How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

A fashion statement tribute to the hate mongers and organized pedophiles and child rapists you call Police in the USA.

Here are some ideas I have worked up for T-Shirt designs.

I figured I'd roll up my sleeves and give more blood.

It is the least I can do for all those poor starving Americans and GM Employees.


I Suggest You Call It Your Dog.

No Name And It's A Ham.

Achilles Heal.

Heads I Win Tails You Lose.

Baby Seal.

Slice Porn.

Orange Zest.

Pumping The Kin.

Wax Fruit.

Oral Minority.

Nanny With A Pen.

Job Site.

Work Load.

Pleasure Chest.

Gland Theft Otto.

Bled Letter.

Butter Limb.

Arsenic And Old Lice.

I Can't Believe Its Not Better.

POW Right In The Kisser.

Diamond Back.

National Knife Association.

Wounded Knee Jerk.

Custard's Lost Strand.

Remember The Alibi.

The Truth Is In There.

Daily Bled.

Boy Scabs Of America.

Hawaii 5 Zero.

Had A Little Wang To It..... Circa 1984.

That's Yours To Keep.

Detachable Penis.

I'm Just A Gigolo.

Dead Man's Hand.

Location Location Location.

10 Four! Sliced It!

10-20 10-20 10-20 == -10 -10 -10.

Mythematical Experts.

Going. Going. Gone Postal.

MisMarriage Of Justice.

Mary Had A Little Lambda.


Smuggling Raisins.

Tar And Pleather.

Yeller Knife.

Doug And The Slugs.

Surgical Procedure:Foundation Ectomy.

Easy Pass.

Whetstone Bridge.

Six Shooter Of Law Enforcement. Better Get
The Bigger Magazine For This One:

I Don't Care;

It Is Not My Job;

I Was Not There;

I Did Not Do It;

I Did Not Witness It;

I Am Under No Obligation;

I Don't Give Advice;

I Am Too Busy;

Be A Man And Lets Sit Down And Talk About It;

I Don't Make Mistakes;

I Am Not Going To Pay For It;

I Am Not Going To Court. Right you are,
you never did go to court, did you?

You Are Lesion.

Rubber Check. Your Cash Is Not Accepted Here.

Your Credit Is No Good Here.

Your Check Is Not Welcome Here.

GTE - Grand Theft Elbow.

The Thrilla In Vanilla.

The Fool Monty.

The United States Of Raytheon.

A Shrine To Your Ignorance.

Federal Bureau Of Incrimination.

Al Parchisi Is ScabFarce.

Anatomical Gift.

Social Security Bummer.

Wet Screams.

Nocturnal E-Missions.

Makin Little Onez Outta Big Onez.

You'll Be Fine.

Dental Practice.

Dr. Tattoff.

Making License Plates.

VME Bus.


Call A Bus.

Crotch Racket.

Evangelizer's Calling Card.

Holy Roller's Lutheran Cutlery
Baptismal Font Of Ignorance.

ThanksLessNotGiving Turkey.

Xmas InJury.

Swisstika Cheeze Curds.

Horde Of Goode N' Plenty.


White Meat's More Tenderer.

World Wide Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

Jolly Green Giant Unhappy Meal Big Mac Attack.

My Elbow Under Your Tree.

Press Hard, You Are Making Three Copies.

Inside Nerve Job Usurps Responsible Yokels (INJURY).

Wilson Number 1 Five Company.

Strategic Arms Limitations Talks V (SALT V).

Winchester Cathedral.

Character Maggot.

Visa Inc.

Drastic Cuts.

Anti-Social In-Security.

Obsessive Form Disorder.

Cut And Paste. Blame Bill Gates.


Police Apathetic League.

Picnic PAL.

Lung Butter.

HS Re-Onion.



CatcheScism Du Diem.

Sometimes A Knife Is Just A Knife.

Mystery Ship.

Miracle Of The Fish.

Patty O Jack Ass O-Lantern.

The Village Speculum.

Village Glean.

You're Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady,
And I Don't Hate You.

I Nailed You Again.

Amenity Collection.

Great White Buffalo.

That's Original, A Black T-Shirt. How Clever.
Are You Someone Important?
Maybe You Should Stand In The Desert Sun Longer?

Scar Of David.

