How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Summary Of Complaints Against Dr. Raghu and Dr. Lopez

Here is a summary of complaints related to your criminal behavior along with how it relates to other crimes against my person and property:

Your medicine was essentially sophistry, intentional medical harm, witness suppression, obstruction of justice, and one of the best ways to murder a victim of violent crime and child abuse going.

I was threatened in multiple ways and at multiple times by my former spouse and others including staff and other guests in Brylin during this.

Every way you look at this it is vigilante medicine and smacks of reprisal with offers it has legal blessings. It does not. It also looks like a way to blame me for coming to you in the first place, and a way to accuse me of your crimes and the State's crimes medically.

It also looks like what you offer my father and cater to their ignorance in that, a guilt offering and self harm to atone for their sins. They won't make it right with me so it is over. They are not contrite and wanted me dead and gone. You helped in that effort. You go to jail with them.

Ego is part of that, you are far smarter than me and so is my father and need to prove that even if you need to knife me in the back and lie about it to my face.

You enabled and compelled me into the care of some of the most horrid felons one could imagine.

You would have us believe that the problems were intrinsic to me, the victim. They are not. Obviously and you knew that all along.

You offer those doing it a solution that replaces injury with illness and removes their crimes in the process. All at the expense of the victim. I would not have bothered tripping over who is the victim and who's injuries these are and who the criminals are to be fair. Since you did just that, you offer motive for your extra judicial homicide in pill form.

Your offers of attending a Church (The Chapel) with you complete that Kosmic Kaper. This is after Heike attempts to murder me using your poisons and lies to do so. Summer 2003, 22 years after me being knifed in the back. We got nowhere for over two decades thanks to you and her. Now add ten more years.

The former spouse Heike Helga Jones FKA Heike Helga Berlind FKA Heike Helga Guggenmos SSN 042-84-4676 DOB 01/01/1963 was a State sponsored shill, and femme fatale and you made it possible thus for for her to get away with murder.

Heike married me with the intent to harm me. She drugged me initially to compel and create the condition for which you wanted to treat me and by that apply stigma, and blame, and to discredit my witness. You and she will NOT prevail in that effort.

You were aware of this and the fact she had caused me harm at the start. Your diagnostics would uncover the fact I was drugged. Why did you not indicate that fact to me in 1994?

This conveniently dovetails with other attempts at vehicular assault and attempted murder and your want to accuse me of something you could never prove. That being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when someone else attempted to murder me behind the wheel. You did just that and you have nothing you can accuse me of and never will and now all you have is you and those you conspire with to murder me. You have no intercept and no stop. All you have is you and your murder attempts and violent hate with a knife. It now is medical retaliation once more and witness suppression.

Furthermore anyone hoping to do what you claim to be able to do, would check for that FIRST. Your diagnosis and your diagnostic suites are a sham. That and it is no up to you to play cop.

Using the wife to do this says she is not a spouse. And never was. She has other impediments to marriage as well, this one along with the rest all end it for her and you. I only need one of them. I have about ten.

Second you would understand if the person was being harmed by family or friends or employers.

Next you would determine if the person was a victim of violence.

In all of those cases you would and did find that I was a victim of ALL of that and more.

I was not aware that I had been violently lynched and vivisected with a knife in 1981 to render my left hand useless.

I was told this was a car accident and you exploited that untruth and used it to allow those who visited that violent hate upon me to go free. And you compelled me back into their care and catered to THEIR judgment over mine. Your associates at Brylin knew that immediately but said nothing to me. They asked me about it and looked and essentially said "Yeah right!" and stormed out of the room when I told how that injury and scar on my left arm was made in a car accident.

You knew all of this and the fact my mother and father are involved, and lied to me about it for over 22 years.

You have a car problem, and a fetish for cutlery and cars with this. Those themes repeat throughout this fraud.

I'd call you a quack but you sir are a felon, child rapist, and axe murderer with a prescription pad.

More permanent harm and injury has been caused thanks to you as though there was not enough already. Now my wife will hide behind and blame you and you will hide behind and blame her.

You all discussed this already with the want to see me alone, and the comments below putting the gun in her hand telling her to use it. Why? The State is at fault here and so are you.

