How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

States Losing Game Plan

This is the USA's problem from what I see ongoing with me.

They can't prosecute victims for one felony done to them and base that upon breaking the law a third and fourth time to do so.

Kind of like burning down your home and murdering your wife and then hoping to accuse you of adultery when they learn you never married her....

The order is important and they feel a need to cherry pick through the minutiae and the obvious gore they want to ignore to win the case on a technicality, that being they did it and can offer it as justice since they got caught on it later.

And premeditated all of it to begin with of course with the idea of blaming me for it and getting it all wrong.

And nobody would assume they'd lie about it also.

Offering motive for their crimes now would not really be needed but indeed offers the cherry on the top they looked for all along.

You don't need motive for a crime, it helps...

Maybe now you can glean the real motive?