How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Targeting Tactics - Other things I would add to the list of tactics used include:

The use of shills, people who offer to become friends really with the intention of interloping, applying dirt to your character, or other approaches at gleaning information, influencing your thinking and actions, or setting you up to fail.

Something I call clustering, where people acts as though they are pieces of lint. Walking across an airport concourse, they will modify their speed seemingly without reason, other than to catch up to you, so they can be one step too close to you as you attempt to descend stairs, reach for something on a shelf, or any other transitional or pivotal balance point in walking or interacting with your environment. The same thing is done while driving, where people for no reason will modify their speed, wildly speeding up or waiting for you, only to pace you as you drive, sitting in blind spots, or otherwise forming human roadblocks with their persons or their cars. Children are often used as potential martyrs and trip hazards in this regard.

Approaches to discredit you will be made by using the too many occurrences defense, in that you keep claiming the same thing is happening to you, or the too audacious defense, as in do something so wildly insane to someone nobody will believe them. Keep repeating the same offense unto a victim in a similar way and eventually people will think you just make it all up and are not a victim of anything.

Those wishing to counter the mental health defenses need to look for medicine being used to cause intentional harm and defect. They need to be aware of tactics that ignore environmental stressors and harm, and that attempt to claim that being upset about upsetting things is indicative of dysfunction, when in reality it is not. Doing upsetting things to people should make them upset. Offers that upset people are insane should be a warning sign of course. In my case the overt violence, scars, dishonesty, and medical quackery make it easier to counter. When push comes to shove doctors don't HAVE to do anything and you can also die from acts of omission, beware of that outcome as well. Beware of mental health being used to obstruct justice, suppress your witness, or to trap you in abusive relationships, these would be hallmarks of quackery and also effective tools to discredit their use.

Another simple suggestion or thought is that asking if people who are mentally ill ever have bad things done to them. It seems that the answer is yes and the disabled would likely be taken for every penny they had and the law would do nothing to protect them. As in does being ill, mentally, or otherwise preclude one from being the victim of a crime and would being a victim of a crime make one ill? The law of course knows the answers to these questions and the police of course have little credibility when it comes to the task of offering diagnosis. The US DOJ victim impact form spells that out for you. Be aware of quackery that would ignore such intentional harm and hope to discuss something else less important, look for motivations to deceive you and who would profit and get away with murder as such.

Another template I've seen with people who show up now to discredit me, they try too hard, have never met me once, announce/feign some expertise or credential, then claim what I am saying can not be true. They know far too much about someone they don't know but only seem to know the unimportant personal details and fail to see the reality of the whole problem and even the forensic (Wound) data. This would be another obvious shill.

In my case all I need to do is accuse the police of playing doctor and the doctors of pretending to be police. It works out well for countering people who like to tie children up and then carve them to bits with a knife. I put little stock in those who do this and I tell them just that. I don't entertain opinions from violent idiots.

Oh and I was going to mention, once the law goes down this path, mine was done using the knife, but others will have another experience, their likelihood of seeing a day in court may be very slim.

JonJay said the following on his site -

"Because this is an extrajudicial or preemptive system of justice if you will, due process will never be a part of it. Just as there are casualties of war, there will be casualties of this program that folks are under. I feel as if I have lost my family and honestly, now that they have been exposed for participating, I don’t have the drive to “fix” it anymore. If you don’t have family and friends to trust, you don’t have much. I never valued material things that much anyway, but with this program they take every bit of humanity away from you. And if for SOME reason this is NOT a program and just a bizarre high number of coincidental and ironic events, then I guess someone has to be the statistic."

This is right on the money, my family and friends were used towards this end and that includes my former spouse as well. The loss here has been tragic and huge, and I agree about the material loss, once you go through this, your life will forever be changed. You won't want all those trappings that are just that, things used to murder you with or over. I see why people end up preferring to live in bus stops. Oh and it is being done intentionally, to me it is and this is obvious, they get exposed for making fools of themselves in public in the witness of others and they try too hard to smear someone they don't know. These are not accidents, these are intentionals.

