How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Police Synopsis

Problem is that the Police in USA are child molesting predators who protect and farm this kind of bigoted behavior.

You've harmed me as a child, carved me up with a knife, lied about that, allowed others to rape my sister and I as children, took photos of it, lied about that, had others harm me medically, lied about that, and protected my abusive father and mother who have attempted to murder me more than once, killed two other boys next door circa 1965, burned down homes, and did other things that you really can't discuss.

In the end you as a Police officer in this country have no voice and no witness since the problem is you and calling you felons is too kind.

And I have proof of all of this and you admit it so do others including my father...

You can't run a justice system or state this way by blaming the kids you rape.

Having Police preach about anything in the USA is absurd.

Shut up, you have nothing to say and never did.

Why speak now?

The point is you Police are traitors and terrorists:

Maybe you should go play God someplace else and leave the USA?