.

Child harms to me are deplorable and include homicide, rape, torture, vivisection, etc and I was used as a sex slave by abusive parents and Police to make pornographic images of the crimes done to me as a child. Medical doctors are included in that perversion and I was pandered to them specifically this way to allow them to harm me for pleasure and profit. Dr Castle DDS of Lockport NY is one such example of that. And there has been no want to make that right or get better as the problem escalated for over 50 years running now.

Medical murder and intentional harm is not medicine or law. It is murder.

Local courts are a joke and by that any document you sign; marriage decree, mortgage, car loan, would in fact be null and void.

With no legal system to defend your rights against crimes then you have no contracts.

Local housing markets and hotel rentals are overpriced and far above national averages.

I'd not touch the local food, produce, or milk with a ten foot pole. What is in it?

I'd not fish or boat in local lakes or rivers, ever.

Toxic pollutants and real estate with "Riparian Views" means your raw sewage and toilet water goes directly into Lake Ontario or other local tributaries.

You can't count on Police, Clergy, Hospitals or Doctors, Judges, Lawyers, Teachers, etc.

Local residents remained silent for over 50 years with the child harms and later atrocities done to me as an adult.

The culture here is profoundly sick.

These people think they can lie to you and fool you like this.....

No jobs? NO kidding....

Properties there are distressed as is local government, Mayor of Niagara Falls Vincent Anello was arrested and sent to prison recently. Buffalo is one of the top ten most violent cities in the USA.

Those stats are wrong, I've had over 100 violent and sexual felonies done to me personally and with financial that number likely goes to 1,000. Not one person was charged for this.


Niagara Falls? Run, don't walk, away from it.... 14303? Even worse, look at the chemical industry there and you will see you can't live in that area ..... All along Buffalo Avenue and by the river is a slew of toxic sludge generating chemical places. Cheep hydro power makes them go there.

I had family live in Love Canal also and this story is another local tragedy. Toxic waste was not removed from there but only buried deeper. That does not help and the land is still closed off and not being used.

Also note that much of SUNY Buffalo and Amherst in WNY are swamp land.


The location of another collapse in Amherst NY.

Some things about the EPA Superfund sites and this is about Love Canal in Niagara Falls claiming it is all safe and clean now. I doubt that. You can check other dump sites around the US here also and see if you live in one.

The US Army Corps of Engineers soil study, I kept a copy and you can also use Amherst's copy as long as they have it on their site:


This also speaks to the Amherst NY sinking homes but my browser won't load it properly.


Trouble more recently in Wilson that says you can't trust local law and politics: These children were harmed by teachers and other students in my High School in Wilson NY during a school outing. Teachers in Wilson NY are involved directly in harming me including acts that include murder and torture.


Also watch out for a distressed rental market in Buffalo/Niagara Falls areas where you get less and pay more. This local agency rents what can only be called slums that they have not improved or maintained for well over 2 decades. Most units have no AC, dated wiring and all of that including windows that are worthless certainly in the winter time. Electic outlets are useless and items plugged into wall outlets just fall onto the floor, etc.

MJ Peterson and this local Realtor both sell homes and rent slums. I'd avoid doing business there at all AND NOT with them.

Anyone that predates on children, the elderly and disabled as they do, well you can figure that one out too.

The Police are criminals in total.

Love Canal? Obviously it is not fixed, and you have nobody living there and the school is closed, etc. I don't think you managed to get all the 21,000 tons of Dioxin and crud out of the soil that is well on its way to China by now.

Good plan that, might as well have dumped it into the Niagara River and been done with it, but have no fear, it was sprayed on the local roads before they are paved to keep dust down, and dumped all over the place in abandoned properties and creeks and streams in Western NY. You have no idea where it is.,-78.9532044,15z?hl=en

You have the same problem here, the foliage obscures it but I used to come this way as a kid all the time and admired the nice colors that all the heavy metals and toxic waste made when they dumped them over the side of the creek bank from the factories above. Gold, red, deep blue, purple, and silver, and black and yellow...all running down the sides of the bank to the water below.,41.23,,0,9.02

I'd not eat any fish from Lake Erie, or Ontario, ever. Or visit the falls at all. Swim there or do fishing derby or other boating events? Lunacy...

