How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Summary Witness Document To State(s).

I am now sharing new information I have related to my claims and towards the end of prosecutions of my attackers.

I am providing this information in order to assist you in your internal investigations and in my effort to see these felons prosecuted and my money and property returned.

The former spouse purchased a home at 94 St Johns Avenue in Buffalo NY with the blood money you paid her in this effort and did so 12/2010 just as this former NCSD William Faery dies in Arizona where he ran following these violent attacks in 1981. The former spouse is already selling this home as of 11/2013 and it looks to have our property and hers still in place but she seems not to be living there, why? And why so soon?

She may flee back to Germany to avoid being prosecuted and to complete the theft of these monies from me.

NYS Supreme Court Justice Vincent Doyle is party to these crimes and was arrested prior to ruling on our divorce Index No. 116513, later dies from a brain tumor in 2006, and this whole mess seems to bury you, her, and the rest of these criminals deeper in the morass you made for yourselves. Why was this judge chosen?

The attorneys Jon Louis Wilson and Grace Marie Ange of Lockport NY and Buffalo NY conspired in this also.

I am now permanently disabled and collect SSD from the US Social Security Administration, thanks to her and your efforts at the State level to cripple and murder me. The USA must love you. I have not worked since I was 42 years of age and spent all my adult life in incredible pain and handicap anyway.

I spent years suffering from my injuries, starving nearly to death on top of them repeatedly, being destitute and homeless, and essentially not living anywhere since 2003.

I was attacked in Germany at Diehl BGT Defence in protection of her by my supervisor Roger Goode who I worked for and with at Raytheon Tucson AZ on 07/25/2005. Jon Wilson spoke to this crime in advance telling me it was planned all along and by that they conspire in this.

Tom Kraft and Susan Block and Sherry Mahar (Related to Faery the former Niagara County Sheriff) at Pendleton Center United Methodist Church near our home at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 also conspired in these attacks. Sherry Mahar admitted they knew of the murder plans, so did Tom Kraft, telling me as much, and that I had to leave. That same year, 2003, Tom Kraft and his wife were both gifted two $65,000.00 Cadillac cars by General Motors who also conspired in this.

General Motors is my father's employer, and that of Wilson NY Justice William Ganshaw.

The sale of my home to another SUNY Buffalo mafia member, William Koehn, was compelled on the murder efforts.

The State and its cronies threatened more harm (including the death penalty), negotiated using it in order to compel my silence and forgiveness of other harms to me, and obstructed by that, and then finally justified the extra judicial homicide attempts, the violent vivisection, and child porn and other crimes against me as being just and by that admits its guilt and offers motive for all these crimes I've been a victim of.

This was done to compel my death by any means including murder/suicide and this is consistent with the wishes of my mother, father, sister, friends, and former spouse and others such as Eve Rothman who also admitted she was paid to harm me.

My entire NYS and Arizona driving records and histories, medical insurance and histories, auto insurance and histories, employment histories, and educational histories are a fraud. Completely false.

To that, the wife and other shills conspired in efforts to cause harm, acted with the police to fine me for moving violations, and cover for other police crime including having a female Amherst Police officer back her marked APD Crown Victoria into the side of my parked 1987 Chevy S10 Pickup truck outside Heike and my duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive Right Amherst NY 14228.

Heike came home later and duplicated the behavior (using her red 1991 Mazda Protege NY plate F7C 603) of the APD officer to cover for her, I witnessed BOTH events and saw the damage was caused by the APD Crown Victoria.

Later when we were married Heike continued her efforts to harm and harass me, efforts were ongoing electronically via email and other efforts and I was so upset (Intentionally) by this effort and with the ongoing medical harm I was issued a speeding ticket by a NY State Police officer who set up shop just for me on East Canal Road in Pendleton/Lockport NY where I was cited for speed while driving my wife's 2002 Buick Regal Abboud Edition (Brown) with NY plate CBM 6043. There was no reason for him to be there and NO cars drive that way at night, ever. He would be better served to write tickets on the much more traveled Transit Road RT 78 between Lockport and Amherst. This was another of such frauds that nullify the witness of the police, and state, and contribute to the stateless nature you've placed me in. I should have never paid that fine nor any others for that matter.