Deep 87.

Sorry For Your Loss.

Greasy Skid Stuff.

Nosebleed Of America.

A Western NY Original.

Spilled Milk.



Barnum Was Right,
In An Emergency Dial 000.

Butch's Beli.

Scooter Pie.

EMS - Emergency Mystery Surgery.

Hebrew National Treasure.

Second Class Citizen.

Snail Bonds.

Rubber Check.

Confounding Interest.

Counterfeit Slug.

Loan Scar Beauty Saloon.

Greatest Show On Earth.

Fighting Uwish.

Au Bon Pain.

Jolly Roger Rancher.

Waddle House.

Custom Made Pain.

Donald Rump.

Cosmic Freak Show.

Geld Bollion.

FUBAR - Farleyed Up
Beyond All Recognition.


Immaculate Deception.

A Scar Is Born.


Donate Blood, I Gave At The Orifice.

I'm With Sis.

Vitamin VIX.

Your Clue Fits With The Rest
Of Your Head. Up Your Ass.

Sargent Slaughter.

HMS Teutonic.

Code Blew.

Hide Behind Your Children.

Citizen Kane Is Abel.

See No Evil.

VVV - Loose Slits.

I Got It At The Shopping Maul.

Americore Volunteer.

0.666666666666667 Inch/Year.
You Do The Math.

Due Process.

Safety First.


AchMed Services.

Public Display Of Affection.

El Dubio.

Nick Gagger And The Trolling Clones.

Play The Victim.

Gland Opening.

I Found It.

Now I'm Really Embarrassed.

View To A Shill.

Ask Not What You Can Do To My Elbow,
But What My Elbow Can Do For You.

Self-Deprecating Humor.

Scarlette O'Hara.

What would Freud Say?

Should Have Used The Sponge
Bob Square Pants.

Finger Print.

Case Of Mistaken Attack (COMA).

Patch Adams.

Fighting Tarpons.

I Faked It.

This Ain't Rocket Science.

I Bought It At The Duty Free Shoppe.

Did It Hurt?

Trick Or Treat.

Horn Of Plenty.

Holistic Mayhem.

Draconian Catharsis.

Feel The Love.

Scar Trek.

It Must Be Art.

Battlescar Galactica.


Sum Ting Wong.

It Has A Little Wang To It.

Pattern Instigation.

Impacted Social Calendar (CSI).

Poor Old Nancy Thinks It's A Cadillac (PONTIAC).

Stink CarNation.

Jammy Nueron.

Morning Gory.


Cat's Pajama's.


Slow Plow.

Wounded Know.

Scraped And Taped.

B2 Bomber Bummer.

Carve It Like You Stole It.


One Hacker.

Deep Throat.


Center For Missing And Exploited Elbows.

CH__CH - What's Missing?

You Are.

Milk Money.

American Beauty.



Scalp Em Danno!

Veteran Associated.

Firehouse Scrubs.

Daily Bread.

Free Porn - Make Some Noise.

Pull Your Pud With This One.

Useless Arm Syndrome.

Shot Yourself Right In Your Own Ego.

Eight Dollar Rolex.

Krispy Kreme Klan.

A Legend In Your Own Mind.

Carve Diem.

Home Slice.

Clam Sauce.

Moen - Buy it for looks, buy it for life.

Mork Of Zorro.

Never Send A Cop To Do A Man's Job.

Black Eye.

Third Eye Blind.

Legal Loophole.

Heimlich Maneuver.

Turn Signal.


Waver Of Rights.

Scar Spangled Bunghole.

Gas Gauge - Half-Truth-Not-Empty.

Chicken Nugget.

Lower Case.

Goode Grip.

Skin Of Your Teeth.

Don't Choke On That Bone.

View To A Thrill.

Devil's Hole.

Fantasy Island.

Tunnel Of Love.

Ride Of Your Life.

Lip Shtick.

Baby Boomer.

Eyes Wide Shut.

Pushing The Envelope.

Collateral Damage.


French Connection.

All Day Sucker.

You Paid For It.

Keep It, Its Yours.

Electrical Cord And Duct Tape.

Critical Mess.

Dr. StrangeLove.

Tamper Hamper.

Nuetron Aplomb.

Cruize Missile.

Depleted Credibilitum.