"The 1978 discovery of toxic chemicals beneath the suburban infrastructure of Love Canal, in Niagara Falls, New York first illuminated the consequences of environmental neglect. For decades, many American businesses had disposed of hazardous waste improperly, contaminating tens of thousands of sites nationally, including nearly 250 within Region 2 alone. Accidents, spills, and leaks of hazardous materials resulted in land, water, and air that pose immediate and potential threats to public and environmental health.

Citizen reaction to these localized threats led Congress to establish the Superfund Program in 1980, an initiative designed to locate, investigate, and clean up the most hazardous sites nationwide. Superfund is officially called CERCLA, or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act. The EPA administers the Superfund Program in cooperation with individual states and tribal governments.

The national EPA office that oversees management of the program is the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI). The sites dealt with under Superfund are listed on the NPL, or National Priorities List. Superfund constitutes a crucial environmental and economic precedent within American legislative history."

To locate superfund waste sites:

My aunt and uncle George and Lorraine Glenn with their daughters Brenda and Wendy lived in Love Canal in the 1970's. My aunt died from cancer and they had to relocate eventually. Uncle George worked for Niagara Falls NY Schools as a teacher.

I would not agree with this recent survey dated September 26, 2016 that says this site has been remediated. All that Sevenson largely did is flush this toxic waste around and down into french drains allowing it to enter the local water tables and into the Niagara River. Read their statements of work that confirm this. The vanity looks predictive here, in that those who dumped these toxic carcinogens into area fields and streams etc circa 1960 and 1970, appear to have acted (retaliated) in advance as to how local buffoons would not clean up their mess they made. It seems they were right. The prior acts look to be done with malice and intent, not incompetence. The latter acts to remedy or deny, confirm the assumptions of incompetence and lies that State would offer as those doing the larger dumping earlier assumed would happen decades later.

My copy of their document is hosted locally on my site now:


Love Canal New York Hooker Chemical Semi

At one time Model City had about 1/2 of the world's known supply of Radium kept in waste form stored in an old concrete water tower.

Odd how nobody talks to me from back home for some reason so I finally decided to speak badly about them, they want to sell you something there. And they act guilty and evasive.

Take this person:

They were first to shut me out for no reason, I remained silent for a long time waiting for someone to say something to me, they refused. I have tried to contact them repeatedly and we were friends and went to HS together.

Duncan Ross and others claimed to be my friend. They are not.

They knew what was done to me and lied to me about it.

Same with local apple orchards who used to fresh press apple juice and cider there. All now made from concentrate from China.

I'd not eat any produce from there or swim in the lakes even barring the fact that local homes lack sewer lines and that waste just dumps out there untreated.

And this is why, they just bury the mess deeper and the brown fields are all over Western NY State and the USA.

What they don't tell you is that they can't sell you the apples since the water is not fit to drink. They need to filter and water the hard way.

A virulent carcinogen and one of the most toxic substances man has made.

Strikes me as a BCN component, they claim other uses but who knows...

A local maker of nerve gas Phosgene:

World Health Organization seems to normalize and downplay the severity of this and suggest this compound is naturally occurring, it is not. This following quote from them is hugely misleading:

"Due to the omnipresence of dioxins, all people have background exposure, which is not expected to affect human health. However, due to the highly toxic potential of this class of compounds, efforts need to be undertaken to reduce current background exposure."

Dioxins are all man made and none of them existed until someone decided to synthesize them.

Exposure levels are discussed as being significant when measured in Parts Per Trillion. PPT, as opposed to PPB (Parts Per Billion) for other less toxic wastes.

This looks to be a part of the larger frauds that go on there with his want to run this vineyard and purchasing that property is part of that plan for Duncan.

