How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Comments About Childhood Harm: Scar Tek - To Boldly Go Where No Man Should Go At All.

Things my father did to me that you now offer police protection for him and my mother and sister at my expense over.

Character assassination and other acts of violence including homicide attempts directed at me are used to blame me and to install the notion I can not be trusted, hence their paranoid plans. You helped them in this violent and perverted set of frauds:

Dad attempted to hit me while riding my bike in Lockport NY with his car as he sped past. I was 5.

Dad placed a broken bottle for me to step on barefoot at one of NY's finger lakes. I was 4.

Dad admitted to burning down a black family's home across the street from us when I was a child. I was 3.

Dad and his friends in the law produced child pornography with my sister and I as kid stars. Sexual abuse was part of this plan.

Dad conspired in the 1981 vivisection and lynch mob attack that crippled my left arm and hand. I was 20.

Dad commented to mom when my sister was newly born how he wanted to have oral sex with Jennifer in her crib. My mother instructed him not now, not in front of Terry and to wait and yes they can take photos later. I want to eat that he said.

My father was not willing to wait and said that I was too stupid to matter, and my mother made him put their orgy off till later insisting I will remember. This tells me that both my mother and father are willing participants in this harm.

Events I prefer did not happen and was forced to forget:

When I was about 2 or 3 my parents had me between them in their bed and both mom and dad took turns attempting to suffocate me with a pillow. I can think back now and still recall how terrified I was of this thinking I would die.

When I was about 3 or 4 years old my parents visited friends of theirs at one of New York States's finger lakes, I am not sure if it was Seneca Lake or not, I was too young and may not have been told. The Mombergers bred Westhighland Terriers and my parents ended up getting one of them at some point. We visited there and stayed at a cabin along the lake. One day I went down to the lake to swim and my father took me, as I waded into the lake barefoot I stepped onto a broken bottle and cut my foot to shreds. I now come to learn that my father placed the broken bottle bottom there for me to step onto and led me to that point to have that "accident". Dick Momberger came down to see what was wrong and my father's dialog indicated guilt, he became defensive, acted as though he cared, he did not, and thought it funny really, and claimed he checked the whole beach and found nothing. Momberger said this does not sound right, how could you check the whole beach and why bother telling me about it? Later on Mom said basically the same thing and they fought and I thought here we go again I must have done something else wrong, and the gist of it was that dad did this intentionally. It is true.

Discussions later had my father offering to purchase a dog from them in some lame effort at making this ok and Momberger basically said I don't want your business and won't sell it to you. This is a typical and now saddening set of situations that will repeat for most of my life with these people. I witnessed this embarrassing and shameful display among others. The Momberger's perspective is that if you will harm a child, your own, this way, then you will mistreat a pet. He has that right. I don't think they were comfortable letting me ride back with mom and dad in the car, and I can see why, the police should have been called.

Soon after that my parents came up with a Westhighland Terrier dog and the claim was they were going to breed them to make money or some such nonsense. One day my father performed some kind of blood letting ritual on the dog on the back porch and it screamed bloody murder in the process, I think he carved apart its tail and there was blood all over the place and he came back into the living room saying he hoped this worked. I really think this was some kind of psychological ploy designed to cover for the other perverted and violent things done to me as a child. There are a number of these forms of "covers" which are scripted dramas designed to replace vanities of one event with a different one. Used later to discredit my witness.

My grandmother, Helen Jones, dad's mom, lived at 36 Waterman Street in Lockport NY 14094 and I used to visit her all the time when I was young. I now feel she was involved in the harm and I never would have thought this but here we are again, it looks that way. When I was a boy I'd stay there over the weekend so my parents could likely have sex, harm other kids, and burn down homes, but I recall a number of problems. And it appears that grandma Jones was setting me up to have accidents. I often had to replace those screw in Buss fuses with the glass covers in the fuse box in the basement for her. Of course the box is water soaked, rusty, all wet, the floors are damp and wet down there and I am about 5 years old. I should not have been doing that task alone. I almost lost my arm when I was left alone with her old style ringer washing machine and got my clothes caught in the wringer. I could not get free from the machine and almost lost my arm in it.

