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Prayer In The Workplace:

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Religion in the workplace

Religion in the workplace - Is it legal?

From their site:

I was invited to attend church/bible study by my superior. Is this legal?

It is illegal for an employer to coerce an employee into attending religious events or practicing a religion. Thus, context is key in deciding whether an employer has crossed the line in inviting an employee to attend church. The invitation is problematic if done in a way that suggests that there will be job-related benefits or consequences based on the employee's response. Repeated invitations that are met with rejection are most likely a form of harassment under the EEOC guidelines (outlined briefly below). On the other hand, a one-time invitation made in a casual setting probably does not constitute religious harassment, even though this may still feel like inappropriate workplace behavior to you.

For some illustrative examples of behavior deemed permissible and impermissible, see Guidelines on Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace (1992), examples following the statement: "[S]upervisors should be careful to ensure that their statements and actions are such that employees do not perceive any coercion of religious or non-religious behavior (or respond as if such coercion is occurring), and should, where necessary, take appropriate steps to dispel such misperceptions."

My boss/coworker put up a religious poster/display in the office. Is this a violation?

Context is key in deciding if a religious display creates a hostile work environment or otherwise violates an employee's right to be free from religious harassment at work. Factors to be considered include: the employer's policy on displays in general, who will likely see the display, what message the display sends, how difficult it would be to accommodate an offended employee, and whether the employer is a private or government entity.


For some (me) the environment is hostile in nature since we are the victims of Church (And State) crimes including child harms, rape, murder, and atrocity.

YOUR opinion that would be contrary to that is meaningless as would be that of the Church.


Raytheon got weird with me on that with Roger Goode April 2005, with Gary Affleck and the rest with their want to make a church invite and all wear Hawaiian shirts etc.

I opted out.