Alienation by deprivation. Since you end up not doing anything, when your life attempts to return to normal, all normal activities will seem as dysfunction. This includes not having any real people in your life.

Guilt by association, and proximity. Arranging items that are not normally associated with each other in order to convey a message. Another term for this is gas lighting. This can be done in your home by others living with you, in the workplace, in public and on the road.

Happenstance or innocuous assumption, arrange people or items in the way in order to make it seem as though this was done accidentally. When in fact it was not. A form of organized chaos in lieu of real entropy, a want to play God and dispensing chaff along the way.

Reinvention of memories by using scripted behaviors in the present time to distort the past.

Use people to come into your life to break the law in order to compel you to involve the law so they can befriend you.

Attempt to get you to accept blame for something that they have done to you by misleading you, making you feel guilty about something else, exacerbating other harms caused you, and then impressing upon you the new concept while you are down. This is called a screw, possibly this is enhanced by the use of "Medications" designed to lower your self esteem, as would be done with the prior violence, and to decrease your capacity and will to fight or disagree.

Have people follow you around, meeting you along the way, to possibly prearranged events, display shirts, bumper stickers, or other icons designed to play specifically upon your vanity. These people will use other means to make you feel uncomfortable, stand too close to you, be one step too close to you as you walk or descend stairs, or possibly bend to pick something up hoping you hit your head on something etc. They will use children and women as potential targets and trip hazards in this stunt also. Watch out for people who try too hard to ignore you or that pay too much attention to you, those are likely people who are there to interact with YOU specifically. That by itself generally is a problem and they won't be up to any good.

Use shared dialogs and keyword exchanges even among those who'd seem not to be involved or who claim to be friends and even family. This would often occur across social boundaries that you assumed were present but are not, in other words you did not realize that friend X knew anything about acquaintance Y. For some reason they do and are sharing information behind your back. This is meant to call into focus the fact you are being observed, that events in your life circles, work, school, socially, home, are being contrived and information is flowing into and out of and across social boundaries you assumed did or did not exist. As in these people are talking about you behind your back and pretending to have no knowledge it is happening yet they obviously act together. Those people as such you now learn are not being totally candid or transparent with you, causing you to be aware and now concerned. For example my wife was one such person that did this and used gas lighting and other approaches to cause harm.

The use of medicine to cause harm under the auspices of healing a person from the harm that is being caused violently (Although nobody has admitted to that as yet.) and emotionally by the tactics being discussed here.

Using misleading and suggestive questioning and other direct suggestions even by those who'd have to be complete strangers and not be privy to personal information about you to suggest you are at fault for all of this and that you must be insane. Complete strangers will approach you in a place far distant from your home and clearly communicate they know something deeply personal and private about you specifically.

Using the number of occurrences of the same type of abuse and your complaints about same to discredit you. As in you keep saying the same thing and claim this happens to you wherever you go even in many different states and localities. Implication here is that you are insane, making all this up, embellishing, or just imagined all of this. And as such now you are just regurgitating rehearsed banter and nonsense that you have invented for some reason. The fact a complete stranger would start out offering that you are insane or are a criminal would be a dead giveaway something is wrong. I usually take be at face value to begin with and don't judge them until I know them, it would seem to make sense not to run around accusing people you don't know of having a brain tumor.

Invert the template of behavior you'd display being a victim of violence who had no memory of your attacks and imply you don't know what you are talking about. When something bad happens to you, in all situations and circumstances you must have no knowledge of it now and that it is not up to others to inform you that you have been harmed. It really is up to you as to how to feel about getting knifed and beaten until you black out and anything told you must be true since you'd not know better. If you can't figure it out then nobody can do that for you. This pattern will be repeated as many times as possible to see if you change your mind about the knife wound and really did discover that you are completely brain dead and don't know if the sun is shining or if you are in fact on planet earth.

Create scripted behaviors and use of features designed to play on your vanity related to other bad life experiences and attempt to vector the blame unto you as such. For instance if your wife attacked you one day, have someone repeat much of the same situation, but exchange gender roles, use differing clothing and props in the new date and time and place, where now the color she wore you are wearing, etc. All designed to lead you to the conclusion now that you should have been attacked by her or that you actually attacked her and not the other way around.

