How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

A summary of crimes against my person, property, and finances perpetrated by New York State, Arizona, Germany, And The United States Of America.

You can not accuse a victim you've attempted many times to euthanize, for not making himself available to witness in your process against those who harmed him, since your goal overall was to remove his witness via his death.

No point hoping to blame me for the order this witness was made since your goal overall was to obfuscate and pollute it and remove it in total. And you did do that apriori.

Keep in mind you actually blamed me and accused/retaliated in advance for when I'd "Use the race card" with me not knowing there was a problem with color.

That says you knew there was a problem, the two boys my father murdered where white and so am I, and recall you succeeded in euthanizing me more than once to suppress this. Now your problem just got worse. Your cause is lost, you defended these felons and felonies, and used homicide(s) to do so, there is no way to defend it.

You are talking to a dead man.

Why blame him for being dead since you are the ones who killed him?

And again your military paradigms come to mind, you hope to rotate your failings and felonies onto your achievements in other areas:

So you declare war on others in the offer you protect them and the people at home.

Then you declare war on your own citizens and children and rape and murder them for fun at home.

It defeats the purpose of being what you are, whatever you are. Police, criminals, US Military, felons, child rapists, etc.

Again you shift the onus to perform and the blame via that making another non solution to the problems you create.

You invest too much in this fraud and failure.


State and Police admit guilt, and thereby concede they are a criminal entity relative to my person.

They have acted such that their cognizance of guilt is demonstrable. This includes active efforts at denials based on vanity of the harms to me.

The direct admissions are concomitant with the offers the harms are punitive (that proves motive and guilt) and by that illegal since they are directed at my person as an innocent, as a child, include rapes and other atrocities no court of law would serve as a valid penalty. They are covert and extra judicial in nature. They obstruct and remove witness and include euthanasia (homicide).

This and their crimes against my person, property, and finances serves to nullify State's witness and ability to prosecute me via that. Hence immunity.

This naturally extends to State's denials of service and refusal to defend contracts on my behalf. Hence my being stateless as well as immune.

Employers including Motorola and Moore Business Forms indicated they could not hire me since I was stateless. The CEO/Director of Motorola's cellular division in Champagne-Urbana Illinois indicated this to me February 2005 as did the director of Software Engineering at Moore Business Forms in Grand Island New York in 1992.

In addition, while doing work at SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR for the US IRS, during a visit to the IRS Service Center in Ogden Utah, a fellow IRS employee there indicated to me and another of his Ogden IRS associates that this is now their fault, as they are involved. He mentioned me being stateless and the other employee who was a technician essentially made some vague comment that seemed denigrating of my character and this person stopped him saying this does not help. You don't want to go there since this is not his fault, now we are involved and he does not know anything is wrong. But they did. This had to have been circa winter 1996 as Heike and I already had the home and were married as of late 1995.

Kenneth Morris Banks III left the Buffalo New York area to work in the Cleveland Ohio area and when I approached him in late 2007 he was working for Mogodore Ohio attorney Gary Boecker Esq who also was CEO at ESP Rubber Products. Gary must have known something is wrong in my situation and that KMBIII is involved and Gary approached Ken and had him offer his consultation, which I offered to compensate him for. Boecker Esq offered this as being gratis and I agreed feeling I wanted someone else to review the concerns. KMBIII agreed and gave him some specifics about me to present to Gary and said I can even discuss it with him etc.

KMBIII returned that day for lunch and had already spoken to Gary and Ken was upset. He relayed to me that Gary feels you are stateless so I am assuming he has some very effective tools and powers to investigate information since arriving at such determinations would mean you'd have to see a pattern of behavior by the State. And it would have to be obvious at this point since it only took a matter of hours to glean. Ken knew this was very bad and that alone is a crime, rendering someone stateless in the USA is a big problem. Barring or neglecting any violence that went on that was done to me.

Just because I don't know what is really wrong does not vindicate you or anyone else. Just being dishonest about it is not sufficient to absolve others of their guilt, especially with that being the State who is obviously to blame.

The State must have decided long ago on the prejudice and moved forward with the hope to blame me later, call it accidental or an act of God, and then rely on the defenses of futility to say it can't be fixed. It had to be since others are involved including other Nation States now. Just saying there is too much bad faith and bad blood, both the fault of the State, is not enough.

This is not sufficient to make others (or me) pay for it, and to allow the guilty to remain free to cause more harm and do more crimes.

The problem is again the multiple efforts made to euthanize me some of which succeeded, you killed me such that I needed medical intervention. That is the deepest prejudice that said you wanted not to prosecute those who did this and that you wanted no witness of the State's crimes.

I am not willing to make this needless and senseless sacrifice all in order for you to masturbate with your egos and the want to play God by harming your own children and then turning this into a cat and mouse style form of American Gladiator meets BloodSport and RollerBall and Are Your Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.

