How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Vivisection Accident -- Then, And Now.

I wanted to formalize a sequence of witness about the 1981 vivisection attack and hate crime since people really don't see fit to ask questions, they just see fit to find fault and not truth.

Here is what I know now and I will put up front what you and I were told as of summer 1981.

So the incident itself in summer 1981 along with front page driving news in the Lockport Union Sun Journal titled "Early Morning Church Arrival". A Bob Seger reference.

Before the attack:

I was out with "Friends" Tom Palisano Jr and Doug Golde Jr at the Wilson Boathouse Restaurant where Tom Palisano worked tending bar and taking food orders.

I was given a short glass of beer about 8 ounces total, drank 1/2 of it and noticed it tasted funny and decided I don't like it and let it sit.

Doug and Tom and I chatted for a while and I decided I was tired and wanted to catch up on some sleep and said I'd be heading home now we can speak later.

Doug was surprised and seemed dismayed. He said you are going home already? And seemed to give me a hard time about it.

I replied yes I am tired and recently changed jobs etc and wanted to get some rest.

Doug then said well I wanted to show you something, go meet me at home and I noticed Tom and others at the bar were paying attention to our discussion. Someone there commented I guess we are doing this now. And a phone call was made.

My point to myself was and now is, why wait? Do this first then go out and stay late....

Doug pointed out he wanted to see if I can be there first and this likely was done to create a situation where I'd be set up and stopped this way.

My father recently purchased new Michelin tires for my car that I told him up front and later again were too small for the car. I was right. He would not listen and said since I am buying them you get what I purchase.

Something is not better than nothing.

Not much of this was remembered when I woke up that evening in the Emergency Room to see a nurse attending to me, she revived me and informed me I had an accident.

The rest about Dr. Argue is documented in the other notes here.

Following this you and I are told the following:

I was charged with a noise violation and paid the fine to Judge William Ganshaw in Wilson NY and my father went with me and loaned me the money. Related to this event/accident. DMV in Albany now has record of this.

The story in the paper (USJ) claims that my white 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans was involved in an accident at the corner of Young and McChesney Streets in Wilson NY 14172 where a Camaro Z28 heading east or west on Young Street impacted my car heading south on McChesney street forcing me to drive into the Lutheran Church on the south west corner of the intersection.

Here is where I stopped and passed out:

They claimed two girls were injured driving/riding in the Z28. This is an offer of prejudice.

George E Mercer who attended Clarkson College with me drove a 6 cylinder silver Camaro he claimed was downgraded from a Z28, a lie.

Mercer later admits after the 1981 attack when Mike Scheuneman (German and Lutheran) and I visit them in Potsdam fall of 1981, that this is their fault. I ask how so, that is not possible since this is an accident?

When I was released from the hospital my father took me to see the car parked at Kerwin's Garage where it had been towed. No Z28 was present there.

My car was backed up to a hedge facing south at what used to be the gas station that is now this parking lot in Wilson NY:

My father implored of me is that your car? I said yes it is based on modifications done to it, the VIN number, and tires wheels etc. Then he said look at it what is wrong with it? I said this car did not hit anything, and he said look all around it and the back of it. And under the front frame.

We did all this and he said lets go home. I begin to get worried now since something is wrong, the story makes no sense.

Then he showed me the front page article in the paper and asked what I wanted to do with it? It made the claims about the Church and the two girls and other car and it made no sense to me. He said I did that seeming to indicate he printed it just for me.

This made no sense to me and keep in mind I was still in a state of shock from the attack.

So the matter basically dropped, Nationwide Insurance totaled the car, wrote me a check for about $400, my father claimed he tried to buy it back and they would not allow it.

I missed work and was approved for Worker's Compensation from NY State. Later this summer Dr. Denzel rejoined the ulnar nerve endings.

This seems like an admission of guilt since the State is responsible as I was not on the job when this happened. I was now doing produce work at Twin Fair in Lockport NY. Why would they pay for this?

We enrolled this fall of 1981 at SUNY Buffalo, Tom Palisano, Doug Golde, and I.

Later I was informed by my father that Rena Rohring and the Lutheran Church were filing a law suit for damage to the Church against me. I had to go here to get the documents myself and bring them to Nationwide and Bill Ganshaw who said we are taking care of that for you.

Around this time my father asked me to go visit Bill Faery who lived further south from Golde's on Lake Street in Wilson NY as he said he wanted to see me. Faery at this time was with the Niagara County Sheriff.

I was now driving a grey 1977 Ford LTD II and went to see Faery. I rang the bell and asked about him wanting to see me telling him my father said he did. Faery became all nervous and sweaty and said no I did not want to see you. I said ok, and left and went back to mom and dad's house. Dad asked me what did he say and how did he act? I told him and he said ok, that is what I wanted to hear.

So by now this is where this sat, friends and family continued to lie about this to me and I foundered about in the dark not knowing this had gone on.

I later married a German woman who I met at SUNY Buffalo CEDAR, Heike Helga Jones (Nee Guggenmos), we later attended Pendleton Center United Methodist Church near our home in Pendleton NY.

Towards the end of our marriage in 2003 a fellow parishioner at PCUMC admitted this accident never happened and Doug Golde admits being paid, and that he heard these are knife wounds. He knew that all along.

I verify that by examining and measuring the wounds to confirm what I never knew, they are made with a knife.

Soon after that my wife attempts murder as she claimed earlier she would do.

What I now know to be true and remember:

These are knife wounds made in the Wilson NY ambulance. I was forced to cooperate with the people doing this who then vivisected me this way in the Ambulance. The person doing this said he had to do this or else they may kill both of us, not what I wanted to hear.

He proceeded to cut through the arm making the cuts in the skin and having a hard time getting to the nerve and when he did he pinched it and then cut through it, I passed out from that. I woke to find myself in the ER at ICMH in Newfane. Not remembering much at all.

So this is not an accident.

There was no damage to my car other than the tires being vandalized and slashed. My Rochester Quadrajet carburetor was also stolen.

A Z28 or other car hitting it to cause this would leave large dents and scrapes.

Hitting the church foundation which is large stone blocks and the rest would make a mess of my car.

These people such as Doug Golde claimed to be friends, we shared a dormitory at SUNY Buffalo who conspired, and later apartments in which we lived together.

My parents and others including local judges and police and doctors lied about this as did local clergy.

There is not much now to discuss.