You conspire in violent felonies, hate crimes, harm of children, child pornography and the making of such, extra judicial murder, and the list goes on.

Your offers of "hospitalization" ended up being more abuse, trauma caused me, and vanity plays designed to make the situation worse and not better. This followed up with more disrespect and abuse from your office staff and at home and work for me.

I worked for the State of NY and the Federal Government. NY State is to blame and the Federal Government said so already. You and they are going to pay for this.

Your efforts were being used to criminalize the victim, to cleanse the felons who attacked him, and then to blame and assassinate the character of the victim.

In the end of it, you commit professional and personal suicide and end up wearing my blood and the crap you tossed onto me by shedding more of it.

I'd like to see you prosecuted and incarcerated for a term of not less than 20 years. Attica is a nice place I hear.

The wife should be prosecuted as a spy and terrorist and should be put to death in a US Federal death chamber.

I've spent the last ten years alone and making this witness and nearly died more than 5 times from the injuries she caused me and you knew this.

You did NOTHING to treat those injuries or the ones I had prior to that event in 2003. If a man comes to you for help with a knife in his back do you ignore the knife and hope to medicate it away virtually? Or to place he and you into some kind of fantasy land that has you enriched beyond your wildest imagination by profiting from his pain?

I spent ten years living with an abusive and murdering spouse who was there for profit, to cause harm and death, and to make your quackery possible. The State used you both to get away with violent hate and abuse and harm to me as a child.

My father and his friends in the law are involved. They like to have sex with kids like me and animals and take photos.

Did you miss the obvious on this Raghu? I'd say yes. Tell your friend Srihari good luck working with the DOJ on this.

Some of your better quotes you made to me:

"This is all about money for me, I don't care either way" - Not much I need to add to that inspiring quote.

"I can dispense medicine or poison." - Invention of a legal loophole for you. So when things go bad you can call the harm efficacious and medically necessary. Shooting me in the head with the starter pack of Seroquel that you never bothered writing a prescription for and that caused brain injury when my wife forced me to ingest one of the needless pills, was not making your case any better for you. Your slipshod ethic and practice will only serve to deepen your and her dilemma. I told you the program was not working out and it had problems, still you persisted and could not be told you are wrong and had to change over to Plan C. Plans A and B are a sham and were exposed as such, now instead of admitting you are wrong you need to see if 3 + M wrongs == Right. No such luck. Making it 3 + M + N where M and N are integers, still adds up to you being wrong.

Your ignorance to that then caused me injury and essentially death. I now can not work thanks to you and her and others who hide behind you both. The law is to blame here. Police are involved. You assume they had the right to cut me like this and that all they do is right. It is not of course. Another fallacy you acted upon.

"We don't know how it works." - This inspires confidence and tells me what I now know to be true. Your offers of "illness" are a hoax. And your diagnostics are pure bullshit.

"People who don't take their medications lose their families." - This tells me that there was no resolution with my family since none of you decided to see a problem. Instead you want to blame it on your child victims and sex toys you prefer to toss in the trash when you are done sodomizing us in our diapers and taking photos. Don't forget the cucumber in my infant asshole and the photo of that, I'd not want to be the vegetable in the picture, you are.

My father discussed this plan to euthanize me informally with my Great Uncle Arthur Baker when I was 9. He essentially spoke to just what went on here and the State's involvement in it all along. Covertly of course. This was determined long ago and it made no difference that I was an innocent victim of crime. Your ship of fools in the USS Titanic went full throttle all the way to the bottom. Your battleship looks sunk.

The knife wounds ruin it for you since the Police compelled the lynch mob and were on the scene in 1981. The knife wounds were made in the Wilson NY Ambulance and I cooperated with Police and Fire Rescue crews. They planned this all along. You knew that also. The medical connection with them, Dr. Argue, Dr. Denzel, and Dr. Castle who took his own life and later Dr. Ritzenthaler who admitted they harmed me is plain as day.

I have a mouth full of perfectly good teeth drilled to oblivion and filled to the brim with amalgam all done needlessly and for profit. Why? Since you and Castle knew Dad had good insurance with General Motors, why not doctor it up and fix all his perverted sins with it? I have not been to a dentist since 1981 and stopped having bad teeth when I stopped going to the dentist. You fall into the same kettle of dead fish I plan to fry in the barrel of quacks you live in.