Others will intercede to cause more harm in an effort to conceal the true nature of your injuries as well as to cloud the issues as to who really did what to you when.

Use of time shifting and other approaches to drop hints and display harbingers of events that were in fact premeditated by others that would seem later to be done accidentally. As in claim to be an oracle when you predict the date time and place of a man's murder since you are going to be the one to commit said murder. You being on the receiving end of the violence will need to be aware you may end up getting killed in just the way they are telling you.

Predict and suggest in advance using unrelated and seemingly unaware people, events that are going to take place in the future, since the anecdotal and random things going on in your life are not random, you don't know that yet, but in fact are scripted and agreed upon in advance, this will make you very very uneasy.

Use of religion, namely Christianity, and other spiritual tricks and perversions to cast doubt and blame upon you and to get you to sign off on the reality as it becomes aware to you that it is "All Good". As in, sure we mistreated you and broke the law, but it is all God's way. Bad things happen all the time and now we can suffer together and the worth of this person's blood is greater than that of yours, keep coming here and donating and we will explain how you deserved to be abused as an infant and tossed in the trash. Being upset just means you are a bad Christian and this is now all your fault.

Attempt to use all manner of brainwashing by chemical and psychological means to get you to forget the past, remember it wrong, or become preoccupied with daily drivel to keep you from asking too many questions.

Use women to undertake violent and abusive things if you are a man, mix them up with all manner of Alfred Hitchcock style horrors using sharp things, cutlery, and other non-disasters in order to make you feel as though YOU are abusing THEM. As in they play the victim while making sure that you are but don't know it. Watch out for the obvious inappropriate suggestions that since women bleed monthly they have the right to shed your blood. Even when you were a child since they are all your mother now. I'd resist all of that also. I don't allow women to judge me at all, ever, since I don't allow men to do it, it would not be appropriate, and they'd be better tasked to do so.

Do this and more in compelled relationships and have those in positions of power partake in offering you are being punished as such or that you deserve it. As in your boss takes it upon himself to play vigilante and cop and make you pay for something. Toss in more bad Karma and Jesus freakism to make it all better.

Use of medications and other means to obfuscate reality, simulate guilt and other dysfunction, use of bogus diagnosis to provide justifications for treatment and further abuse. Use these approaches to apply stigma and to isolate the person from society and to make normal activities for others appear abnormal by deprivation of same and by removal of other norms. This is done to confuse symptom and problem and to confuse cause and effect in an attempt to ensure that those causing the harm are not blamed for it and that this turns out to be an intrinsic problem in the person's brain. Heaven help them if they caused brain injury while attacking you, lest they end up actually paying for it. In my case the use of obvious and harmful not to mention flawed medical treatment would then be used to support in arrears the medical fraud committed when repairing an obvious knife wound (vivisection) and calling it something else.

Use all of above to instill a sentiment of distrust by others, to allow the public to arrive at the wrong conclusions, and to foster discontent and mistrust of the targeted person. Barring that use out and out lies to discredit the person and use any and all means to damage his reputation.

Use people who interfere with the anecdotal and happenstance events in life to distort your perceptions and experiences, as in every where you go and stand in line, they will have a number of people who will have to pass by in front of you making you move instead of the 200 other people who stand there. Almost without exception, the line needs to be broken in front of you for people to pass by, this will happen over and over and over and over. Another one is that everyone will accidentally bump into you as they walk past you, obviously it is being done intentionally since it happens too many times wherever you go. But again, the people who'd do this by accident now get treated differently since many others are doing it on purpose. You end up taking it out on everyone since you get tired of the abuse and then really don't care to figure out if it was intentional or not.