I suffered risk pool insurance rates from the bogus "Accident" in 1981 and the ensuing frauds and the Lutheran Church never divested itself from the attacks and even saw fit to file a legal suit against me for "Damage" to their church, again another fraud. I only learned of this hoax 22 years later when a fellow parishioner James Kala at our church told me this was all a lie. He is right.

All of these attacks and the false flag situations suffer the defect of repeats of the same sets of vanity, mine, and the depth of such vanity precludes them as being accidents and prove premeditation as well as the notion they are directed at me personally. They all suffer another fatal flaw, they are your fault and not mine. You have been compelled to resolve them but refuse to do so. Justice delayed is justice denied and this is where you get with that.

It is left with the same analogy and sets of logic that toss the vanity of today onto your crimes of the past against me. All done to mix up the feature set and matrix of the problem and then morph it in time and space to exchange victim and attacker, confuse symptom and problem, obfuscate blame and to cloud cause and effect. The fact it is being done professionally tells me the State and police are doing it and using medical quackery along the way to make it work.

Most are cleverly designed with the obvious want to blame me for the situation you planned in advance and by that smear my good name. Others in Hollywood for instance and musical artists have had your number for some time and clearly using my play list and list of movie titles tells you this vanity in many of these songs and movies are mine and mine alone. I find it shocking and amazing to be fair but that is also true. It works for me.

This was all extra judicial with NO formal charges EVER being levied against me let alone you being granted a conviction by trial by jury and me losing an obvious right(s) to appeal(s).

Your death penalty has been dis-established in NY as of 2004 but even while that was in working order, you'd need to file charges against a person, make an effort to incarcerate, prove his guilt by trial and jury, and then he'd need to lose at least two automatic appeals. You had NONE of that and I am a free man still, missing with the electric chair as you did would have others assume I'd be in prison for life. Nope. No such deal.

And with me passing background checks by you and the IRS and DOD allowing me access to secure locations most US citizens could not even get close to let alone enter. My skill sets professionally and personally make me likely one of the most employable and sought after engineers on the planet.

You wasted a complete life and many more in just these ways. ALL via NO FAULT OF MY OWN. I am BLAMELESS IN ALL of this. And you knew this and admit that to this day. Why are we still here?

Some of these are considered "False Flag" scenarios and fall into that template of attack.

Again I am not Hitler or Communist China, I am a man, and I was a child when you invoked this fiat and set course on this ship of fools with me on board as a child. And I am a US Citizen, we are not at war. You even justified the child harm and violence in just that way and using gender slurs. Done so via my abusive parents, those in the clergy, and medical cabals and the cult of creeps you call police.

The State used expertise to exacerbate and exploit child harm to me and later harm to me, the conflicting of my sister in these crimes, and sponsored character assassination efforts to me as a child even towards this end.

It has taken me fully ten years since my former spouse Heike Helga Jones SSN 042-84-4676 DOB 01/01/1963 made her last attempt to take my life to witness and record these memories in writing. I have done NOTHING but this since that time and lived in the most deplorable of circumstances as a result of this.

I have been denied medical treatment and housing and employment and suffered permanent physical impairment from these knife wounds and her later efforts to take my life. I now learn I was violently harmed as a child, hopefully you took photos of those crimes as well as your sex acts with animals and us kids too. Why stop at child porn? Why not go for rape and vivisection of children porn, and call it snuff porn as well? You know no taboo. The question is rhetorical.

I have suffered incredible financial harm, including what is now an obvious set of frauds and other financial harms related to credit histories and taxes and other monies paid to a woman I was never legally married to, am now not divorced from, and I for some reason was bankrupted in order to compensate for her and other's violent crimes against my person and property.

I can no longer marry in the US and never could.

I can not own property, insure a home, or auto in the USA and never could.

I could not be legally employed in the USA and never could. If I can't go to court then I can not work and you can not insure me there.

I can not even have a platonic relation with someone from this. And never could.

