How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Vivisection Knife Wounds Explained

Since this keeps rearing its ugly head I needed to formalize thought about the 1981 vivisection attack and the knife wounds sustained in that hate crime:

Based on what I now know and have observed since learning of them in 2003 and before. It is now January 2015.

To be fair some others have come to me including Police to misrepresent the problem as they have and it does not work and this needs to be understood.

People have said they might be self inflicted.

I had a NY State Park Police officer ask me suggesting that, or offer it was made in the accident 22 years earlier by asking/stating -- "Anything in the car to hurt yourself with?"

Seems like and odd question to ask someone you knew was currently the victim of an ongoing set of felonies in your witness.

Problem being practicality and the fact you claimed this was an accident. Mutually exclusive and well documented, insurance monies are paid out etc a car is lost, etc. Why change your mind now?

This was to be about the wounds themselves to dismiss the fallacy that this is an accident. So let a lay person with some knowledge of physics, math, anatomy, and the real world who's cut himself accidentally working on cars explain it to you.

Begin with the basics and the general nature of it.

The wound is comprised of two cuts in the skin on the back of my elbow that sliced open the skin to expose muscle and tissue below.

Those two cuts overlap as in the case of a lower case t. Two lines that cross but extend beyond the vertex.

The skin is thick and hard to cut like this, the wounds are very fine. No tearing or bruising on the back of the arm or front.

This indicates knife, a sharp one, drawn across the skin to open up the arm.

The motion is complex, and the arm would need to move in a very well defined manner across something sharp. A knife was deliberately moved across the skin to make the incisions. Not the other way around. And the motion is very linear and non chaotic, as in a straight line, etc.

I was in excellent physical shape doing physical labor making pallets, stacking them over my head all day long and lifted weights to gain strength with friends.

Cutting beyond the skin in an impact injury is unlikely and not possible really given the fact that the arm was not captivated.

There is no bruising on front or back of it.

To pierce that much muscle, skin, and tissue you'd need a Dirac or impulse and likely would break the bone and mangle the arm.

The nerve would move out of the way. Likely.

Beyond that your cause is lost and here is why:

Those who did this measured my age at the time, 20 inches, exactly, to make those two cuts in the Tricep.

They had to carve deeper (I was awake for this and recall it now) to get past the Tricep muscle itself and to reach the ulnar nerve.

Then they have to sever the ulnar (which had to be captivated by pinching it) itself and I passed out from that being done.

This was done with knowledge of anatomy. Those doing it knew what to look for and where.

The (now) Dr. Larry Fried the next day said to me "Cut thrice measure once" so he knew since his mother worked as head nurse at Inter Community Memorial Hospital in Newfane NY on William Street where my body was dumped.

Dr. Denzel, an associate of Dr. John F. Argue (who had just prior mangled my knee with a botched cortisone injection) confessed it takes an inch per year to heal. Another lie. Denzel made the huge gash and rejoined the nerve endings later that summer.

One is done to obfuscate the other.

The rest is supported by the other concomitant frauds ongoing around the attack(s).

Experts and lay people admit they are knife wounds.