Items will be added to food and drink that may or may not be medications, they will use the excuse that the state would do such a thing, although there was no formal order to do so and it was not discussed with you, in order to compel some form of medical treatment should you refuse to be treated by a health care provider especially someone in mental health. In other words, your 16 year old neighbor who works at Taco Bell will decide you need a medication today and slip some Valium in your milk shake and you are supposed to think that Dr. X made it so. Other harm may be caused you or your spouse will do the same thing and if such a thing happens again at Taco Bell, you won't be sure now who did it. For example my mother covered for my spouse by doing just that, and then proclaiming "I did that" when she really knew and was talking about what my spouse did, although doing so vaguely and indirectly. It ends up actually being that all the violent things that were never done to you were in fact not done by someone other than the person who did not do them to you in the first place. It might be used to suggest that you blame others for all the problems in your life and the overly simplistic suggestion that this resolves any of it. It all ends with we as adults don't do violent things to other adults to punish them for some thing we heard about them. There are courts and police to do this.

Vagaries surrounding the circumstances of my attack (Accident) were used to suggest in advance of admitting they were to blame and I was attacked still would be used to blame me. In that you might have been going too fast, your car was too loud, something bad COULD have happened, etc etc etc. Mix that up with any typical male behavior that involved risk, or aggression, or any use of force or speed would be grossly and inaccurately inflated to now suggest you are a madman, a lunatic, a violent axe murderer, or that you stalked and raped women and mutilated them and children in the worst ways. Generally all manner of foolish and inflammatory crap. They'd use the fact that you'd get upset about something outrageous or inappropriate as proof of same, when in reality they think being malicious to others this way is funny, even being violent is, and they can't understand how you'd be upset. Schadenfreude is the apropos term. People who are not intrinsically honest and decent don't get mad about abusive and violent things done to others unless it happens to them. Their ignorance and character flaws will be used to attack you solely for getting upset. They feel, being sadists and perverts, that if you keep a cool head as you saw someone's arm off with a spoon and have a good time doing it, then you are ok. Just people who get upset about that need a pill.

Complete groups of individuals will be arranged into scripted situations that would at the outset seem to be a random gathering of persons who in fact were chosen to specifically be there at this place and time to interact with you and to play upon your vanities. This is done by choice of names, sexes, mannerisms, style of dress, or overt behaviors designed to play upon your vanity and to lead you to places in the past and to suggest again you are to blame for something. Initially it would seem far fetched and say contrary to any business sense for doing something like this, or that it would not be possible, but seeing it done time and time again, leads a person to the obvious and inevitable conclusion it was and is being done intentionally. The end result is essentially useless other than to cause harm and to force you to leave the situation since it is specifically hostile to you and not in your interest to remain there. The people in these situations will adopt aspects of your vanity and behaviors, exaggerate them, and then act out in the extreme in the hopes you'd adopt their vanities back and you'd be convicted as them in the extreme although they claim to see nothing wrong with it but claim to have it both ways and complain about it as well. Foolishness at a minimum, when people's lives are at stake it is far worse.

The people causing this harm would have you believe that it is specifically tailored such that it only harms you if you are guilty of something, which is of course more hogwash. Attempts will be made to suggest they can bifurcate the harm and the truth and somehow judge you for the mess they made of you and your life when in fact they want to cull the whole mess and cherry pick that which they can use against you, even as miniscule and insignificant as it may be. Even if there is only one minor flaw they could find, they will use that after the fact to endorse and support what they did to you in advance of knowing about it. To them time morphs backwards and forwards like that and when all is said and done, they can say we cut you up because we KNEW you'd do something bad in the future.

There will be no sympathy to conditions of suffering, in fact these situations were made worse when possible. Dereliction and negligence of the law and abuse of you as a child will have the state use that against you later in life. In other words the law is perfect in all it does since messing the whole thing up makes it better for them. The more of a mess they make, even of child victims, the better in their minds since all they do is perfect and blessed. They just announce it as such.

Items arranged throughout the house in order to convey information, generally as harbingers of death and harm, or to form vague accusations. Reading two copies of the same hardcover book open to two different pages. Display of clothing tags such as "Eve Too" left in our garage to imply that I was being abused here as was done by someone else who later admitted she was compensated for doing so.