Later on she purchased a bike for me to ride when I was up there and this was told to me as being our secret, dad was not to know about it. This was a ploy so he could later deny knowing I had one. I was riding one day on Park Place a short street one over from Grandma's place and as I approached the curb a car came flying at me way too fast and almost hit me and dumped me onto the curb. It was dad and he was grinning maniacally over his stunt. Grandma suggested I go ride that day so I did. I went home to her place and asked if dad was there, and she quickly replied nope, she was guilty and lying to me. So they must have arranged that. Dad later retaliated for the fact I kept that from him and actually blamed me as an adult for that. This speaks to the character and judgment of these people and for all that I get to pay with my life for it? Good plan that.

Note that the hit and run attempt my father made on me while I rode my bike in Lockport NY circa 1966 relates to the death of his friend's son, Joe Steblein Jr. Joe Steblein Sr. is a NY State Trooper who helped my father build his home at 4483 East Lake Rd Wilson NY 14172. There is an endowment in his name at the Police Academy at Niagara University in Lewiston NY. This relates somehow I feel. Others must have known about Dad and his Police friends and dad's efforts to harm me including hitting me on my bike with his car. My own grandmother conspired in that.

It should be renamed Stabline.

My father bases the foundation of his abuse, and this really is horrid violence, abuse is when you punch a child, when you set out to sever a hand or blood let a child's foot, this is something at a new level, he bases this on the notion his father was bad to he and Grandma. He never was very specific, and I am left to assume that Grandpa Jones was a bad person but then again I don't know any more. I now recall that my Grandmother Helen Jones was involved in this violence.

I prefer NOT to believe any of this myself, but once you see some of the violence and know it is factually true, then you open the door to the rest. I am more receptive to the notion that these people harmed me intentionally and this is harm leading to death. The potential for lethality in most of these events is quite high. Especially when you are talking about a child or young boy.

At this point his justifications look as they should, lame, histrionic, and paranoid as well as contrived and invented to cover for his guilt and shame. This man and his dialog to me and others has been manifested of just that, it is pathological and avoidant of the fact he is what he is. A monster. I wanted not to think of my father this way and this is the product of this abuse, I had to live there. And my mother is involved as is my Grandmother and likely other family members. Since nobody spoke to me about it, not even in private or confidence, that says they were for it. Either you stand against it or you are for it and likely some of them are actively involved as well. The military connections as well as associations with Church groups, etc make that likely. This is a bona fide hate cult, and my parents are part of that and so is Doug Golde and my former spouse.

Perfection and the offer of same by my father manifests itself in a number of ways. First off he and his actions indicate to me and to others and to himself that he is perfect, he is never wrong about anything and never has been. This is then used in a way where this vanity is applied to me and inverted, that being I am wrong. Since he is never wrong, and we don't agree, he sees it as such since he is not on my side, and I did not know that, then by this math, I am wrong and he is right. Since he wants to dissociate the harm caused me from his actions, he needs to do this, that being always be right and then make sure that this is all my fault and not his, in that there is no causal relation between his actions and harm caused me since he unannounces the relation(s).

From that it extends to a number of other dysfunctions. I might make one wrong assumption, and by inverting his perfection, since I make one error in logic or memory then I am wrong about all things now. As impossible as his self invented predicament, in that he is never wrong and I am always wrong. Insanity.

Around the same time, when I was too young to attend Kindergarten, my father admitted to me burning down the home across the street. We lived at 233 Washington Street in Wilson NY 14172. A black family was forced to leave since the home bumed to the ground. It is likely that the firemen and William Ganshaw, the town magistrate and wearer of many hats, conspired in that crime.

This is a new house that has been built where the original one burned. Notice the original sidewalk stones still in place from the old home:

238 Washington Street Wilson NY 14172 USA

Offers of motives for the crimes against me:

Blame the victim is their last line of defense in this. When in reality they have committed many violent felonies against me, I have done nothing wrong, and now they expect me to pay for it.

And you helped.

