How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Ducks Are Quacking - Or How The State Hoped To Use More Bad Medicine To Fix More Bad Medicine And Violent Crime.

Where the quacks lose this is:

The medical communities acted as though they were separate and apart when in reality the doctors who conspired to cause the physical harms acted with those causing the emotional harms.

The medical doctors also acted with my abusive parents who were violently and sexually abusive and deferred to their prejudice and wishes to cause more harm. They and the state were aware of this since the injuries caused me as an infant and child are permanent, and led to my mother being hospitalized. This is documented harm.

These parties coached my parents as what to do and say when, and how to cause harm as part of this overall strategy.

The strategies used by the medical providers indicate intent to deceive, and to obstruct, and to obfuscate the harm caused to me and to make my witness impossible. Also their actions are used to imply merit, assign blame to me via that, and to suggest due process and the notion this is justice, it is not.

Looking at this now, I see that it was ongoing even when I was a child, indicating they knew they had a problem.

The doctors by that enabled and compelled me into the care of friends and family who helped each other to cause harm, including destruction of property, and to cause me injury and death. They in fact planned an informal set of efforts to take my life.

The state acted with the medical providers, although you'd hope this was not possible, as well as with the abusive parents.

There is a large and long pattern of fraud and intentional harm that is obvious at this point even for casual and distant observers.

My wife, and other relationships, including employment, are a large set of violent frauds to these ends.

So for the State it is a lose lose scenario.

These are the least trustworthy people on the planet.
Again, replace injury with illness, obfuscate cause and effect, mistake symptom for problem and cause new harm and introduce poisons/toxins/drugs covertly to cause additional harms etc.

Trap and compel me to remain in the care of those causing the injury.

Hope to compel and contrive and fabricate accidents, and cause new harms.

Deceive me about it all.