Any perceived slight or harm my spouse would imagine would lead to a failure of the relationship and that could include anything as minor as not agreeing with her on something, or failing to perform a task. This would lead to a set of retaliatory behaviors that were engineered along with the other harmful dialogs and actions and would continue and escalate ad infinitum. In other words there was no forgiveness, many of these harms were fabrications or embellishments of actual circumstances and generally in the larger picture were a distraction and likely designed as such. In other words the relationship was doomed to fail on those grounds alone, since two people can not live together like that for any length of time. She was engaged in activities of hyper-scrutiny coupled with an overly zealous quest to find fault, and barring location of any faults, they would be caused to happen or would be declared as being present even if they did not exist. This would be part of the problem of being in a relationship as I was, that was fabricated and designed to harm you.

Dialog was designed to cause strife and to insult and to accuse. Spouse or others would feign harm at her making vocal attacks against me, offer verbal slaps in the face, then the next second act happy again, there was no immersion in any condition, hers or mine, and her mood would invert multiple times per minute towards that end. Her speech and actions lacked candor and other overt behaviors as described above were designed to cause harm. It is obvious now that most all she did in life, where she went, when she went there, what she purchased, what she discussed, was designed to be harmful to me directly. At a minimum, I realized our relationship was lost, and this would be her defense now, since really what she was doing was insane or designed to look that way and to make me that way.

I was being led by others, Raytheon to Tucson is a good example, in order to be harmed. As in I was brought there to take advantage of harm she and others caused me since the climate is abusive, hot and dry, where I come from is cold and damp, it is difficult to walk there, it seems by design, and it is as though sidewalks are arranged in and at odd angles, often with needless changes in elevations, often co-located with opportunistic points of distraction, and all in all they are designed to be trip hazards. Others arrive to exacerbate sensory conditions I have as in trap me with their kids playing around me as I traverse the soap aisle of the market. Strong chemicals like this cause me physical pain and discomfort and this along with the wearing of excessive amounts of cologne or perfume also point to knowledge of intentional harm or the fact I was harmed. This also put me coincidentally in close proximity with violent women and specifically more Germans where I'd be attacked again.

The same could be said about how you are led to live in a certain place since the area code, zipcode, or your street address would be used to numerically insult you. In other words, as was done at CEDAR and Raytheon, there was no sound reasoning for doing what was done, that would make any kind of business sense or lead to accomplishing a goal, but instead it was done to cause harm and generally to waste a dying man's time, money, health, and other resources. Generally realizing that your spouse and your relationship with her was compelled under duress and was designed to harm you is enough. The other actions just add to the whole charade and expose others as being complicit. It would seem simple enough that if you, acting in a capacity of law enforcement or the state, condone and contribute to acts of violence against someone, then you are just as bad as the criminals who attacked the person, certainly I was knifed nearly to death and it was planned in advance, then those who'd support this clearly are criminals and obviously would conspire with them. Attempts after the fact to "Bless" it legally can not work since then you just dismissed law enforcement and your government as being a bunch of vigilantes who work as an oranized lynch mob. There would be no due process or ability to appeal. If they don't stand against it, then they stood for it. Doing that is against the law also. The law is compelled AND obligated to act when it has evidence of a crime, there are many OBVIOUS such sets of evidence of that with me. The scars are enough.

Bragging and other overt behaviors after the fact through the use of bumper stickers, T-shirts, or other billboard like dramas indicate that this was done in order to punish me for things I've never even been accused of formally and could never be charged for. They generally are obvious desperate attempts to blame the victim of violent crime and to smear his character and to endorse "Formally by using the suggestions that the state supports it." after the fact that this country is run as a vigilante police state with people sneaking around knifing others in the back for their childhood sins that really nobody seems to ever get the facts correct about to begin with. And it is done before the infants commit their non crimes of the future. Example by extreme is effective at discrediting those who do subtle and brutally violent things to young adults and kids and seem to get the time order backwards as to who knew what when and how you justified in advance your offers of informal "Justice".

Along those lines you will be punished for all possible permutations of a situation where you MAY have had foul intent but it could not be proven since there was no evidence of same. But just in case, all possible scenarios that could accuse you of something untoward you will pay for. It will be clear after the fact and you see it done that this is what is going on. It is equally insane as the rest of this. And you will pay everyone for problems you never had with another person.

