How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Time Travels Fail

It comes down to the notion of how you define your world, and the idea that based on those constraints, are there other intelligent beings or one of them who lives outside those constraints?

Being your offer that science has proven mathematically, it may be premature to say that another parellel and inverse universe exists lets say that offers a version of anti-you.

Your proofs may fall apart since they don't encompass all constraints for all space and all time and all energy fields that define matter.

Your proof won't be possible NOR will anyone's want to say a being or more than one who can navigate all of that is to be appeased with worship or you can define dogma or ritual to access that being.

Won't happen.

And your proof as of today may not encompass all conditions needed.

What you do know about theism is wrong. And will remain as such. They don't work.

Time travel likely won't help since they'd be here now interacting with you from the future.

The want to impart your structure, being God as you define, upon the cosmos, is the error you all make.

You likely realize that there is no binding relation as you want to invent all done to make you feel in control. This is the God problem.

Efforts to do that, as you have proof in the pudding, say this makes it worse not better.

Time Moves Forward:

Some of this should be fundamentally obvious to those in the high IQ group.

Time can only move forward and this can be proven logically with your life and that of others.

Use your body or planet, you make changes to it, break a bone, etc. And once done time won't be made to change at your bidding by you changing matter, energy, or any other construct to undo that act.

You can not become unborn. For people who should not be allowed to procreate, say being guilty of murder etc, kids once made don't get unmade. They and you contribute to this time fragment.

You only move forward.

Time is about transient states of being.

This moment in time in any city view won't ever repeat.

"David Shepard Terry, are you saying that because we are forced in to move int he direction of future due to the geometry of space time, that space time in the past direction no longer exists? Is it time that moves, or do we move through space time? I am not so sure "

That is a frame of reference issue I'd say.

Time the concept is not invertible ... State's of objects won't be reversed by a want to force time to move backwards.

I'd say even with deepest knowledge of matter and energy and space and time.

And since you have memory of the time even going back if possible would say you are changed for it all.

It gets into the "State Memory Of Time" also. And you don't have this ability now which means this fragment of time remains as that.

Invocation of an inversion process defeats the problem in total.

That event is also pegged in time. That time fragment is now unique. Even though you folded it.

Folding time backwards like this still says you have a linear time model that won't fold.

Folding adds overall then.

And you then only account for the inversions which would be seen as being fragments in the midst of begin and end. But in that they add to the now longer time sequence and are unique but overlap.

This is a large trap for those who want to prove religion with witness they hope to invent later etc.