How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Where The USA Fails In Their Claims To Offer Rule Of Law

Why State (USA) wanted to get away with this
and protect the felons who harmed me by refusing to prosecute those who did this:

-- Multiple efforts to euthanize me, these are legitimate
efforts to murder me. That says they'd lose in court and they are cognizant of their guilt.

-- This is done to suppress witness. I nearly died more
than 5 times and was dead requiring medical intervention for at least three events.

-- Use of shills and friends of the law to interlope in my life.

-- A marital fraud to that end.

-- Use of my abusive family towards those ends.

-- Child harms to my sister and I.

-- Denial of service, use of state asset(s) (Ambulance) to
commit violent felonies against my person.

-- Use of the media to slander my name and disseminate falsehoods about me related to these attacks.

--Efforts made to assassinate my character
and to obfuscate and pollute witness and memory
based on the vanity of the prior harms done to me.

-- Use of medicine to cause harm, mayhem,
torture, and murder.

-- Denial of medical treatment.

-- Denial of justice and due process and even with no
formal charges being levied against me. I can't defend against non events.

-- Offers of positions of trust and background investigations
of me that would expose these crimes against me, as admitted by IRS and others.

-- Stalking and following behaviors involving others.

-- Invasions of my privacy towards those ends.

-- Use of Police to make violent attacks and vehicular assaults to suppress witness and to obstruct.

-- Financial frauds and thefts of monies and property.

-- Denial of food, shelter, clothing, and hygiene to
obstruct justice and to suppress witness.

-- Use of employers and national security assets and department of defense paradigms and people to attempt murder to suppress.

-- Use of mental health agendas and inventions of mental health illness to suppress witness and offer none of this is possible.

-- Do that to conceal and modify forensics of actual injuries sustained.

-- Compel those frauds using violence, mayhem, and other abuse and thefts.

-- Use that and applications of stigma and blame to support the violence and perverse harms to me as being just.