How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Swamp Land For Sale In Amherst NY

Creek Bank Collapse Destroys Amherst Home -- Tuesday April 28, 2009 Amherst NY 14228 USA

A portion of Tonawanda Creek Road is closed after the creek's bank collapsed, taking a home's back porch, a boat, and hot tub with it.

Emergency officials in Amherst say a 300-foot section of ground gave way Tuesday night behind a home along Tonawanda Creek. No one was hurt. Officials allowed the family living in the home to take belongings from the house, but they were not allowed to stay the night. The ground along the creek remains unstable.

Tonawanda Creek Road is closed between New and Transit Roads except for local traffic.

Google maps view of the area, Transit Road is RT 78 to the right (East) of New Road as you look North.

This is where Tonawanda Creek meets the Erie Canal which runs into Lockport NY and further East on to Albany NY.

Heike and I lived up North on RT 270 seen to the left (West) in Pendleton NY 14094 USA.

This land is essentially worthless to begin with, before this collapse, given the criminal behaviors of NY State and the local Police and Fire Rescue people who are caught harming children, doing arsons of homes and business, and the other frauds including toxic dumping that make natural events like this worse. This is rooted or caused by irresponsible engineering and lack of ethic overall in the wake of all this.

Tonawanda Creek Road Home Collapse Amherst NY 14228 April 28 2009 Tonawanda Creek Road Home Collapse Amherst NY 14228 April 28 2009 Tonawanda Creek Road Home Collapse Amherst NY 14228 April 28 2009

Tonawanda Creek Road & Bank Collapse -- July 2006 Amherst NY 14228 USA

Here are some earlier photos taken circa July 2006 in that same area that prove this is nothing new. This problem was ongoing circa 1995 when Heike and I lived in Niagara County NY. This same area in Erie County and Amherst NY has had constant problems with homes and basements caving in as you can see with this condemned home and the fenced area as of 2006 that says this problem is ongoing for a long time.

The torrential rains in summer of 1992 are part of that problem that Amherst NY had as of that time where a number of residents had walls of their basement cave in and essentially rendering there home as having no value. I now learn that the home we lived in has portions of a brown field out back that has caused them to change the survey and assessment maps to lop off the back 110 feet of the plot.

Tonawanda Creek Bank Collapse Amherst NY 14228 July 2006 Tonawanda Creek Bank Collapse Road Landslide Amherst NY 14228 July 2006 Tonawanda Creek Bank Collapse Condemned Garage Amherst NY 14228 July 2006 Tonawanda Creek Bank Collapse Condemned Home Amherst NY 14228 July 2006 Tonawanda Creek Bank And Road Collapse Amherst NY 14228 July 2006

More articles about sinking homes in Buffalo/Amherst NY. Some I've read cite as many as 700-1000 homes are at risk. I'd say it is likely more than that and you won't know the whole truth.


Do your own search to confirm, I also have the PDF file for the soil study.

The Amherst NY links to the soil study and info about the town:



A link to my copy of the PDF File Soil Study report in case theirs goes away:


Why do you need 154 Police officers in a town as small as Amherst NY with the preponderance of other law enforcement people around, Erie County Sheriff, Buffalo Police, Cheektowaga Police, NY State Police, Tonawanda Police, Kenmore Police, Hamburg Police, Niagara Falls Police, Lockport Police, Lewiston Police, Depew Police, US Border Patrol, US DEC, US Protective Service, and the rest in a suburb of Buffalo that claims to have 117,000 residents 1/2 of whom are SUNY Buffalo Students and students of the other area colleges. UB hast its own police force now with their Public Safety being State Police who carry guns on campus.

This is a fraud. 154? Doing what?

From their website:

"Welcome From Chief John C. Askey -- It is my pleasure to welcome you to the "Amherst Police Department Web Site". We are a New York State Accredited Agency comprised of 154 sworn officers and supported by 35 full and part-time civilian employees. Our mission is to provide a high level of safety and police services for the 117,000 residents of Amherst, the largest suburb of Buffalo, located in upstate Western New York. We also provide police services for the Village of Williamsville, which is located within the town boundaries."

They at one time claimed to be The Safest Town in America and with one cop per resiDENT I'd say they must have been. Why then do they commit crimes like felony hit and run by backing into the side of my 1987 Chevy S10 truck and then leaving the scene of the accident? They also conspired in the hate crimes and murder attempts made possible at SUNY Buffalo and in their town.

You actually backed into my truck in a marked Amherst Police Department Crown Victoria who's doors were painted with the slogan The Safest Town In America and then did a hit and run.

How funny is that?

After cutting me up in the night in a hate crime and molesting me as a child AND taking photos. And saying it was all a terrible mistake and accident. Poo poo on you.

Then you made the mistake of blaming me for it and calling me a liar.

Then you threatened me.

Then you tried to take my life. Again.

Now they want you to purchase a home in this quagmire, am I going to float a home on the back of these fools?

All so they can make more snuff porn?

Your T Shirt had it right, not the Mercury Marine shirt, but the one that said "Work Naked".

My what a big strong man you are with such a big big gun........ Do you like it like that??????

For the (female) (Blonde) cop who backed into my truck there would be a suggestion later that she had an emergency to attend to.

In that case I'd have nailed the car straight on and twisted it around the block. Why risk dumping a transmission and getting hit by a bad guy broadside by doing this stunt?

There was none. No lights, no hurry, she backed out like some old lady, pushed the truck up on 2 wheels, hence David Bartnik's comment "Joey Chitwood"...

... saw she had backed into the truck then hunkered down as if to say, oh shit hope nobody saw me there.... I stood in the front window of our duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive and saw the whole thing. The truck was pristine before she hit it.

Then the next part stumped me, Heike came home in her Red Mazda Protege F7C 603 NY plate and DUPLICATED the behavior...

Making it seem she did it or she was the cop driving the car. It was done by the female APD cop and I knew that.

She often offered that she is a Police officer and was punishing me for something. Not her place to do so.

For instance Heike claimed that her Buick Regal(s) had electronic speed control as do the State Police cars which can be set to track at any speed and they are computer controlled and will even pace you down a hill.

I told Heike no, your cars won't do that, I know I bought them for you and maintain them and know how they work PLUS I drive them more than you do.....

You get the idea. More crapola below claiming this is a safe town....