For me this is the law attempting to clean up and cover up its mistakes of the past, to restore a position whereby they are in control again, or to remove the immunity from prosecution I'd be given by having someone in the law attempt to murder me and butcher me in the middle of the night. They have obvious proof of their actions as do the medical communities who are now complicit and any courtroom process with me present would lead to these truths being exposed. This presents other conflicts of interest making it impossible to employ me, or to serve me as a Citizen of this country until the State allocutes and these people are prosecuted. This HAS been demonstrated time and time again as I've attempted to be heard in court but it has been made impossible to get there. Judges sympathetic towards the state or large employers simply break the law, do not follow procedure, use other deception and tricks to make it appear as though I had my day in court, while making damn sure I never do even if that means killing me in the parking lot or on the steps to the court. Both of which have been attempted, literally. Specifically since the law is present in employer and employee relations, and the fact I'd be required to be served by a legal process there and now can not, this is again a bar to employment based just upon the conflict of interest that this presents. The same could happen to you.

By doing this they are attempting to divine my intent in situations they have largely engineered in advance to be harmful to me and then attempt to blame the victim of those attacks and question my actions or responses to same none of which could be proven of a normal person who does not have this preexisting situation of having the law not serve him since they in fact are guilty of prior crimes against him. Certainly this was done to avoid that embarrassment in court and to make sure we never got there. Once you did, you could never prove my INTENT of anything as you conspired with others to attack me, all of which CAN be proven. You sent someone to harm me, they knew I was coming there and waited, I had no knowledge, but then after you attacked me you'd prefer to see if you can blame me for it. It is demonstrable that someone went there to make trouble, it can NOT be proven that I did not act in good faith while being attacked. It makes no sense to even attempt to do so. You still have the concepts of double jeopardy, you already collected informally via more vigilantism and the concept of immunity from your prior violence still prevails.

If divorce is involved or ongoing, know that I now have all manner of people especially women, claiming I was a bad husband, I am a wife beater, I have them jumping at the side of my car, attempting to hit me with them, waving their fists in my face, shoving sharp things into my face and head, making all manner of inappropriate suggestions relative to women, blood, cutlery, feminine protection, shower curtains, razors, even electric ones, carving knifes, and the whole Alfred Hitchock horror show just goes on and on. Perhaps when they realize they are wrong, they'd hide behind their anonymity and the fact they drove from NJ to Rochester NY to do this, or that this is just part of seeing what shoe can be made to fit in the "This Is America Divorce Charade". Either way, it never worked for me and I bet you can see why. My wife never made a claim that she was harmed, I filed for the divorce action on just those grounds, cruel and inhumane treatment, and this is 100% correct. I never heard once that my wife claimed she had been harmed or abused and the reason for that other than the fact it is true, and hopefully she'd not make up lies about it, is she probably did not want to have to go to court. Hard to say but now she could be using the court of public opinion again towards making that claim, I'll bet she is even though the state paid her with my money for her violent deeds, possibly she uses that as a vote of confidence in feeling that she won the battle. I certainly don't feel I should have had to pay for it. You likely can expect similar treatment if you are being targeted as I was and am.

The problem remains I'd expect the marriage to be annulled since the witnesses and the judge are complicit in the attacks and had harmed me before and you can't invent a marriage out of a crime all so you can arrive at a divorce to cover it up again and bill the victim once more. The judge in our divorce was arrested before we were divorced and later died from a brain tumor. This would mean the whole process is void. So is the marriage.

Additional dramas will include things such as complete strangers who you'd assume had no knowledge will overuse keywords specifically from court documents and proceedings, such as "Allrighteee! Lets proceed". This again tells you people are stalking you and someone invaded your privacy since they'd not be privy to such things.

Pandering of children, notably underage girls will go on and this is consistent with others who will bring theirs by to hid you in the head with so they can all be victims too since you are obviously a lunatic. Since they know you so well.

Insults will be made regarding prior abuse and violence, exploit trauma for profit or benefit. For example having NYPD Officers in Penn Station in NYC walk past and say "Happy Halloween", it was summer. This would make me the pumpkin.

