How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Pyramid Of Lies. Legal frauds hoping to remove witness.

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement

I love the pyramid of nonsense approach, this depicts the flavor of attacks people make against me in support of those who violently harmed me and now pretend it never happened or that it is all ok. It is not ok since they are not ok with it, not up to me. They could never resolve it and failed to do it right so it is not ok. I understand the want for everyone to have it be ok, just that they never made it right. Simple really.

You'd need to add to this diagram:

Offer supporting premises as being non supportive. Offer non supporting premises as being supportive. When trapped by the truth and logic, offer non fact.

Offer non sequiturs or unrelated premises as being supportive or not.

Suggest that those offering an argument who made a single error, would discredit the whole foundation of the argument, also wrong to believe.

Shift the onus to perform unto the victim to cover your dereliction. Announce that as his dysfunction.

Accuse victim of your overt acts to retaliate.

The problem again becomes partly solved by statistics for me. In that any reasonable person would adopt my point of view and stance. At some point always being wrong about ALL of it ALL the time, there are numerous violent acts that span over 50 years, tells me a number of things; 1) I am being lied to and about. 2) Those making the claims contrary to me and the truth are just that, contrarian. 3) They know this and know they are wrong, they just prefer to not admit it.

I believed your lies for a long time and wanted to see it "your" way. But upon reflection and getting away from those causing the harm, I find out that I was misled and that I am now right and your are wrong. Seems like a repeat of history does it not? You are too quick to get it wrong and get it done and too slow to get it right.

This is akin to tossing a quarter and having it land neither on heads or tails but on the side of the quarter all the time for thousands of tosses. For some reason I am always wrong. Why is that?

Me being wrong does NOT make you right, and in fact it may explain why I was attacked, offering motive for the crimes against me, that also SUPPORTS what I say to be true. But again, breaking the law to fix a concern does not fix it and this is part of why. I don't need to be perfect and never claimed to be but then again I've done nothing wrong and the world is full of millions and millions of people who are not guilty of a crime, and even if you look really hard you might find an infant or two who are also not born bad. And now that I look at it, all these events were premeditated and these people went there to attack me or had others lead me to them. That ends it. They had knowledge and I did not, they knew who I was and not the other way around, and they set this up in advance on the vanity. It is over.

Again I had another shill poolside in Arizona use the following defenses and attacks by saying of the violence:

"You expect justice."
"The ends justifies the means."
"Everyone has bad parents."

And this implied and suggested I was being unreasonable, quoting Machiavelli makes it ok as though he runs the show in the USA, and then he dismissed it all as being the norm. As he ran around the pool in only his underwear.

As in there is no justice for you since I decided not to grant you any, I am better than you and it won't happen to me, and that is just the way it is. By that, he can somehow rationalize the violence against you the innocent at any level and at all times in your life and his big brain and ego allows that to happen. Even if that means breaking every law in this land.

When I stick the bill for this in your ass maybe someone else will decide he is wrong and that it was too expensive to ignore.

When none of that works, hide behind God and/or Jesus. Watch out for blowjobs at the church and harm of children there also.

Drop back 20 and punt.

And to the real motive as though the offers to blame me are not enough, they lost it here also, BOTH SUPPORT the fact I was attacked, blame me, or NOT blame me. See how that works?

The motivation is to protect the State. It is to protect my parents. It is to protect the doctors, the police, and all who screwed me and screwed this up AND took photos. Blaming me is a rotation, and the real problem is putting the onus to decide upon me, it is not up to you they say, but the real problem is that they are to blame and this is their OBLIGATION to perform. Both are their fault not the victim's.

Now the State and the Police act as though they never make or are not capable of making an error. Really? All that history is wrong too? Where is Elliot Spitzer in that case if you just wanted to worry about New York?

Or what, that we can trust them all now? Right.

I think you painted yourselves into a corner and expect me to help you out. I don't feel a need to after all the 50 years of you making me out to be a fool and human pincushion with a mouth.

I'd see my own mother and/or disabled father, sister, former "wife", put to death for their efforts to murder me and harm a child or adult this way as they did to me. At a minimum they belong in Attica. And know how hard they and you worked to find fault with me, any little thing and the slightest imperfection you could use to accuse me of something, it became your OBSESSION to do so. Every waking moment and bit of free time you had to spend to do this, it must have been exhausting! You make Joe McCarthy look like Superman and this truly is a witch hunt and mud wrestling festival.

Speaking of in poor taste.....

NY State Police Enjoys Fruits Of Their Crimes Wilson NY 14172 USA