How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Restitution Demands To State(s).

I am writing again to reiterate my demands for payment and restitution from the State and other employees who have conspired in this violent harm to me while working and attending school at SUNY Buffalo and other Western NY employers.

SUNY Buffalo, CEDARTECH, Inc., Dr. Sargur Srihari, and others conspired in this benefits, and other fraud by compelling this marriage, and employments under duress in a venture to cause me harm, injury, and death and to keep the State from having to pay claims just like these.

I have additional witness made to you and law enforcement and the courts related to this complaint and I have done nothing but work on this and making notes and written witness to these events. I am adding this to my current complaints with your offices and others.

My former spouse Heike Helga Jones continues to enjoy her full salary and benefits working for SUNY Buffalo libraries in what has to be the most insulting of courtesy positions one could imagine making over $45,000.00/year doing nothing more than managing a poetry collection. An odd task for a German native/citizen and non US person with English as their SECOND language and for someone who could have been put to death for the harm caused to me.

From this and your actions as a State you are telling others the following and the people seem to agree with me:

That you endorse violent and perverse harm of adults and children.

You prefer to reward violent felons and child abusers at the expense of the victims and the people of the State of NY and the USA.

You must see a cost benefit in not enforcing the law and hope to send the victims of crime the bill for the violent, and perverse actions of your employees, police, doctors, and clergy.

You pay these people for their silence, you hoped to compel/endorse and sponsor my silence, and barring that it does far more than look bad. Ask me about my scars.

Barring that you hope to compel the death of the victim in a cost model that says you owe me more than I am worth as a human being.

You invest in crippling and killing and bankrupting the best and most gifted engineers and scientists so they can not work and support themselves or you or others. Making it impossible for them to contribute to your society.