Where your perverts in the law and State hunt down and rape and murder their own children in the USA.

Happy Fourth of July. You've got so much to be proud of... not really.

This involves acts of Treason and crimes against the State, The USA, and The Constitution of the United States via their felonies against me.

This is done by violating the proper use of National Security Assets that exposes their capabilities to others, and uses them to commit crimes against innocents, children and US persons on US soil during peace time.

Involve of military/defense/DOD and National Security Assets and persons in efforts to accuse me of Treason, engage in homicide against my person and other plays upon death penalty processes indicate that. Supporting homicide and extra judicial harms and euthanasia via their want to invent Treason claims against me.

This serves to nullify contributions that others in US Armed Forces would make during war time by their, and State's, acts to commit felonies and child rapes against my person, property, and finances with me being a US Citizen, a non combatant, non military person and these crimes and atrocities done to me on US soil during peace time.

NY State:

Most of these crimes against my person, property, and finances took place in New York State USA many with me being a child.

State later employed the use of shills including faux friends for me who have parents in Niagara County law and Social Services, and later install of a wife (femme fatale) who would be used to enact harms to me in protection of abusive parents and clergy who have friends in the law. Those harms include my murder and other abuse and tortures.

State conspired in the hate crimes done to me that include vivisection with a knife in 1981 in Wilson NY in their Ambulance, the arson of homes by my father and others, the murder of two neighbor boys by my father, and other atrocities including the rape of my sister and I as children.

The shills were used to commit the hate crimes in 1981, later to conspire in degree frauds and other homicide efforts at SUNY Buffalo and otherwise.

And later State engaged in employment frauds while I was working for SUNY Buffalo where more harms were caused including the installation of the femme fatale in lieu of wife who would attempt murder to suppress witness.

US IRS, DOD, USPS et al:

This employ with SUNY Buffalo would then extend to and involve others including US IRS, US Postal Service, and later DOD with Raytheon who would also conspire in and fund the homicide and obstruction/Treason efforts.

The US IRS, DOD, USPS et al were aware of the atrocities done to me, and the fact my parents and friends and spouse are involved, yet State remained silent and conspired in further harms and obstruction of justice.

I was specifically mocked on the job by USPS and DOD/Raytheon for child rapes done to my sister and I and the hate crime-lynching I was subjected to in 1981.


The frauds and felonies extended and continued in 2005 when I was forced to leave New York State USA following wife's homicide efforts where Arizona and US DOD Raytheon made homicide efforts and other denials of service.

I was specifically defrauded in new vehicle purchase contracts with General Motors, my father's employer and Raytheon partner, as well as my already conflicted and fiat New York and Arizona driving license.

Arizona sought to bargain in an effort not to revoke the driving right based on the harms New York caused, despite the fact they can't invoke a legal process at all to do so, immunity at both State and Federal levels does that. And this was done in order to modify forensics of the injury they don't want to admit are there and by that replace it with something else, specifically mental illness which is of course not possible or efficacious and would also be criminal since it denies forensic value of evidence.

This is further obstruction and collusion.


The attack at Raytheon Tucson Arizona USA and Diehl BGT Defence in Ueberlingen Germany 07/25/2005 was premeditated and spoken to back in NY in 2003 and was done of course to make another effort to euthanize me. My wife (femme fatale) is a German National and the Lutheran Church (Germanic) is involved in the 1981 hate crimes done to me.

Germany conspires and likely trained the former spouse as a spy and terrorist using Stasi and other approaches. The former spouse's (femme fatale Heike Jones Nee Guggenmos ) uncle is a member of the East German Secret Police AKA Stasi.

In Summary:

Then the hope was to dismiss all of this with the age old American Mantra Oh Well this is just divorce....

Not so fast.

So then like the medical and degree and now taxation frauds, State hoped to justify one fraud and felony with another and then get the victim to validate it for them.

IRS and Albany Tax further steal monies held related to the divorce and employment frauds.

Albany Tax threatens me in that they offer I need to do something or they will take the money. This says they can't collect it and I don't owe them any taxes.

They offer this is not related to the divorce and for TY2003 it has to be since the monies were donated to the femme fatale hoping to validate me as being wrong. This is a smear, assassination of my character and person in total and in fact.

I was actually told by a female employee of NY State Tax in Albany NY USA on the phone in late 2014 that this does not relate to the divorce. In effect saying this is not about the money. A fraud on the face of it again.

This again looks the omnipresent notion of death and taxes they used in their want to invent Treason and use that to justify murder of me.

They then justified this extra judicial harm after the fact as being punitive and it can't be.

They refuse to service the debt now, refuse to identify who they are, are verbally abusive and make threats, won't indicate their service address, delay the process, invent monies and penalties that they want to assess arising from their delays of the process, etc.