Assumption that all vanity plays require guilt and imply relevance and appropriateness in order for me to comprehend them as being directed at me. Such litmus tests by observation and your reactions to them will be used to judge you and pronounce you to be stoned to death as a witch or burned at the stake. Joe McCarthy will offer prayers of non forgiveness for the Jesuit and weak of heart.

Stalking in the form of using clothing to threaten, as in men in black, mib, mob. Everyone is always going to someone's funeral for some reason. It also makes them look like people acting like cops pretending to be doctors faking it as people masquerading as normal citizens.

Veiled threats of prosecution even though this would have been impossible all along and is why what was done was in fact done.

Support of prior attacks using the notion of assumed guilt and the resolution thereof using vigilantism as being state sanctioned now.

Efforts and situations contrived in order to compel a relationship with the police. Have a neighbor who is a friend of the law attack you and do so in a specific way in order to force you to call the police etc.

Compel other relationships such as invest in a car or purchase a home by causing harm via use of slum lord and other tactics related to bullying folks on public transit etc.

Do this to compel and maintain hooks and leverage via relationships compelled again with the DMV, IRS, a career, women, children, etc. Be aware of the concept of misandry and what women are allowed to get away with in causing harm to men in their lives and how the law seems to act with prejudice there. See how many abused men's shelters there are, you won't have to worry about running out of fingers to count on. Also ask women how many men they've screwed in a marriage and how they always get the money for some reason, they already bragged to me about that, why change your mind now when you confess to killing your spouse for profit?

Look for this and more to compel a relationship with church and family etc to compel forgiveness of attackers and to create sympathy for them who offer none for you nor any contrition about what was done. Contrive situations as vanity plays towards that end to force you to see it their way. In other words torture you to feel sorry for your attackers. Don't cease such harm until you agree to get over it and take an antidote for it.

Water down harm using veterans and military etc. As in be a man and take that knife in your back, but don't do that to me! Or since you were too young to speak, you sure can't pretend to judge those who harmed you then either since you were too young to realize the holistic nature and family values benefits of mutilating your infant. Suggest since you are a parent and by that God to the child since you created it, this is your flesh and the life to take and toss out if need be is yours. By that it is all up to you. Child protective services might not agree and should not.

Maybe they wanted to arrest all the blond German women named Heike on the same day to prove they could. In other words, all the court dramas and other situations were contrived and most likely consisted of about 99% shills as actors in the overall dramas. Largely it was a movie and vanity play for me to witness in order to mislead me, threaten me, suggest something, etc etc etc. None of it made any sense or solved a damn thing.

Use templates of reference in causing the harm, as in punish pornographically. In other words punish someone for witnessing someone else's sin. A blame the victim of the lynch mob approach since MLK Jr would not approve of you standing idly by and masturbating as your child or victim of the ongoing crime you being an officer of the law tasked to stop it and you refused to do so.

Use of doting, excessive dialog, hyper-attention, sexual innuendo, stereotypical and base humor and trash talk. Did you and do you pay this much attention to ALL the citizens and residents of this country? I bet you don't. Abuse and misuse of state resources towards that end. Profiling in the extreme and misapplication of state resources to intimidate a witness and victim and to obstruct justice in this and other concerns.

Arranged positionality, distraction opportunities and bad proximity. Events always need to happen near me and in my view. Choke points, traffic next to me, denies stastical randomness. People must have to rush around like lunatics to positon cars that are icons at the right place at the right time. They also use the removal of such icons in order to sensitize you to the fact they are about you. As in no Buick Regals, all white cars, no white cars, etc etc etc now a lot of white Buick Regals. Use of vanity plates as well to keep the show on the road as they say. All done to in effect make their own weather to call into focus features of the crimes against you and to sensitize you to those features. A form of Godplay.

Exploitation of double and triple standards.

Creation of faux martyrs who are dressed up to be as you pretending to be criminals.

Police rely on the assumption of guilt, and threat of violence in all situations. They will use the assumption they are always right and just, and it is all a confidence game. Plus many layers of deniability they will later toss at you, as in I didn't do that, that was a long time ago, even though they all act together to protect those who broke the law, making them conspirators. Also offer that since they are stronger than you, bullies own the truth. They don't. Or offer their hands are clean, they are not.

