How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Ten Steps To Close An Open Society. -- Naomi Wolf

1. Invoke An Internal And External Threat. (Fabricate. -- Added by me.)

2. Secret Prisons And Torture. ( AKA Hospitals. -- Added by me. )

3. Develop A Paramilitary Force.

4. Surveil Ordinary Citizens.

5. Infiltrate Citizens' Groups.

6. Detain And Release Ordinary Citizens. ( With no probable cause or for no valid law enforcement benefit, obstruction IOW. -- Added by me.)

7. Target Key Individuals.

8. Restrict The Press.

9. Recast Criticism As Espionage And Dissent As Treason.

10. Subvert The Rule Of Law.

I would add:

11. Assassinate Character Of Potential Risks (Victims) And Opponents.

12. Implement God Play Via State (Police) And Church.

13. Pervert Medical Care And Education.

14. Restrict Access To Food And Housing.

15. Use Women And Children To Harm Targets.