How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Spirits In The Material World

Given the fact you want to offer the notion of the embodiment (manifestation) of a spirit and offer that Jesus was God in the flesh, this could apply to any person past, present, or future. You'd diminish the value of a savior via that as well.

You won't know that this has specific merit to make the associations you do. Or would want to do. You ascribe merit to the fact you can associate any proof you have with the want to claim:

1) Your faith is right about all of it. Maybe yours is the only one...

2) There is some relation to the fact your proof and witness proves God, say with some event or spirit based offer.

3) And that this manifestation of proof proves God overall and supports your belief system and you can take credit for knowing that and this relates to the Universe overall.

That is not possible. Since you have not visited the nearest solar system to prove that this applies to ALL others.

Decay/malfeasance of state is shielded from law and recourse in USA now using God approaches in that we no longer need proof, but merely faith, not to serve you.

In God We Trust is the ultimate slap in the face by law enforcement and police and State in USA who decide to break laws not to serve anyone, and deny service to all and then blame God for their want to play God as they do.

That is done with the offer all State crimes are punitive and now extra judicial proving merit motive and guilt, and that God is the one doing them to you.

Frauds by the State and Church.

And I have proof of that ongoing.

The crimes done to me are enough along with the invented and scripted and predictive vanity of them.... Godplay by State and a Kosmic Fraud.

This is the problem with people of faith and State, where guys like me, who the older we get, and the more we know, the more we realize what we don't know.

People like those of faith and State seem to have all the answers all the time and that really is not possible. I've lived with such abusive people for over 50 years now and it never works out.

Wherever you are at you are lost since you are too smart and proud to ask for directions since you know it all.

And have all the answers. You are all push and output. All the time.

Problem again is that since your State is out of business you decided to turn it into a charity.



Offer of spirits and the notions of demons etc does nothing to support notion of God..

It does not mean these entities created the universe or work in harmony...

Perhaps chaotic spirits you do not understand...

Needs to have nothing to do with theism..

Unless you associate it as such.

And just because you can destroy something or harm it or someone does not mean you can create it... or control it and have blessings to do so.

Doing so does not prove or disprove God either..

Re: Heroes in fiction and Superman paradigms...suspension of disbelief.

I'd say not. They might be seen as replacements to or offers to discredit everyday belief systems... explain and humanize that which you can not comprehend and by that pass on to God.

They might replace and supplant fraudulent or misguided commonplace "belief" systems...


Christians spend too much time as does CNN the other day attempting to legally install the Church in lieu of Muslims in the White House and by that cite that Muslim faith is not supported in the US Constitution and I say neither is Jesuit faith or any other.

Stop finding fault with another bad religion to solve the fact your Church is a fraud and you are getting caught on it now.

State is to blame since Church got too far installed in the Law and White House and they let it go on too long.

Address the flaws in your faith and stop blaming others for it or comparing yours to theirs since you are both wrong.

9/11 looks to be the new Kosmic whipping boy and scape goat and whatever happened there matters less now since you were lied to about it and this is the new Jesus is the way since Muslims are wrong solution that USA shucks on you all...

USA obviously is caught in many lies there now and it is again about making Christianity the USA's official but illegal faith... and you admit murder on that lie(s).


No offense to you but you are being misled. This is a charismatic and effective set of frauds designed to play upon your weakness and emotions.

Wise men say make all your decisions standing up and on a full stomach being well rested, I agree with them.

Downside is it is compelled with veiled threats of harm.