Pop Smear.

Attackers Anonymous.

Prenuptial Agreement.

Stupid Cupid.

Police Academy Tuition Fruition.

Character Assassination.

Liars Dice.

Rotary Club.

Optimists Club.

Casino Royale.

Gland Thrift.

Citizen Candy Cane.

Studs Terkel Boner.

Dale Carnegie Melons.

The Loyal Sham.

Atlas Shrugged.

Freudian Slip.

Facial Shirk.

Federale Witless Protection.

Burst My Bubble.

X Marks The Spot.

Gold In Them There Hills.


Hidden Treasure.

Varnishing Point.

Dirty Smarmy Cwazy Scarry.

Raising Arizona.

Ward LeFarce.

Have A Nice Day.

Smile Smile Smile.

Area 81.

Rockwell New Mexicali.


US Marshmallows.

Secreted Slicers.


Operation HomeSlice.

Inherit The Wound.

Permanent Wave.


Wake Forest.

Lissajous Figure.

V Ate.

Long Division.

Einstein Was Right.

American Tourister.

Outdoor Products.


London Fog.

High Sierra.

Olympia Snow.

Three Lock Box.

Religious Metric Conversion.

Virgin Mar.

Missionary Position.


Lightening Rod.

Amazing Lack Of Grace.

The VIX Commandment.

Soap Opera Hymnal Boys Choir.

West Side Charlatan Story.

Romeo Is Bloody.

Exploratory Vivisection.


Einfahrt Verboten.


Nip Tuck.

Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits.

Identify Fiendly Foe.



Skin Flute.

Type O Negative.

The Honeymoon Is Over.

Penis Quiver.

Vampire Bait.

Fishing Magician.

Finding Nimo.

Lost Luggage.

Your Train Is Here.

The Doctor Is Inn.

Its A Stumper.

Forget Something? Maybe Its Alzheimers.

Hampton Inn.

Hot L Baltimore.

Hugs Of Navarrone.

Eagle's Mess.


Take The V Train.

Rookie Cookie.

Lez B Friends.

Bay Of Pigs.

Cuban Fissile Critics.

Smoking Gun.

History Repeating.

Normally Aspirated.

81mg Assburn.

Toe Tag.

New Pork State.

Eat Me, Your Lynch Is Here.

Work Naked.

Moral Sodomy.

Overcoming Faith.

Erosion Of Credibility.

House Of Cards.

Sand Castle.

Blue Cheeze.

Flushing Quest Wound.

Grandpa's Crock.

S Word.

V Word.

F Word.

Third Back Door.

Home Despot.

Prey Hard.

Your Silence Will Not Save You.


Double Barrel Polynomial.

Unusual Circumstances.

Framing Error.

Missing Weapon.

Missing Link.

Missing In Action.

Have You Seen Me?

Boss's Asshole.

DOT At Work.

Mowing A Head.

Slow Plow.

Low Blow.

Mom's Coffee.

Mom's Pizza.


The Fleecing Of America.

Satifisfied With Your Investment?

Military Intelligence.

Jumbo Shrimp.

Niagara County Sheriff Deputy George Carlin.

Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Votour.

Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Bider.

Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Schuey.

Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Kingsbury.

Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Gary Hacker.

New York State Trooper Joe Steblien.

The Five Stooges.

Womb With A View.

Tomb Riddlers.





Boy Blunder.

Willy Wanker And The Bloody Testicle Factory.

Dr. Spock.

Dirty Money.

Conspiracy Theology.

Doctor Of Theory.

Twelve Angry Midgets.

Jury Assembly Broom - IQ Tests And Silly Putty Included.

Jail Bait.

Unorthodox Textures - Modern Art Using Kids And Cutlery.

Bohemian Rapesidy.

Fine Young Carnubas - Or How To Wax Your
Head With Someone's Blood.


In Through The Out Door.

I Shot The Sheriff.

Deputy Douchebag.

Road Map To The Past.

Historical Perspectives - Reinventing The Past
To Get Away With Murder In The

Rusty Keyhole.

Peek A Boo ICU.

Sleepy Hollow.

20/20 Hindsight.

Dubble Vizion.

Insert Straw.

Diet Orange Other Decaf.

Registration Stickler.

Inspection Certificate.

