How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Pro Paranoid

Paranoid was the plan and that had to even be installed chemically.

See making lies about God's awesome sword or genitalia is upon thee makes that complete.

So the lies and ongoing abuse help there to invent the concern you need to have in order not to be arrested for child rape and murder.

Viola !

Balm of Anti-Victim.

And a salve of State Is Victim.

And a potion of All Are Victims modulo victim.

And then the injection of blame the victim.

The "Fear Of God" with all the faux miracles and real threats and brilliant Police Detective work to make the show what it was...

Poisoned Puppets in Law enforcement re animate Jesus for you.

Do a trick for us.

Raise the dead.

Heal the sick.



Rape a child, make a joke, drown a child and play games...

The point being this is how YOU as a medical provider would be abused to take an innocent life.

Innocence is not needed for you.

PLUS the child harms OR adult harms mandate reports.

Too much emphasis was placed on this notion of depression, and keep in mind the deprivation harms to me are and were severe.

So again that was conveniently overlooked but now looks engineered.

I worked 7 days a week for years, lived in chronic physical pain and stigma from this Church crash in 1981, and barely ate or slept for over a decade.

So. Again, crimes of opportunity and much of depression can be solved in a few seconds with food or sugar or fat.

Starve brain or body and brain says you will do the following:

1) Sleep a form of death.

2) Eat.

3) etc.

I have driven and worked to the point of collapse or exhaustion, the brain shuts you off but can cause you to be paranoid first.

While driving you start to make deals with yourself.

Eventually you will just fall down or sleep at the wheel.

This is clever abuse leading to murder.

And closing the doors on offering those who'd help you by not doing so.

Investing in dead end solutions...

I was also drugged however and my father knew this somehow, I intellectually rationalized it saying this is not me... something has been done to me.

Forms of fear with no basis for them.

I said chemical...

Added to food drink or other things...

It came from the wife to be, Heike Helga Jones... FKA Berlind Nee Guggenmos.?

The vanity repeats on that as was done in Summer 1981 on the knife murder.

I had been threatened at work this accident thing made no sense, people were stalking me and hanging around me now....

Following me in cars, BAD idea.... keep in mind I work for a SUNY Buffalo College.

IRS and USPS and DOD, positions of trust.

They checked and knew this.

We got into this people who do not take their medications lose their friends and families and jobs etc.

My sister says I did nothing to help myself.

This is ALL my fault since I refused to take my medications. etc.

Friends said that a total lie.

This is violent child rape, murder, atrocity... look at the drowning event circa 1964 or so. I was only 3. Had NO legal name yet.... left dead in Canada in the Lake...


My friends are all shills, my family is dead.... my father has killed at least 4 other people I know of.

I have Police involved burning my face with cigars and cigarettes with my mother and father when I was a child.

This really gets no worse.

Using the word excessive is specious....

Where is the intellectual honesty and the Hippocratic Oath?

Barring that? Where is the law?

The doctors are on the hook for Treason and Murder. This is a death penalty problem now.

Same especially for Police and my parents and IRS and DOD...

The point being this is how YOU as a medical provider would be abused to take an innocent life.

Innocence is not needed for you.

PLUS the child harms OR adult harms mandate reports.

In NY you are.

And that is how they drive their car into the paranoid rut this is.

Meaning it is over since they see nothing else, no person, no wounds, no flesh no blood just the miracle of Psychiatric faith.

Like another Kosmic Parrot, Polly wants a paranoid... paranoid paranoid paranoid...

This was the plan all along.

Support child harms by blaming victim later in life.

Application of stigma, removal of free will and the ruin of health and self esteem.

Leading to wrongful premature death.

Support child harms by blaming victim later in life.

The vanity and prediction and the rest is too clever.

There are outside harbingers and synchronicity at play.

Proximity of information share and among those who'd not do so...

This was done with illegal wiretaps, electronic harassment and stalking with the wife etc.

All illegal and murder. I am immune in the USA and Stateless.

For me doctors and teachers are involved, these felons are now procreating and having children and then being with my father etc.

Bad ideas.

What happens if I was not so articulate, gifted, or whole to make this argument?

Why handicap the talented kids with 600lb Police to make it the murder it is?


Points being witness matters since this is all you can rely on.

This problem was to follow me from New York State to Arizona and Germany and Raytheon and Diehl BGT Defence, wife is German.

So it escalated with the quackery core and now violent women and DOD are involved overtly.

Too many deals with the devil, you are coaching my abusive pedophile father and Police who rape children and murder innocents.

It can't work.

Then the questions for medical providers including general practice and mental health is why torment, torture, and otherwise stalk, harass, intimidate, threaten, and harm a child or adult victim of this kind of crimes?

Why use a woman?

This is collusion and obstruction.

State wanted to compel a means by which I could be accused of wrongdoing and none of that would vindicate the violent perverts who harmed me and murdered me more than once.

Again the dead can not pay you since you killed them and you.

Murdering children kills you even as big bad Police and agents of State.

It matters and it works. And you have no witness before that happens.

You used deprivation based harms, chemical means, use of shills to interlope and cause harm, to add toxins to food and drink, to induce mania and other traumas etc.

There is NO legal basis for this.

I have doctors following me around checking for me in hotels 2 hours from our home where my wife harmed me. For no reason.

You used vanity plays and other violent harms to obfuscate prior events and injury etc.

One covers the other problem is I can separate them.

And trap you on knowing too much and getting the order and aggregations wrong.

That works too.

Again you said too much and said too little.

Truth was the way to go.

Now you as a medical provider, mental health "expert", or anyone else can tell me, given the fact I was knifed to death in an ambulance in my home town, I was told that was a car accident, had a NY State Police Officer mutter "I'm f*%ked" as he approached my Buick Regal in a premeditated stop done using my wife and electronic harassment circa 2002 on East Canal Road in Lockport NY, how am I supposed to feel now given that all led to homicide again, when an ambulance or Police car comes by in a hurry with their lights and siren on?

What is in that for me? For you?

There was NEVER anything there for me.