"You could be having false memories." - This is another cover designed to discredit my witness against knife wounds in a boy's tricep that we are told are resulting from an accident where he drove his car backwards into a Lutheran Church with his elbow out the window and backing into a wayward steak knife three or more times to make that wound and sever his ulnar nerve. You could also believe that you can predict the future and turn Lead into Rhodium but I no longer believe a word you would say about this or anyone else. I'd not drink a cup of coffee left in your care or offered by you or your staff and I would NOT leave you in the care of children or disabled people. Ever.

"It can be placed in food or drink and you'd not know it." - To the point made above. This told Heike what she needed to know. Thanks for that. Welcome to Club Femme Fatale gets lessons in how to shoot the gun for profit and blood letting fun.

"People who are depressed for two weeks or more are bipolar." - Right and people who have poor hygiene also. One does not imply the other. Things that taste bad are often good for us but that does not mean that all things tasting good are bad for us. The obverse and converse offer the same problem, again specious logic and lies told to ignorant felons like my wife and father serve their agenda of murdering their kids they tried to murder. You knew of the infanticide and pedophilia since my mother was institutionalized for it. And you work with the Police who you knew were guilty in the worst way on this.

I know people who lose a spouse who never recover from that, they are not mentally ill, they are injured. This is grief and mourning. I have cranial defect and injury made to me as an infant, you knew that, so did the State. I've had people cut me with knives, mutilate my genitals, attempt to murder me, and most of those doing it? My family and friends. Where do you fit in? Again your opportunism is more than usury and predatory. Your ethic is not void, it is criminal.

How about this? Do people who have others cut them with knives, mutilate their genitals, attempt to murder them, have others poison them, and generally have a set of felons chasing them around causing them harm display any signs of this violent behavior being visited upon them. Can you spot those wounds?

"I want to treat you as having bipolar disorder, how do you feel about that?" - I think you have a problem again with consent. Keep in mind, this is Terry's time to educate you for free (Not really, you are going to pay for it...), the notion of consent by children is NOT LEGALLY POSSIBLE until they reach the age of majority and consent. It takes two. That and we never met, this was within the first few moments I talked to you. You arrive at that how? The smell of my wallet?

They are related, it is a legal matter. I come to you to be helped and not harmed, first cause no harm is your mandate. I defer to your expertise but when that ends up having you decide to lie to me, harm me medically, and allow others to visit violent felonies upon me what I think does not matter. Same problem really as showing up in the Hospital's ER with a knife in my back passed out from the attack and having you wonder what I know about it. Instead why not tell me it is there and go from there? What do you and the rest of these people do in your spare time or professionally outside of building a shrine of hate and doom for me? All that you can get away with?

"I don't do counseling." - You don't practice medicine either. This was your excuse to be used later when you are called on the fact you knew about all of this. That being I just cram pills down victims throats until they realize I am a sham and I don't care to discuss any of my findings with them. Reality is not in my best interest or for those who harmed the victim, I just prefer to sedate them and allow the problem to get worse and go on until their death.

Here are some other notes I made about how you and the former spouse are exposed as shills. I add below bodies of complaints I am making about you and her and others and the law suits pending in the US and NY State Courts of Claims and others. You are named in those court actions.

Harm of children has been instrumental in getting the attention of the Federal Government and in particular the US Department of Education.

Sponsoring child pornography and pedophilia as my wife and parents and SUNY Buffalo decided to do by harming me and protecting them, gets you there.

My sister is involved and conflicted, she is ten years my junior, and I think that is one more travesty in this puking mess.

Dr. Oscar Lopez asks me "Where is your degree from?" knowing there is a problem with that, and they are involved in this mess. SUNY Buffalo conspired and retaliated, you and Lopez are part of that sham. This also looks like a faustian bargain being offered to me, I did not accept it.

I was being harmed on the job as part of this process and you took part in that also. There are deprivation based harms of course and you exacerbated them, exploited them, and enabled more of them and took advantage of the crimes of my parents to that end. You ascribe dysfunction and blame where there is none or it is caused by the situation and not the victim. Again you do this intentionally as part of your program to make the victim look bad and the State look good.