Kleenex Not Required.

Instant Karma.

Witch Broom Collusions - O Cedar Miracles For
Worshippers Of Satan - Or Right
Flight For Nazis.

BreathAlyzer Test - Slit Your Wrists
And Search For Clues.

Blood Test - Do You Have Any?

Secret Cervix.

Battle Of The Bulge.

Afrikan Corpse.

Your Wife.

Chopped Liver.

Chrome Dome.

Body By Fisher.

Oh Ye Of Little Faith.

Mutilators Of The Flesh.

GM A Body.

Blame It On God.

Look At My Thumb.

I Don't Give Advice.

Hire A Lawyer.

Get A Good One.

A Damn Good One.

I'd Run If I Was You.

Ever Consider Another Line Of Work?

Did You See Any Blood?

Make No Bones About It.

Slap My Ass And Jump For Joy I Got A Clean
Bill Of Health From The Real Doctor

Look Behind You.


Retirement Policy.

Suspicious Behavior.

Crime Scene.

Pork Belly Futures.

You Are Here.

Free Steak Knives.


Scream Louder And Act More Self-Important
Then We'll Believe You.








Say It With Flowers.

Washington Redskins.

Buffalo Sabres.

Big Jim And The Little Twins.

Ladies Go Crazy Bout A Missing Left Hand.

You Can Trust Your Car To The Man Who Made Your Scar.

Let's Get Tough On Crime. Always Carry A Scalpel.

See The Man - Drain The Vain.

Take A Bite Out Of Crime - Eat Your Children.

Fabulous Foundations - Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies.

House Of Cardz - Building Communities and Trust Using Amputation.

Testing Your Mettle - Cut Till You Pass Out And Hope For Divine Wisdom.

Splitting Hairs.



Bifurcated Lug Nuts.

Trap Door.

Hidden Agenda.

Wall Drug.

Ambulance Chaser.

Pancake Breakfast.

Forensic Mythology.

Magneto Resonance Imaginary.

PET Skunk Scanner.

CAT Toyz DeFibRillator.

Taser Light Show.

Coronary Legal System Bypass.

Comfort Sweets.

Blood Sausage Surgery.

SlaughterHouse "V".

Catch VV.

When In Rome.

Dracula Was Framed.

Charles Manson Benefit Picnic - Butter Knives
Will Be Provided.

Walking Small - Or How To Grow Up Big And
Strong And Rule The World As Police

Being In Charge Means Never Admitting You Are Wrong.

Happy Valvoline Day.

Snake Oil Burns Cleaner.

Save A Tree, Hug A Nazi.

Nice Not Meeting You.

Always A Pressure.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.

Better Luck Next Time.

There Is Always Next Year.

Arm Wrestling For Mental Midgets.

Anarchy Rules!

Government Is For Pussies.

Barnum Was Right - A Sucker Is Born Every Day.

Circus Peanuts For The Ethically Impaired.

Arm Wrestling For Heroes.

Stealth Attack - Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out.

Religious Zeal.

Mutilators Of The Fish, Or How To Carve
The Bible Into Your Victims.

The Tragically Hippocritical.

Omar Sheriff And Quincy Discover How To Fabricate Evidence.

Gored With The Wind.

That Will Buff Right Out.

You Didn't Need That Anyway.

You've Got A Spare One, Just Use It.

Look On The Bright Side, You Are Right Handed.

We Would Have Told You But We
Thought You'd Prefer To Suffer In Ignorance.

We Lied To Protect You.

You Seem Like An Intelligent Man.

Around The World To The Left.

Mr. Freeze And The Bone Chilling Smurfs.

Every Child Should Have One!

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever.

Roe V Wade.

Miranda Was A Commie Wimp.

Police Action.

SWAT Team - Scalpel Wielders Attack Terry.

Zyklon B Not Included.

Scrub A Dub Dub.

Bun In The Oven.

Singing In The Rain.

Clockwerk Orange.

Fresh Fruit.

Be A Real Vegetable.

Fish Lips Through A Baggie.

Lemans Zest.

Interrogation In Progress - Actual Facts May Vary.

GI Barbie And Malibu Ken Meet The Incredibles.

Shot In The Arse.

Legal Injection.

Thirty Nine Special.

One Stop Shopping.

