How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

TNJ (That's Not Justice) - 3 Strikes Yer Out

State offered what was done is justice, it is not and your mistakes are among the following concomitant frauds and felonies in the denial of due processes:

1) State Threatened - Dropped harbingers and threats based on past crimes done to me and their lies about same.

2) State Negotiated - Offered to trade one fraud for another and by that dismiss all their sins/crimes of the past in it.

3) State Justified - Finally offers harms as being punitive for crimes not accused or prosecuted. Child harms done to me and rapes along with hate crimes and arson of homes comes along with that.

This is consistent with your day to day Police actions to nullify their witness and offer them as being right, deny immunity and hope to accuse me of lesser claims. Traffic infractions etc, also impossible. Since you deny service and have no witness you conspire in the felonies and homicides and child rapes. That ends your abilities to prosecute and witness against me. Judges offer and agree to rely on prejudice and commit and support felonies in their courts.

You offer blaming me for something related or not related somehow absolves the felons who harmed me of wrongdoing, it does not.

Nothing I do makes their wrongs right and beyond that you have the following:

1) There is nothing you could do about it anyway. Your crimes and denials of service granted me immunity.

2) It would be your fault for causing the conditions not in my nature.

3) You support all such wrongdoings as being non events.

4) Your overall goal was to compel, create, invent, and fabricate(lie about) bad outcomes regardless. You wanted your train wreck(s).

5) None of what you did and later wanted to accuse me of is in my nature. You needed to warp your child victims into faux felons to save your soul(s).

Simple algorithm for the law in the USA:

1) Allow violent criminals to harm innocent children and young adults.

2) Toss mud at the victims and hope to soil their character.

3) Wait for the recipe to fester.

4) Do nothing and leave the whole mess as that and call it just.

5) Build more prisons and hire more useless cops and then have more of them be too busy.

Big Three Paradigm For US Police:

1) Force compels truth, and might is right.

2) All people are criminals. All Police are perfect.

3) They are God.

Your total offers of non solutions:

1) Disrespect yourselves and your institutions and laws.

2) Act identical to abusive parents who refuse to divorce.

3) Make fun of the whole mess.

Your problem devolves to the following truth:

Your overall agenda is not about enforcing the law, your main focus and priority in law enforcement in the USA is to play God.

Your show and you take the center stage, it is all about you.

Not about the people you claim to protect and are paid to protect.

- The Big Top Of Justice -