My parents were used to take advantage of those deprivation based harms, namely an excessive work schedule with work weeks always being 7 days per week with some of my weekly hours being in excess of 100 hours per week. I was paid for 37.5 hours. You used them to exploit, exacerbate, and compel more of such harm including poor diet, and lack of an exercise regimen to name a few. You used them to cause me harm and they used you to cause me harm, and Heike is another factor and you all sat around waiting for my Golden Goose to pop money into your laps. Sounds right so far. You all had a vested interest in seeing me fail, so you thought.

Unfortunately for all of you one might assume no blood no foul but you had no legal right to cause me harm. This was physical harm and you denied me treatment for physical concerns as well as conspired in the violent harm of the past AND the child abuse. You used all of that for what reason? To let the felons who did it go free. I think your overtures in law enforcement will be off key. The poisons you fed me were just as you said, poison, and that is physical harm my friend.

And there is plenty of blood shed here, it is all mine. It is on your hands now too. You don't do surgery either do you Doctor?

It now led to permanent injury and death. And it was being used to cause harm, there can be NO denial of that by you or others. And it was against the law. This was done to obstruct and to protect my attackers, and parents. Same thing really. Your motives are not only less than pure, they are rotten as hell. And criminal. Your intent was malicious and criminal.

The State is not a child. The State is not a victim. The State did this to itself and me. And you and it and they should pay for it. I have proof of harm, the State has proof of harm to me, and has evidence to incriminate itself. The State has no proof of harm to it by my hand. And never will. There is none. And you have no victims you can produce other than me.

The State enacted this plan from day one, the violent child harm ends that, as does the child porn with dad, mom, and the Police. I expect royalties for my work as a child actor and kid porn star. How many people did you murder with my image and name?

My parents were being coached as to what to say and do and when and in what order. This went on as an adult and I noticed it and I now see how it was being done when I was a child. You were part of that as was educating me wrong about hygiene, dialog and speech, and the rest you'd do to diseducate and anti-educate a child victim. Again talks with my Great Uncle Art Baker confirm you are doing this when I was 8 or 9, and well before. They used you and your sophistry and specious sets of non medicine and non law and non logic to do it.

Again, they are not smart enough to make these kinds of clever but wrong assumptions, assertions, and out and out hogwash. It speaks to others being involved who like to use large words and think they have big brains to go with their big egos.

Discussions with this Barry Covert the mental health designee from Niagara County said just that when he and my father had their, this is not going to work I know he is too smart dialog in dad's living room. That told me post Heike's murder effort in June 2003 that you had set this all up and lied to me about it all along.

You ended up shucking and selling us all on the snake oil that has you provide a silver bullet, panacea, you offered placebo, I guess you knew all along again, in pill form that goes along with your myopic optimism that solves a violent and perverse crime problem with a pill that kills the victims.

You even threatened a death penalty for me then tried to take my life. You have no murders or bodies by my hand and never came to me with a claim. Now I see why you want to do that informally, you'd lose in court and never bothered with all the paper work on it. Guess what? Now you are going to court.

Who did I work for? You asked, did you bother to find out? The IRS. Who is that? The Secret Service. Did they check me out and say they find no blame in me? You bet. What did you want to know? Lets assume I took a life, I did not, you'd never get a death penalty, I have 2 automatic appeals, and death is hard to get. Some walk out of prison after 8 years for taking a life in your State. Now what? You never bothered with even a formal charge let alone bothering with a trial, presenting evidence, and seeking a conviction.

You went for the jugular and hit it but did not sever my head from my neck. Now what? Watch Clint Eastwood's earlier work, Hang 'Em High comes to mind, when you kill a man better be sure to finish the job. A wise guy at Brylin in the early 1990's had it right, this is about something else. He was right. I see it now. And you are on the hook.

Your paradigm, vanity plays, ducks in a row and other scripted behaviors and the logical conclusions and fallacies we are led to indicate premeditation, and intent. This was all contrived, as were the situations and dramas, and the bad medicine is integrated as part of that.

Lopez added after asking me where my degree is from -- "No harm will come to you."

That of course was a huge lie like all the others.