Noodles And Ketchup For Sale.

Give Till It Hertz.

Pigz On The Wing.

Dinner's On, Step Up To The Trough.

Common Cunning Linguists.

Shallow Yellow.

Spinal Tap - Brain Jello Not Included.

Creative Crippling For Smarter Americans.

A Pellet Court.

Legal Procedure.

Harvard Debate Team.

Blues Clues.

Precious Moments.

Autopsy Requested, Film At Eleven.

An All Original Jesus Ashtray Inside.

Wooden Nickel.

Styptic Pencil.

Hemorrhagic Stench.

I Gave At The Orifice.

Left Arm Bandit.


Nothing Shaves Closer!

Another Close Shave.

No Stubbies.




Salad Fork.

5th Course.

How's The Beef?

Made In America.

I "V" NY.

Do Buziness In NY.

Bite The Big Apple. Maggots Are Free.

There's The Door.

Admire Your Handiwork.

You Must Be Proud!

Artisan Cuts.

Thanks Mom!

Cross Pens Rock!

Flic Your BIC.


Mirror Image.

A Group Hallucination.

Superstition In Action.

Truth Serum.

Community Vivisection Committee.

Blood Letting.

Leeches And Maggots.

Cannibals And Midgets.

TV Dinner.

Turkey Dinner.


Love Means Never Saying You're Sorry.

Violent Crime = Tough Love.

Defensive Wounds.

The Best Offense Is Usually The Last Defense.

Building Better Americans One Gash At A Time.

The Screw Deal.

Made In The USA.

I Got Mine In Wilson NY.

Mine Is Bigger.

Proof Is In The Pudding.

Keep Your Friends Closer Than Your
Enemies At Arm's Length.

Enemy Of My Friend.

Root Canal.

Brain Surgery.

Intel Inside.

Anatomically Correct.

Politically Correct.


Expletive Deleted.

1 + 1 = V.

Actual Unretouched Photo.

Get Yours Today!

New And Improved - Call Now.
Supplies Are Limited.

From Canada With Love.

Crazy Ludwig Says Hi.

Wernher Von Braun Loves You.

Food Stamp, Do Not Lick.

Tummy Tuck.

Blow Up Doll.

Third Nipple.

Post No Bills.

Student Driver.


Sliced It!

Quarter Back Sneak.

Three Dollar Bill - Due Immediately.

Personal And Confidential.

Identity Thief.

Murder Victim.

Agent Orange.

Scars And Stripes.

Lien Detector.

Charitable Contribution.

Diaper Service.

Safety Pin.

Welding Welding Wedding.

Blue Osterizer Cut.

Puncture This.

Snake Tattoo.

Ain't It Sexy?

Frankenstein In Progress - No 2 Way Radios.

Always In Costume.

Be Prepared.

Bring The Kids - Its A Party.

Want One For Your Boy?

Badge Of Scabs.

We Make Good Pets.


Boy Scouts Of Armenia.

Courage, Truth, And Jugulars.

Missing Sponge.

Square Bob Sponge Knife.

Medical Miracle.

Midwife Crisis.

Run Away Victim.

One A Day.

Was It Good For You Too?

Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Tampon?

Did You Use A Condom?

Should We Keep The Kid?

What Do We Name Him?

Is It Yours?

Stud Muffin.

Go With The Flow.

Follow The Money.

Consider The Source.

Honesty Alert - Fib Detected.

Diagnosis Douchebag.

The Doctor Is Out.

The Hunt For Red Sunday.

Warning - Christians At Work.


HI V Positive.

Sieg Heil Sieg Heil Sieg Heil.

Swastica In Progress, Please Be Patient.

Heller Skelter.

Mr. Potato Arm.

Himmler Youth.

Mental Midgets.

Diamonds Are A Squirrel's Best Friend.

Birds In Your Hands Are Worth More In Your Bushes.

Unclean Hands - Please Wash.

High Five.

Five Alive.

Fishing Expedition.

Dr. Denzel Won't Argue With That.

Dr. Argue Won't Argue With That.

Did You Sterilize The Knife?

Before Or After?

How Much Do I Owe You For The Breast Implant?

Hair Cut 100.

Divide And Conquer.

Disinformation Highway.

Did You Cum?

Did I Cum?

