How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Recent Letter To US DOJ OIG.

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Dear Madam or Sir,

I am in receipt of your letter of 02/19/2014 related to my concerns.

I am filing formal complaints related in part to these two credit entries for dismissed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings.

They are both the same filing and appear as two entries:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dismissed Docket #754456 California Federal Court

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dismissed Docket #715603 Pennsylvania Federal Court

These result from a number of crimes against my person and property including a hate crime in 1981 and a marital fraud and murder attempt 1995-2003.

That witness is attached here. You are also being sued in the US and NY Courts of Claims.

NY Court of Claims Claim No. 123931

US Court of Claims Claim No. 14-143T

At this point what is obviously happening is that you knew all along I was a Stateless person.

You used the medical malpractice, malfeasance, and criminal medical providers to obfuscate that condition.

You refused to hear the concerns and cases and would then hide behind that.

All done to suppress my witness and protect the State. Euthanasia was used to hope to remove my witness.

You are being sued in the US and NY Courts of Claims as a result.

The true nature of the problem is that you created a Stateless situation and would rely on a prejudice to deny me service and planned this all along, from an early age with me.

The patterns of abuse and felonies against my person and property indicate this as does the degree frauds and medical mayhem.

The State's crimes against my person would REQUIRE that you hear these matters.

Again you have denied me due process and justice and then would blame someone else for doing so.

Now you make slurs in the wake of it.

Now I suffer more prejudice and denial of service based on these faux and derogatory records in my credit histories made all to destroy my good name.

This is again done to obstruct and to protect the felons who attempted to take my life and harm me.

Your crimes self support on being crimes and the fact the end justifies the means as you'd hope. In that nobody has to pay but the child victims you rape.

These crimes need to be prosecuted and my good name restored.

YOUR people are at fault here.

I can't pay you for lesser claims when you won't serve me justice related to violent felonies and child harms.

You have no witness and no authority by your crimes. You have nullified it.

You also hoped to remove my immunity that has been granted by your felonies against my person by committing more felonies and atrocities against my flesh.

Again fiat and prejudice is your hail Mary and last ditch effort to get away with murder once more.

If you refuse to prosecute felons and pedophiles who attack and rape me, and then have others steal money from me, then how can you hope to make slanderous statements blaming me for them?

It would seem that if you can not and will not offer me service then why would you make derogatory statements blaming me for that fact?

I want this prosecuted and my good name restored.

Making me pay for the crimes against me supports them as being just in an extra judicial fashion and then justifies the fact you raped me as a child, took photos to sell to your friends and then saw fit to murder me for later to suppress this witness.

It is nothing more than State sponsored hate, vigilantism, murder, and malice. A set of personal spite and retaliation hacks for sins unknown and unspoken and not formally charged against a victim of some of the most horrid, barbaric, draconian and abusive atrocities you can do to someone.

Having to call you on this means it is too late and you missed going for the jugular again. A major bit of minor semantics at this point.

This is YOUR fault. Not mine.

REMOVE these and prosecute these people.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the preceding statements are true and correct;

Terry Allen Jones August 01, 2014

The non obvious end around here is that filing for Bankruptcy in the USA vacates medical malpractice claims for some reason. I did it for other reasons.

So they use the medical malfeasance to obstruct justice via the back door.

You nailed the door to the courts shut on this one. That is just wrong.

If you are not going to offer service then you can't rely on felonies and the other crimes done to me to slander my name for processes you can not and will not invoke.

Done when you sent me the bill for my own murder. Now you are trapped on it and had it both ways too many times.

Guess what? Now you are in court anyway.