How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Vanity Failure Modes - How Movie, Television, Music, And Other Vanity Is A Crime.

The vanity is too vague to suggest it supports me the victim, the rule of law, or stands against the specific crimes and atrocity done to me. Despite that it is there and being done intentionally with the aid of the Police and State and Church et al.

You And Your Shadow From Bullitt

It overall has led to no just solution, and to see those who broke the law charged and my money, property, and good name restored. Despite this ongoing for over 50 years of my entire life.

It also largely admits guilt and the fact people have been aware and acting on it for some time, a long time really. Despite what I would know and the fact you all lied to me about it.

It would be used to suggest a higher power or force is at work akin to conjuring and the offer I am wrong and being harmed and punished for it. A curse and offer of occult to protect Police who harmed me as a child. Simple really, these people broke the law and must be charged, you are obligated to do that.

As in God's Mighty Sword is upon thee. Crapola.

The vanity is vague enough as to be turned around and used to suppress my witness, to cause me to be misled about seeking justice and to obstruct justice overall or in the hope to aid in having me harmed or killed by me or others.

It is also predicted and shared among my friends and family and spouse in order to cause harm to me with it. Leaked and used in advance if you will, etc.

Theories of conspiracy need not be paranoid or persecution complexes just since you decided to do this to a child you harmed. For instance. They do exist and you conspire in this one now.

It is too specific and numerous in one work (Media event, news event, song, or movie) or across many others to be ignored, in other words too deep and centric or about me and the problems to be about something else.

Often it involves direct quotations of things I said which are too complex and specific other than "I had coffee".

It proves you are interloping, meddling, and doing other things to observe and influence with no legal basis for doing so.

I'd not be a person of interest you would arrest this way just because you raped me as a child. Either do or do not, this is just meddling and obstruction. Akin to threatening or bargaining which says you have no claim against me and never did.

You falsely suggested that more than once and that is again collusion. Your first defense again is ignorance. You might as well defer to being a child raping felon in lieu of Police. Your solution? Lie about it all and offer indifference.

Being related or unrelated is rhetorical since Police are to blame for it all.

That largely will matter mostly only factually and would be more incriminating as opposed to less for State and child raping Police who did this. Your obstructions, denials, and additional related or unrelated atrocities and felonies make it what it is and always will be. Wrong and your doing.

It ALL relates. And begins at the beginning and moves forward in time.

This vanity is also useful to pollute the collective psyche and would be used to obfuscate guilt to protect the guilty. It would also be helpful in order to smear the victim and offer support for the atrocities done to him, gather public support and politic on the matters. Ouch.

Problems are that it is separable and would only make the problem worse being trapped now from above, below, inside, outside, forward and backwards in time. And it traps more people.

The intent is malicious given the length of time and the euthanasia and other events used to remove witness.

You are playing God again.....

It is akin to having a sexually abused child like me in your village or town and you all make efforts to avail yourselves of your rights such that you all purchase large fridge magnets forming a sign out of magnetic material you can place on the doors of your cars and drive by my home displaying the white text on black background with the two word statement:


Why be concise or make a statement? Just be clever....

This is essentially what you are and have been doing.

The rest ends up looking like slurs and innuendo and casual and informal blame the victim support, retaliation, and reprisal and other attacks that no person can defend against.

It is the same situational vanity and problem that this image of me and chicken connotes, it is not apropos on the face of it.

It ends up being opportunistic, dishonest in offering a potential solution or imply one is on the way and enables the crimes moving forward.

More torture.

Again the behaviors are self evident as being wrong and against the law and these stalking behaviors are out of the normal patterns of YOUR life behaviors. Wrong on the face as just that, stalking and witness intimidation and suppression.

Accusing victims of being vain is one thing but when you intend to play upon the vanity of the crimes then this is your doing and wrong doing.

And you are too clever at confusing your shame for my guilt, a dirty problem for your "screw".


These events come to mind and there are others including Quentin Tarantino's work Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Dusk Till Dawn, and others that other people point out is my vanity.

Russell Crowe -- A Beautiful Mind 2001

"I don't like people much and they don't like me."

I said that to Heike circa 1993 in our duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive in Amherst NY. Crowe's character said just (verbatim) that in the movie version we watched at home in 2002 at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 USA.


So for the Police they have had a meal put in front of them for 50+ years and offer that they are not able to eat since they are unable to locate their mouth and with that end up sticking the fork in their eyes.

The rest of you end up looking like a bunch of Shriners running around on Go Karts wearing a Fez. With grown men crawling around on their bellies, pretending they are not there, and largely as my father says "The Circus is in town..." meaning I guess you knew of a problem.

Your collective behaviors and lies.

And for the law and my father etc, you are not able to get the past behind you, in that you can't get past your past.

Again it could be used to compel me to take my life and ends as the other problem, saying too much and saying too little.

You can NOT have it both ways.

I can not compel others to act upon my vanity and do so by arriving at locations they'd not be aware of to attack me in person, or otherwise. And do so based on vanity I was not aware of or did not recall at that time.

This proves premeditation. And that Police and State are doing it since it overlaps with events that are Police actions. Such as traffic stops involving me or others and attacks on Interstates.

Including the vivisection homicide in 1981.

You as child raping Police and idiots in the State, don't like the fact you got caught in your game of cat and mouse.

The People of the USA love the fact you consider them all child sex slaves and toys in your human ant farm you create for your lust and profit.