Was I Awake When You Raped Me?

What's It Worth To You?

You Never Call Any More? Are We No Longer Friends?

Have A Smoothie.

A Little Shaver.

Think Pink.

Demand Your Right To Bear Cutlery.

Up With Arms.



Another Stunning Braun Contest.


V O'Clock Shadow.

Used Blades Here.

Yes We Have No Bananas.

A Smooth Move.

A Little Dab Will Do You!


God Loves Killers Like You.

Where You Drunk At The Time?

Did You Kiss Me First?

KWI - Knifing While Intoxicated.

KWI - Knifing While Impaired.

KUI - Knifing Under The Influence.

In Like Flint.

Iron Butterfly.

Look Sharp.

Left Handed Salute.

Kiss Me.

Head Cheese.

Do You Want Some Butter For That Knife?

Slice Of Humble Pie.

APB - Search and Avoid Mislead Evade Insult.

Keystone Cops.

You'll Get Back To Me.

Delta Farce.

DD Edge.

Derelict Duty.

Dollar General.


Coupon Clipper.

Family Values.

Photo Opportunity.

Back Bacon.

Greatest Show On Earth.

Soap Opera.

Your Dog.

Old Yeller.



Sim Phony.

Money On My Back.

Credibility Issue.

Elevator Music.


Firefighter "Operation".

Adam's Mark.

You'll Live.

Merril Lynching Is Bulshitting America.

Give Blood, Burn A Cop.


Clouds In Your Coffee.

Can't Buy A Shill.

Tourist Attraction.

Bearded Lady.

Fat Man.

Skinny Man.

Guess My Weight.

I Didn't Feel A Thing.

Squeel Like A Piggy.

Happy Halloween.

A Clue.

Wrong Side.

Wrong Toole.

Use A Spoon.

Congratulations - Its A Girl.

Congratulations - Its A Boy.

Congratulations - Its A Eunuch.

Circumcision Plus One.

Have A Cigar.

Folly Of Youth.

Your Date Is Here.







Christmas In July.

Bull Shit.

Joe McCarthy Wants You.

Above The Law.

Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits.

Donut Hole.


Dr. Mengele.


Thin Lizzy.

Bung Hole.

Disaster Fabrication Team.

Bread Crumbs.



Exit Wound.

Michelin Man.

GoodeYear Blimpy.

Stop - Pay Toll.

Good Collar.

Jewel Booger.

Happy Tooth.

Moral Exam.

Vertical Smile.

Mental Floss.

Oral U.

Knife Victimizer.

Too Much Skin.

Want More Tissue?

Fix A Flat.

Pump Me Up.

Trinity Of Tripe.

Three Strikes - You're In.

Hat Trick.


The Daily Double.

Cutlery Roulette.





Here's The Beef.

Curt Throat.

Exhibit "A".

No Shirt No Shoes No Service.

See Something Bleed Something.

Feel Something Say Nothing - Duct Tape Not Included.

4th of Jury Injury.

Rebel Smell.

Kaiser Wilhelm Permanente.

Be It Ever So Mumble There Is No Place Like Bone.

Knifing While Blind.

Drunken Handwriting.

I'm With Stupid.

Your Sister Sez Hi.

Cut Twice Measure Once.

Surgeon General's Warning - Knives Cause Cuts.

Fifth Amendment.

Elbow Greece.

Bad Cop No Bandage.

Smugglers Crotch.

Blood Debit.

Praise The Lord And Pass The Cutlery.

The Spanglish Inquisition.

Birth Mark.

Nerve Gas (Vx).

Fifth Ace.

White Sugar.

Bloody Orgasm.

Doctor Who?

Witch Doctor?




A Day Late And A Dollar Short.

Atta Boy Luther.

Post Natal Abortion.

Miscarriage Of Justice.

Supercop Guano.



No "M".

The $1.98 Beauty Show.

Worth Every Penny Of $1.280.

Where's Wapner?

Yellow Knife.

Self Made Son.


Judge Null.

The "Nerve" Of Some People!

Gristle: Avoid.

Fine Spode China.

"V" Omit.

PeepHole's Court.

Hey Brother Can You Spare A Napkin?

Lynch Muf.

Watch Your Back Not Mine.

Push Push In The Bush.