How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Western NY Swamp Land For Sale

I am from Western NY originally and I'd avoid moving there and renting let alone even consider investing in property there. With the preponderance of local waste dumps including Love Canal in Niagara Falls and the dishonest local governments, you are well advised to move someplace else. The people here are hostile to outsiders and even to their own citizens and do not let the idyllic facades fool you. Past history of hate groups, use of migrant black labor, etc seems to indicate that the KKK has gone underground but NOT left this area and seems to be in full control of local politics and government. I would offer this would be the worst mistake you could make coming to this area.

I've worked for NY State and the Federal Government here and had a number of violent things done to me, including what would be classified as a hate crime, and to my knowledge nobody was prosecuted AND my parents are involved. I think you will find you will be treated like a leper and that you can not rely on courts and police here to protect you. Did you plan to purchase guns to protect you and your property? I'd look elsewhere.

Properties there are distressed as is local government, Mayor of Niagara Falls was arrested and sent to prison recently. Buffalo is one of the top ten most violent cities in the USA.

Niagara Falls? Run, don't walk, away from it.... 14303? Even worse, look at the chemical industry there and you will see you can't live in that area ..... All along Buffalo Avenue and by the river is a slew of toxic sludge generating chemical places. Cheep hydro power makes them go there.

I had family live in Love Canal also and this story is another local tragedy. Toxic waste was not removed from there but only buried deeper. That does not help and the land is still closed off and not being used.

Also note that much of SUNY Buffalo and Amherst in WNY are swamp land.


Another collapse in Amherst NY.

Some things about the EPA Superfund sites and this is about Love Canal in Niagara Falls claiming it is all safe and clean now. I doubt that. You can check other dump sites around the US here also and see if you live in one.

The US Army Corps of Engineers soil study, I kept a copy and you can also use Amherst's copy as long as they have it on their site:


This also speaks to the Amherst NY sinking homes but my browser won't load it properly.

Trouble more recently in Wilson that says you can't trust local law and politics:

Also watch out for a distressed rental market in Buffalo/Niagara Falls areas where you get less and pay more. This local agency rents what can only be called slums that they have not improved or maintained for well over 2 decades. Most units have no AC dated wiring and all of that including windows that are worthless certainly in the winter time.

MJ Peterson and this local Realtor both sell homes and rent slums. I'd avoid doing business there at all AND NOT with them.

Anyone that predates on children, the elderly and disabled as they do, well you can figure that one out too.

I find it hilarious that a marked Crown Victoria Police car from Amherst NY's Police department with a uniformed female police person at the wheel does a felony hit and run by backing into the side of my truck parked at 182 Berehaven Drive, and then leaves the scene hoping I was not standing there noticing she did it.

On the side of her car door? Amherst's claim that this is the Safest Town In America.

Later that day my wife to be came home in her Red Mazda Protege NY Plate F7C 603 and duplicated the behavior pretending she was the one who made the damage and not the female cop. Busted on both counts, she covered the crime(s) for the Police.

They shared information in general to do so and that day to cover that crime as well at that moment.

Odd thing about that? Not one person asked about it, especially my father who knew about it. I never had it repaired, I waited to hear back from the Police about it and never did, and nobody not even Heike or Dad mentioned it. I drove that truck for 13 years and ten of them with that dent there that she put into the quarter panel.

With my father if you know him you know one thing, he is ANAL about cars. Putting a ding, nick, smudge, or scrape on his cars had me beat nearly to death as a child. All he cares about is cars and his pretty perfect home. Any time something was wrong with my cars or trucks or a new one was sold or bought he was all over it. Not one word about this, a problem I see now, the silence again was deafening.

This idiot does the same thing, John Bunch owner of this pool and spa business and also as I learned an Erie County Sheriff Deputy.

I come out of work one day at 5500 Main Street in Williamsville NY and find his GMC 1500 pickup truck parked with the nose pressing into my 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. He likely did this intentionally as retaliation for the supposed "Damage" to the Lutheran Church when they knifed me in 1981. His truck was slammed so hard into my car and he parked it that way, that it was impossible to get my car out of park. It jammed the parking pawl so hard I could not move the shift lever and he damaged the front bumper of my car.

I waited for him to come out and told him what had happened, he told me he would pay for the damages, gave me his card citing Majestic Pools but I also saw in his wallet his ECSD badge as his hands shook and trembled with what must have been fear. I caught him and he did this intentionally to my car. He lied to me again, would not fix the car, and I had to call DMV in Albany and his insurance company Continental Insurance about it.

In the end of it all? You are better off not doing business in this area, with these people, or relying on Police there, ever.

Read the Wiki article about Love Canal, Sevenson construction just buried the toxins DEEPER and closer to the aquifer in that area, and you are basically right next to the Niagara River.

I read the soil study from the Corps Of Engineers and the statistics tell me that they found soil problems in too many samples. Meaning the numbers they have listing or citing over 800 homes is likely low. The whole area does not drain properly, Furnas hall on the UB Amherst campus is tilting like the Tower of Pisa, and I'd say you are going to find that NONE of that gets fixed by the State either.

Buyer beware? I'd run...