My parents live at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA

Your doctors there conspired in this harm and did so based on specific vanity they seemed to have knowledge of that said they support taking the law into their own hands to harm people based on hearsay and rumor.

Your sense of (self deprecating) humor and the want to take the law into your own hands has gotten the better of you.

From your website --

"If you believe the practice or the service provided by a licensee or registrant of the above-named boards or commissions to be unethical, immoral, below an acceptable standard of practice or out of the scope of the profession, you are urged to file a Statement of Complaint Form with the Department of State."

From NY's Office of Child and Family Services website --

"The court can only order such visitation when it determines that it is in the best interests of the child. Such a determination is made on a case-by-case basis. However, the wishes of the parents must be given deference by the court (Hertz v. Hertz, 738 NYS2d 62)."

I think you have been had. You did this to retaliate and that is you offered motive but in reality you do it to protect pedophiles and medical providers who partake in such child harms. This is a complete fabrication and agents of the State are involved in making that happen.

You have a problem with wavelength, period, Lambda, time travel, Lissajous Figures, and God play. This is a hoax, one of many, that you acted upon to harm me.

I don't pay you for debts I don't owe anyone else for things they steal from me that would be used to later assassinate my character and my person in fact.


The later soap operas and ongoing drama with time travel, and the other approaches are brags and mocks that even other friends got involved in of the ilk; Dr. Who, The Tardis, Lissajous Figures, and the rest of the scripted and engineered harm where you all said it is not enough to molest and murder the boy, lets make it a sport and a game and kill him with it along the way later in life.

This is where the National Lampoon comes into focus, mock the nation and the nation mocks you, do you take yourselves that seriously? Whack A Mole, Post Natal Abortion, Shall Not Reproduce (Sounds like a Eugenics plan), Give You A Clinton, Rah Singh, Don't hurt yourself or anyone else and the rest of the statements made to me circa 1984 about what was to come by faux friends and live in money lovers who would be killers.

This is a link up with vanity from thefts of electronic equipment and components from me when I was a child including a purchase of a Vacuum Tube Volt Meter from Trigger Electronics in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. I saved for better part of a year as a child to purchase the Eico analog VTVM that was over $300, a lot of money to me in 1976. The company claimed it was shipped and I never received it and my father refused to allow me to purchase it on his credit card like I asked in order to protect me from this kind of fraud should it happen. I was unable to get my money returned and the USPS was involved since it was purchased with one of their money orders. I should have had some recourse but nobody was willing to help me. I later had to save up that much again and purchase a Fluke DMM but really also wanted the VTVM for other reasons. With my parents doing what they did I will never know the truth of what was done. My father proudly brags just that "You will never get the truth from me." Oh boy!

In addition my mother would constantly take electronic parts orders with capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits and tools and toss them in the garbage with the claim "You don't need those." So nothing I did to educate myself was needed since I was going to be dead anyway. Akin to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. A constant waste of money and time and I'd frequently make parts orders for hundreds of dollars from DigiKey in Thief River Falls MN and Allied Electronics as well as Jameco in CA.

Lissajous Figures are generated on an oscilloscope by not using the normal time axis mode of horizontal deflection making it time periodic. Instead you use the amplifier/attenuator as you do with the vertical axis and measure both deflection waveforms combined. As in you control time. You don't, it moves in one direction, forward, and that never changes. Thinking you do means you'd be delusional, having delusions of grandeur, and likely would be living a fantasy and would be a criminal.

Perfect oracles who predict their crimes.

In a man's life this would mean you play God and have him travel back and forth through time by being oracles who plot their crimes against him as my wife said in advance and brag about them along the way. As in I have told you all that I am going to do to you and I am going to kill you. And she would brag about and mention the time, date, place, and method of the murder using stories and other scripted plays in your day to day life with her and her friends in the lynch mob. Of course they were all lies and not about what she was talking about but about me.

This explains the physics/math of it very well, I can tell you how it is used to murder a child, a boy, and a man:

And the Greek Letter Lambda carved into my arm is the symbol used to indicate wave length. In this case location location location matters and 20 is your number. Also could be seen as a T for period.