How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Ten Commandments Of Why You Shall Not Teach Christianity In Public Education.

1) It is in violation of the US Constitution and by that against the law.

2) Even though it would be offered as being voluntary, why would non Jesuits want to sponsor it via their tax donations to the State? If I am a Jew and live in your school district why should I pay to educate your kids in their religion and not mine?

3) Even though it would be offered as being voluntary, it still is religious education that would get in the way of other course work and would foster an environment based on your religion only. In other words it would suffer the problem of having Jesus and his faith being tossed around in the hallways and in other classes where others may not approve.

4) How would victims of Church crimes such as myself escape this "Infestation" of Jesus Freakism now in the schools?

5) The State can not afford to teach math, science, and pay the water and power bills in your schools even though they keep raising your taxes. Who is going to pay to teach Jesus to your kids now? Will they have to pay you extra to pave the parking lot so they can learn why two parallel lines never cross even if you claim to be Einstein now and can bend light?

6) Christians can not even agree on what their faith means and there are dozens of different flavors of it. Are you going to teach and preach Lutheran faith only in the public schools? Why? Why not?

7) The state can not even properly teach math to Einstein, so how do you hope to have them teach Jesuit education to Christians? To non-Christians?

8) It seems redundant since you already have plenty of Churches. Did you want another way to turn the State into a charity?

9) Christians can not even teach Jesus to other people properly most of the time. And they deny their faith constantly by their crimes against people and children. How are you going to trust them to teach anything of moral or legal value to your kids when they don't follow the law of the State or act as disciples? And they can not agree on what their faith means among seasoned Christians? Will the teachers of Jesuit thought and philosophy all be Jesus experts or just rant from some state vomited syllabus?

10) It offers prejudice to other religions in the school which must be devoid of bias. By that it says that Jesus people are better than Jewish people and it would detract from other teachings there of secular thought.

11) This offers again the State's want to validate the fraud as being not a fraud. Akin to the notion we have all these Churches around so it must be legit. Tax exemptions do same.