How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Bourne Legacy 2012 - Matt Damon AKA Jason Bourne Pander On Vanity.

The Bourne Legacy 2012 Jeremy Renner As Aaron Cross

Medical Movie Mayhem:

The Bourne Legacy 2012 @ 01:43:00

Kenneth James Kitsom (Aaron Cross): "Is this a test?"
Dr. Hillcott: "Yes it is."
Kenneth James Kitsom (Aaron Cross): "If I pass, can I stay here?"

The name problem repeats, the stairs are a child problem that repeats @ Raytheon and other places in order to reinvent the trauma, act on it by assaulting me or to attempt murder, and then rotate the act and blame as being punitive and deserved.

The dialog relates to my father's effort to execute me via hanging with a rope in the basement of our home @ 233 Washington St Wilson NY 14172 USA circa 1965. I was likely only 4 years old at the time.

I had to extricate myself from the rope noose as I hung from the rafters in the basement with my hands tied behind my back, walk upstairs, and ask my father if I could "stay".

State Home Berwin, Reno NV not NY not sure it might mean something else there also, being too close to NY State. Local teacher and operator of garage, mechanics, and towing was the family name of Kerwin. Wilson NY again.

NY vs NV is a rotation or substitution cipher. Y<->V Your Vanity. Reno is a crossword puzzle cornerstone, Oner. Rara Avis. Reno backwards. Aaron Cross.

Relates to security, who is your first grade teacher, Mrs Kerwin @ Thomas Marks Elementary School Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Definition of bourne:

1 - boundary, limit
2 - goal, destination

Onerous Defined:

adj. Troublesome or oppressive; burdensome. See Synonyms at burdensome.

adj. Law Entailing obligations that exceed advantages.

adj. imposing or constituting a physical, mental, or figurative load which can be borne only with effort.

adj. Burdensome; oppressive.

In Scots law, imposing a burden in return for an advantage; being for a consideration: as, an onerous contract: opposed to gratuitous.

Synonyms 1. Heavy, weighty, toilsome.

Kenneth James Kitsom.

Off by one in the middle.

3 JerryCans.



The watch stolen from the Big Man @ Pharma plant Manilla Phillipines (Dr Oscar Lopez MD) relates to Michael Clayton and George Clooney's character. Clayton's car is bombed and he tossed the watch in to collect insurance being in debt on his restaurant.

Timex: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. X-Emit, X marks the spot, use Lake Ontario.

Seiko: Okies (Pharmacy) where I worked in Wilson NY.

Tissot: Toss It Drown the boy heave him overboard.

There is your boat ride. Bill Ganshaw Nationwide Insurance ZZ Top Nationwide and the boat ride and drowning in Lake Ontario. Aaron Cross pays boat man in end with watch to take them away after the bike wreck.

Relates to the watch brought home by Vietnam POW in Pulp Fiction.

They relate. Deeply.

Color of the car 2002 Buick LeSabre as seen on the computer image is right, color of my mother's 2002 Buick LeSabre.

Eviant (Monitor "Deviant").

Mitochondrial DNA: Relates to identity of a child determined by mother's DNA constructs.

Viral Off Meds. Volt Ohm Milliammeter.

Lock In The Changes (Damage).

Big Black One, Nose Bleeds, Only Need One Of Those, Long Walk Short Pier, Bayer One A Day Men's Health Vitamins, Hearse, Funeral, QuickSilver Marine, Mercury

Uncle Tom's Cabin: Up in smoke. Arson, Your Son etc.

Dental Implants, Use The Scope, Bad Breath, Home Surgery, High Power.

No Federal Action near Quantico Virginia and USA's Capital: A farce based on FBI's failing to fix this.

Being they are deaf dumb and blind.

Canadian Forestry Satellite. Boy being tossed into Lake Ontario. Smoke on the water. A fire in the sky.

My parents lived on Lake Ontario near Canada and Province of Ontario.

Deep Purple. Wine. Burgundy. Red Blue.

The color is right on the background Diamond or Baby Blue.

Again the watch is a non sequitur or a trip akin to the Unicorn in Blade Runner. Why do it? You knock the big man out in the Pharma Plant and then take time to steal his watch? Why?


Relates to Arthur Edens as well as Michael Clayton's characters. Aaron Cross.

Kenneth James Kitsom (JK Flip Flop Heathkit)

Vanity Plates, Back On The Left, Mom's Car, My Car, Heike's Car, Trim Panel: Mom Is A Beautician, Hair Panel: Heavy Metals Testing: I was poisoned by Heike.

I will wait for the next person to show up to kill you and maybe they can help you.

Eden Corn Festival:

"The Way To Eden" Star Trek:

For the scene with the big man in Phillipines, the watch and the gold ring relate.

I was married when I was 34 in 1995. 34th Battalion for Kitsom/Cross.

It is about the time, date.

Can't make a Rolex from a sow's ear.

The watch is going. Meaning the ring is gone.

A red flag red herring.

The car, mom's car, is my house.

Cuidado Aqui in the Phillipines on the machine on the left.

They don't speak Spanish there. Dr Lopez is credentialled from University in Phillipines.

Might relate also to a pop problem. I worked the bottling lines @ RC Cola in Buffalo right after the 1981 attack. Floor supervisors looked at my arm and saw the problem, told the shift operators I'd not be working cleaning out or unjamming the glass bottle washer etc.

Man who looks like Andrew Cuomo is named Terry, Arizona connection to Terry Goddard and myself.

An empty set problem. And another non-sequitur. Nothing at home. Nothing to see there. You can't see it. They are hiding. No need for the pills. Nothing here for you. Where? Everywhere and for everyone I know.

Terrance Ward (Of the State).

Outcome agent #5. The Prisoner is #6.


Monte Carlo SS Python Flying Circus

Red Baron Pizza

Lark's vomit.

Ram's bladder garnished with lark's vomit....

Monty Python Crunchy Frog (Whizzo Chocolate Company):


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