I can not file for tax year 2003 and later years, and now ALL tax years would need to be refunded to me. Stateless kids can't pay taxes since they are not alive. I am not a corporation as you like to treat all US citizens as such. Your debt to me is compounded again and does so further by the day for the decades this has gone on. I have no straw man.

NY State saw fit to post a fiat lien on my credit histories and has since removed it knowing all along they were wrong. They took the money and then had to return it, this is more felony theft. Now they waited three more years before admitting they are wrong and removed it.

I suffered all nature of harm from this for no reason as such. Over ten years just from that.

Monies paid to my former spouse and on credit cards without my consent nullified my ability to file for bankruptcy protection which I now learn was never there to begin with. Who made the decisions that everyone is going to spend my money and cash my checks this way?

By that you treated me as dead and dead kids don't pay taxes. You need to return ALL of this money and compensate me for my loss, with penalties and interest.

SUNY Buffalo and others including their agents and assigns are deeply involved in this fraud and the violent and hateful and perverted crimes against me.

SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR Research group there compelled the marriage to the femme fatale and former spouse Heike Jones.

SUNY Buffalo conspired with others in a degree fraud knowing the stateless nature I was placed in relative to the 1981 knife attacks that had my left arm vivisected with a knife.

The former spouse and medical communities knew too much about me, knew of the child harm to me, and of the hate crime in 1981. They lied to me about it. They and the State acted to enable more harm, compel me into those relations, and to keep them alive and me in the dark about the harm.

With that my BSEE from SUNY Buffalo a 4 year degree taking me 13 years to earn, is a fraud.

I likely was never employable in the USA at all anyway from the crimes against me prior to 1981 even.

William Ganshaw now deceased and others in the Town of Wilson NY conspired in this effort to resolve these problems by fiat and prejudice which of course is not possible. Ganshaw was the town justice, a fireman, a General Motors employee working with my father, and our Nationwide Insurance agent. His conflicts of interest are obvious as are the ongoing faustian bargains being made among the participants. The murder/burial plot thickens.

These parties acted with and can be detected as such as having cognizance of their guilt by their actions and knew I was rendered stateless from these attacks. The pathos says that.

My parents are violent and abusive pedophiles who used me and later my sister as children as sex toys and child porn stars with their friends in local law enforcement. I have memory of this now as well as the lynching and vivisection party in 1981.

My sister Jennifer Lynn Thompson/Jones remains in harms way from this as do my parents who are harming each other as I type this.

Friends of theirs being Joe Steblein(NY State Police), Gary Hacker (Niagara County Sheriff), Doug and Ellen Golde (Niagara County Social Services) all conspired in these violent and hateful crimes against me and my sister.

Doug Golde's sons Tom and Doug Jr knew of this. I was befriended to them in order to further compel harm to me as a child. The state took part in this child harm via them.

Doug Golde Jr led me to be attacked in Wilson NY 14172 Summer of 1981 at Young and McChesney streets. This was a planned event.

The state knew of this, compelled me into a living arrangement in the UB Amherst Campus dorms fall of 1981 with Doug Golde Jr and Thomas Gabriel Palisano Jr who also conspired.

You collected taxes for my entire life and never planned to offer any service. I have worked and paid taxes in the USA and NY State since 1977.

I worked for the IRS and DOD with you and they investigated this, knew I was being harmed violently by my parents and friends and said nothing. In fact they and you conspired not to enforce the law, to obstruct, and to blame and punish the victim informally, and you ended up breaking every law in the book in order to make this mess. Modulo those that can only be done to a female child you planned to rape and murder along the way.

They and you conspired further to harm me more in order not to pay. Quoting your paid shill and femme fatale in lieu of a wife, Heike Helga Jones "Roger (Meaning me) is worth more dead than alive". I found that comment odd and telling. More so now.

And why wait until I have a concern and then have law enforcement threaten me, and they did threaten me, with arrest to retaliate?

Threatening people with arrest tells you that the Police are guilty since this tells you they are bluffing. If they had something you'd be in jail and on trial. And by that they are soft on it.

They are not too busy either. They waste all this time following your kids around and porking them and your dog in the ass and taking photos. Then they worry about who they tattle to.

Pop goes the weasel, trouser weasel....