How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Vatican Wont Pay

For those in the Vatican, their people and their Churches, beyond the fact Jesus defeats their faith in total and supports their fraud as it is, proving it a fraud, the problem is far worse.

Given the fact that Church and Vatican expect their victims of child rapes, murder, torture, and other atrocity to pay for their and other's crimes, they forsake their savior in Jesus with the want to expect their children to pay and suffer for them in his stead.

Since they won't intervene or prosecute anyone for any crime this harm will continue unabated.

Police in USA and Military in USA have no shields or armor but rely on the Church and the want to pretend they are Jesuits and then hide behind women and children to get away with it all.

In total Vatican and Church reject Jesus overall assuming he was a real savior, as they expect others to pay instead.

And this is exactly how they act. They then raise Jesus from the dead by using your dead children or your own corpse to do so.

Again the proxy reverses unto you once more.

Overall if someone came to you today claiming to be God and that he pays for you, you'd all do as you do to your victims, that is offer they are insane.

Jesus does not pay for you, you don't harm innocents to pay for you.

Jesus does not suffer for you.

And Jesus assuming he ever was around 2,000 years ago decided to kill himself in order to claim he did pay.


Now Vatican admits Biblical errancy and only Methodists disagree with that and claim Bible is inerrant. Which is false.

Vatican also changes their mind on Evolution and with these two they admit murder on all those lives they took based on claims of heresy.

Vatican is done.

Clever how Vatican has invented itself as a "Sovereign Nation" in order to turn their acts of atrocity and murder and terror into later acts of war undeclared upon each person in total.

This overall invalidates their faith and State.

Accepting this problem logically infects each state it is allowed to practice that plan in.

In just that way.

You'd need to accept Pope's offer to send people to your State to break the law as an act of war, no longer see them as a nation state, and prosecute them to the point they are disestablished.

Witness of State atrocity and Church crimes done to me in USA:

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Vatican enables, suppresses witness of, and partakes in harm of their own (and other's) innocents and children and overall is passive in the want to offer justice to anyone.

They advocate lawlessness and encourage people to attack other nation states with their acts and acts of their followers.

With that they can not preach to any offer to correct any wrong since they are accepting to all wrongs.

You can't advocate a fight with the want to be passive.

Lawlessness does not allow one to declare war in the name of justice. Does it?

Most of this problem is caused by Vatican.

Being the cause and the cure, perfect con game.

Invent need, invent non solutions.

Come back next week to pay more.

Ad infinitum.

And those children will NOT later join the church in order not to continue to suffer prejudice by the hands of those who harmed them to begin with. Or to obstruct justice as also was done to me.

They can't be there.

State will have no prejudice in law especially in harms to children.