People paying too much attention to you, miming, etc, people trying too hard to ignore you. Folks will show up specifically to attempt to insult you without coming out and doing so, miming is one such method of doing that. Other behaviors that mock or point out you are being followed or harassed etc.

Exaggerated movements, distractions, hand waving, crinkling of food bags behind you, loud noises and popping sounds from soda cans. All used to make you upset. Coughing in your face or back of your head, you get the idea.

Positional re-vectoring, as in have a woman sit behind you who slams her tray table into the back of your headrest repeatedly done as a retaliatory act directed against you. Later another women will be placed there with kids who will do that same thing. Have a large man sit next to you who all but punches you in the head. Moments later while you are still upset a woman will now sit there so she can be the victim. Again the whole scenario was contrived.

The assumption that you might understand any of this wrong and with that you must be wrong about ALL of it. Use of other bastardizations of logic and foolish thinking. As in since some medicine tastes bad, this would imply that things that hurt us are good for us, and so on. Not being perfect in figuring out three decades of violent harm including things done to you while you were unconscious and lied to about it, means you have to be wrong about ALL of it.

Potential relationships are ruined since those that you meet in large are there to retaliate and to offer vanity plays at a minimum, again, more shills sent to harm you. Eventually you give up on them and assume all such people you meet are there for foolish reasons. It is effective in that regard since it seems some people live their whole lives with no other purpose other than to make a mess of someone else's life for any reason they could imagine. It will be that simple. You will tire of sorting the wheat from the chaff and eventually concede people are like all other things, mostly a waste of time and the good ones are few and far between.

My wife also acted as though she denied herself and adopted her person to be NOT me. All she did and was became about harming me and by that had no personality of her own. This term is of use:

Most or many of these behaviors and circumstances and events are manufactured to be what they are. These are not just happenstance events. And they are engineered around my vanity.

These people pattern their lives, life decisions, and other behaviors in such a fashion as to cause others harm, and to engage in all manner of ways to play upon the vanity of their victims. It is a perverse (Abortion of faith) sense of denial of self, and of one's own vanity, and with that complete ignorance to their own failings, so much so that it becomes as an obsessed religion for them. They build themselves a shrine to their own ignorance and hate, and of hatred to those they care to malign and murder. Heike's mother said just that of her: "You could benefit from being a little more vain." and I took that to mean allow the water to wash over you such that someone could suggest you might be wrong now and then without having to hit you over the head with it. Boy, was she right on that one. These people invent themselves as martyrs on their own self harm by this, and the harm they cause others and that of course is not possible. Martyrs are not self made. I will never understand such people and the tragedy they invent for real. And it is just that, invented and scripted tragedy.

I shared a room with someone a while back out of need and he had a book sitting around, he claimed to be a Christian which I doubt, and the title of it was "The Martyr Factory". I did not bother reading it since I have an idea I don't need to. I know enough and have seen enough to make up my own mind about that. I've got this right, 100% nailed on the head.

I have a problem with people who show up now to discredit me, they try too hard, have never met me once, announce/feign some expertise or credential, then claim what I am saying can not be true. They then seem to invent or act on a template that basically is an inversion of the fact I was attacked and lied to about it and that other people know better the truth than I do. The knife wounds said you lied about it.

How to compel victims of violent and other crime to be homeless and to attack their character and offer motive for the crimes anew:

Reverse cause and effect.

Cause mental and physical harm.

Hide behind it and deny it.

Deny due process again.

Rely on situational paradigms and malpractice.

Make synoptic and broad based suggestions of fault.

Use lesser faults to offer that larger problems must be my fault.

Offer that well mannered violence with an air of authority implies they are merited and legal.

Deprive food, shelter, hygiene, clothing, sleep, health care, due process, etc.

Hyper scrutiny, over attentive to unimportant details, prejudice, allow others to get away with murder and blame victim for using profanity or other inappropriate priority inversions.

Make vague/overly complex/computer centric moral slurs and suggestions of fault, offer hostility on top of that and then steal money as a result and want to profit more from it.