How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Religious Brain Washers

Religious Brainwashing Checklist --

Faith Is Evidence:

This offers that Bible is true and correct and you are expected to believe what does not make sense and allow faith to fill in the gaps.

There is no proof any Jesus existed or that these texts are factual and true. You have no witness.

Reason Is Irrational:

Using logic to say that people don't live to be 777 or 500 years old, or that murder of an innocent pays for your sins, or that some dead person suffers for you is of course something those of faith would want to counter. They know the weak spots in their foundation and also rely on sophistry and specious offers and frauds marketed as miracles. Virgin birth is one of them. Why bother?

Love Is Conditional:

And of course forgive me for me slapping your cheek and join us or else.

Tolerance Is Divisive:

Be sure to shift the blame unto some other notion of faith and use their wrongs to conceal yours and to invent the need for your faith. One does not imply the other and as you accept murder of an innocent by proxy you now accept that another faith and their warts solves yours. They do not and are not related at all. Your crimes are yours.

Wisdom Is Foolish:

Again using logic and knowledge to counter those who want to be lording over you is wrong. Stop making sense please in other words.

Fantasy Is Reality:

Do not worry about rational thought and reason since you can solve all problems by not doing so, blaming someone else, and letting God handle it all.

Atrocities Are God's Just Sword:

Blame victims of horrors and covert harms enacted by Church as being deserved since they are bad Christians etc. All violence is justice.