This is being done to give you the impression that it is safe to live and work and eat the produce in Western NY and it is not. I don't see that Duncan would have the wherewithal to be able to compete and purchase this land since there would be much other interest in it. It is likely he was offered prejudice and favoritism in this along with the quid pro quo that says he has to maintain it as a vineyard and do as he does. Sell you crap wine and market Western NY as a commodity.

More articles about sinking homes in Buffalo/Amherst NY. Some I've read cite as many as 700-1000 homes are at risk. I'd say it is likely more than that are and you won't know the whole truth.


Do your own search to confirm, I also have the PDF file for the soil study.

The Amherst NY links to the soil study:



Why do you need 154 Police officers in a town as small as Amherst NY with the preponderance of other law enforcement people around, Erie County Sheriff, Buffalo Police, Cheektowaga Police, NY State Police, Tonawanda Police, Kenmore Police, Hamburg Police, Niagara Falls Police, Lockport Police, Lewiston Police, Depew Police, US Border Patrol, US DEC, US Protective Service, and the rest in a suburb of Buffalo that claims to have 117,000 residents 1/2 of whom are SUNY Buffalo Students and students of the other area colleges. UB hast its own police force now with their Public Safety being State Police who carry guns on campus.

This is a fraud. 154? Doing what?

From their website:

"Welcome From Chief John C. Askey -- It is my pleasure to welcome you to the "Amherst Police Department Web Site". We are a New York State Accredited Agency comprised of 154 sworn officers and supported by 35 full and part-time civilian employees. Our mission is to provide a high level of safety and police services for the 117,000 residents of Amherst, the largest suburb of Buffalo, located in upstate Western New York. We also provide police services for the Village of Williamsville, which is located within the town boundaries."

They at one time claimed to be The Safest Town in America and with one cop per resiDENT I'd say they must have been. Why then do they commit crimes like felony hit and run by backing into the side of my 1987 Chevy S10 truck and then leaving the scene of the accident? They also conspired in the hate crimes and murder attempts made possible at SUNY Buffalo and in their town.

You actually backed into my truck in a marked Amherst Police Department Crown Victoria who's doors were painted with the slogan The Safest Town In America and then did a hit and run.

How funny is that?

After cutting me up in the night in a hate crime and molesting me as a child AND taking photos. And saying it was all a terrible mistake and accident. Poo poo on you.

Then you made the mistake of blaming me for it and calling me a liar.

Then you threatened me.

Then you tried to take my life. Again.

Now they want you to purchase a home in this quagmire, am I going to float a home on the back of these fools?

All so they can make more snuff porn?

Your T Shirt had it right, not the Mercury Marine shirt, but the one that said "Work Naked".

My what a big strong man you are with such a big big gun........ Do you like it like that?????? Is that your approach for all the children you harm, tough guy?

For the (female) (Blonde) cop who backed into my truck there would be a suggestion later that she had an emergency to attend to.

In that case I'd have nailed the car straight on and twisted it around the block. Why risk dumping a transmission and getting hit by a bad guy broadside by doing this stunt?

There was none. No lights, no hurry, she backed out like some old lady, pushed the truck up on 2 wheels, hence David Bartnik's comment "Joey Chitwood"...

... saw she had backed into the truck then hunkered down as if to say, oh shit hope nobody saw me there.... I stood in the front window of our duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive and saw the whole thing. The truck was pristine before she hit it.

Then the next part stumped me, Heike came home in her Red Mazda Protege F7C 603 NY plate and DUPLICATED the behavior...

Making it seem she did it or she was the cop driving the car. It was done by the female APD cop and I knew that.

She often offered that she is a Police officer and was punishing me for something. Not her place to do so.

For instance Heike claimed that her Buick Regal(s) had electronic speed control as do the State Police cars which can be set to track at any speed and they are computer controlled and will even pace you down a hill.

I told Heike no, your cars won't do that, I know I bought them for you and maintain them and know how they work PLUS I drive them more than you do.....

You get the idea.