Criminal in total. Witness suppression, intimidation, collusion, extortion, blackmail, homicide, and witness murder.

This proves theft again and now they steal monies from an account courts held back in 2003 that was never released to me.

I continue to suffer harm just from the banking products denied to me, and frauds and slanders on my credit reports for no reason, etc.

Now NYS Tax in Albany misrepresents the IRS, claims that IRS notified them of un-reported income in 2007 which is of course not true. None of that establishes residency (NY or USA) and based on the fact I was denied service and harmed and euthanized by State, none of my homes were serviceable. I now know of this.

That and IRS makes no claims, refuses to respond to my complaints related to theft of my identity, how abusive parents and spouse share this information so others can attack me, etc. They are both criminally negligent and culpable. Homicide is still murder.

My SSN is now useless in total from that fact and the fact SSA knew I was Stateless all along, child harms are too severe.

One harm is used to cover the other, handicap is used to dilute the notion of being Stateless and Immune and by that not employable or able to own property.

Poverty is compelled by theft and other tactics by the State, Law, Police and their criminal shills and friends. Vanity proves that again and of premeditation as well as it being directed at me, and offers still I need to accept this as punishment, hogwash!

NY did this blame of the IRS now to move the window along to be seven years looking back from 2014 when in fact IRS completed their audit for TY2003 and reduced taxable income to ZERO. IRS then issued me a check for $1700.00 which is of course not enough.

This was completed while I was in Tucson Arizona in late 2005. I have no taxable income from that point forward and now learn all years will be subjected to refund and punitive and interest amounts paid to me for accrued interest on accretive losses and costs of "loaning" this money to State to sponsor more homicides of my person.

NY and others want to steal more money to justify the fact they are right and I am wrong. I am not wrong, they are, and it took me many decades to discover their crimes.

For one State used my abusive parents and medical providers against me to compel these crimes for over 20 years just from 1981 and in fact back to my birth in 1961.

This is same prejudice offered by local law enforcement and judges who agreed to conspire in hate crimes and child rapes of me and then validate them as being right by bullying on fabricated motor vehicle stops and vehicular citations.

Also with offers of this being punitive, nonsense! My father for instance was lead tough guy with the stick on this. Shame on you.

This is contempt of their own courts and the law.

It is now 06/2015. Nothing is resolved.

If State spent its time and my money prosecuting felons, instead of committing felonies, and in that proving it knows everything presumably in order to play God, in protection and support of Church crimes and frauds, then you'd have a legitimate State body and not a Mafia as you do.

Your Police and Military don't belong in God Play scenarios in order to rape your children and innocents.

And all of your presumed escapades designed to compel your mental health and other fraudulent agendas do a number of harmful things to the State:

It tells others they can victimize the victim again and act with impunity since there will be no recourse for breaking the law related to them. State exploits their crimes anew.

They leak valuable information about victims and the felons who harmed them.

It mocks the law in total since it disrespects the law and victims as well as the truth. Brags of being omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient lead and follow.

And it looks like the want to retaliate for the fact the victim suffers harm, pretend that is just, mock the law and retaliate for the law's failings, and then turn the problem into something worse.

You can't accuse an innocent adult or child of anything since for you there is no crime.

Since there is no crime and their are no victims then you have no service since you have no State since you have no people to protect or serve.

I think you are hoping to prove to me I am wrong and deserved the child harms based on your notion of inverting your problem, inventing time travel, and then hoping to claim you are smarter than I am and know more about computers than I do thereby making you right.

You are wrong. Nothing I fail to know or do, my ignorance related to anything even when I was a child, will absolve you of your guilt and crimes.

You are wrong on all of that and more.

Computers won't solve this problem for you and they get you into this trouble anew, they can be used to send you this email. If you can't read this, then you are not even close. You need to think for yourselves.

Read your own bumper sticker.

If you can't read this, then you are not a cop.


Other than that you deny service to the People and then invite others to retaliate, blame and attack likely others who look or act like me, and/or arrest and jail innocents for my father's crimes and yours.

You have too many loose ends and just pretending to be busy does not solve it for you.

You have time to run all over the place making a mess and vanity plays for your victims, why not arrest and convict these felons instead of making it into a movie?

Point is you are willing to harm your children as you did to me and murder the victims since they can witness that says you'd wrongly accuse others for your acts and those of your friends like my father et al.

Point is you are protecting these felons and child molesters.

And you have involved too many others over the course of too many years (50+) to do so.

And in that committed well over 100 violent, sexual, and financial felonies to make it not work. Some of those could easily lead to death penalties for those Class A felonies that would include murder and treason.

You wanted them to get away with this and for your dirty little secret to remain secret.


For you now, the trap in all of this is that you refuse and/or don't want to be a victim of your own non solutions.