So now you got caught with your pants down playing God on it all and don't know what to do.

Your death chambers await. Use them on yourselves.


'Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is also remembered for Mr. Jinks' rhyming but ungrammatical lament, "I hate those meeces to pieces!"'

The vanity plays and the rest of the God play are designed to do a number of things that are not Service via State.

They end up being a bunch of dishonest behaviors designed to have people stand for acts that are even more severe than mere felonies, including murders, that most blood loving Americans don't care about, and by that stand for things which are not defensible but then remove the notion of being accountable for what you do or believe in.

And in that play on the vanity of the victim to suppress.

That is called collusion.

Hence the term "hogwash" is born.

So the question then becomes for you, since you are tasked with enforcing the laws instead of breaking them, why meddle and masturbate with the vanity as you have for these past how many decades?

This admits you are aware of what the problems have been all along.

And did so before, in many cases when I moved, before I came into your jurisdiction.

Such as was done in Arizona who acted to protect the felons in law who harmed me in New York State.

Why expect me (or the people) to pay for them? Being I am the victim despite you being dishonest about that also?

You have invested too much in, and overly enriched and protected, those who did these murders and child rapes such as my father, mother, and former wife who I now learn did this to me intentionally.

The final fantasy and foolishness in all of this is?

That you, being State and Police, wanted to negotiate on this, and offer some kind of deal, or not fix it as some kind of way to trade your want to wrongly and falsely accuse me of something and by that let those who did murders to me and others go free. A crime becomes a favor in other words. Nonsense!

This is always built upon another threat of your wrongdoing. That is not law.

Wrong again in other words. Why negotiate? You have no leverage and that is not law anyway....

Why negotiate with ME since it is THEIR or YOUR wrongful act(s)?


This is YOUR JOB!

Best damn movie I ever saw and it just got better today, since the joke is on you all..

"Are you the police? No, ma'am. We're musicians."

This relation with you ends same as it does for all the others that being:

I was always there for my family and friends and the State or my employers and I regularly worked 7 days a week and over 12 hours per day always.

Any time a friend or family member needed help with something, a flat tire, a broken car or garden tractor, or had a problem at home I would come and help with the notion sure I can leave early today, it is only 2pm but I've been here 80 hours this week..... why look the gift horse in the mouth?

In the end of it I now learn I bled all over the place for you for no good reason other than to have you do all that with people making more than one effort to murder me as a child, cut me apart with knives to the point I am left dead and then crippled for life, and now you want me to do something for you? To solve your last effort at murder?

Your IOU's are about as useless as your credit given that you don't have any money.

And you never pay. And brag about just that. Well lets ask someone to compel you then.

Since your solution is cowardice, sloth, and lies and verbal abuse and stalking...

We don't pay for that or you to do that since we don't sponsor criminals in the State's employ to harm our children.

None of this really had to be said since this is self evident, obvious, and self explanatory.

The problem with the collection of works, being movies or sitcoms on TV, musical works, lyrics, or Hollywood movies etc is as follows:

1) I treat(ed) each work, or analyze it, apart from the others and see it as being a standalone work.

2) I view(ed) all such works as being innocuous and having nothing to do with me personally.

3) This is done now to avoid making this akin to a slur, you have to treat them as you treat people, that being they are individuals and avoid the traps of assuming something. Since as of now I find points one and two are in error.

4) Points one and two were logical to assume with the notion you'd re-evaluate them later on. This time is now.

5) Once you find one such work that panders on your vanity too deeply, others were aware of this back in the 1970's and spoke to it, then you need to accept the fact something is wrong.

6) This is analogous to the problem with my parents. Find one horror then all bets are off.

7) As we see now, these works, many of them, contain a literal expression of the maker's intent.... along with that is what I'd call one or more "Sub-Channels" where items you'd assume are present by random choice, are placed there to convey meaning.

8) That hidden message along with the literal messages many times pander on specific vanity of child rapes and other atrocity done to me personally.

9) Many of those aggregate across many decades of time and many other works and are a deeper form of manipulation.

10) Doing this then would prove intent with malice, it seems to remove the notion that these are spontaneous acts of creativity, but are really some form of evil and perverse offer to support such atrocity and to mock the victim and the problem.

11) One would not legally or ethically find it entertaining and no person would associate themselves with the problem this way.

12) You can not profit from it or use it to harm me or to support felons and child rapists who did.


"The avant-garde are people or works that are experimental, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society. It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability, and it may offer a critique of the relationship between producer and consumer."

This plays on the notion of blaming people for witnessing works of art, or film, or music, etc, as in Avant-garde?

It could be seen as being critical of me personally, or of society in general but there are at least four problems:

1) These people don't know me.

2) They don't know ALL of you.

3) The logic and law says this is too soon since the cases are not closed yet.

4) I've done nothing wrong.

Those four points quickly fan out into more that stem from each one.

But overall we don't know often if someone is bad or evil, some do laugh when a person falls down, watching a movie does not mean we don't support the rule of law and a good outcome for the good people and justice meted to the bad, since the door is left open for us.

And we often see this as fiction. And we are told as such.

Mocking, gaslighting, and/or pandering on having it done to your child changes the matter.

Everything is funny until it is done to you.

Everything is funny until you are guilty of doing it.

At some point we can say that this might be a fictional account of how this should or can work, when in fact this is a creepy bastardization and forms of gaslighting made to mock the perverse and atrocious problems and the victim(s).

Another Impossible Alien Cut Himself