How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Road Blocks

This is largely getting you to defeat yourselves and with the fact your Police are paranoid child raping lunatics who alienate any victims of crime in the USA & this is what you get.

Nobody will help you.

Now you will get caught again in your own witch hunts with more paranoid manifestations of nothing, something, or that which you prefer to ignore.

You spend all your time as Police tripping over and ignoring your last mistakes like me that made you deaf, dumb, and blind... with all of us looking like "some guy"...

You as Police in the USA are too busy screwing everyone and then celebrating by soaking your head in buckets of your own piss.

The movie "The Matrix" is about me or people like me, we don't just disappear since you decided to deny us justice.

You will end up tripping over thousands of versions of your mistakes making it impossible for you to keep track of YOUR crimes...

This will remain forever and with each child you rape in the night or with a knife...