How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Police Retire

Why let other or all other criminals go free since some or one criminal(s) are conflicted? You as Police and State support criminal behaviors by the fact criminals are criminals.

I don't need to be anything to be the victim of your prejudice.

None of it needs to be related it is about THE STATE BODY.

So in the case of my parents, since they are pedophiles, and more, why allow others to break the law since they won't report crimes done to me or others?

You as officers of the law decided to retire BEFORE you took the job.

Then all you as Police do is make a mess of and play upon the vanity of the crimes and repeat them unto victims.

Then and now you complain why did I wait to report? Who says I waited? Where have you been for 50+ years? I reported constantly as a child and you also have mandated reporting laws for clergy, doctors, teachers, and I'd assume Police.

Where have they been? And you have Canada involved when I was what? 4 years?

That and you lied to me about what I did not know, accidents in lieu of knife attacks and homicide, etc. I can't report what you already know and I am not aware of. And that you lied about to me and others. Who cares what YOU SAY NOW?

You can't bargain on justice with victims of crime(s) in order to allow the guilty to go free.

That is not negotiating, that is called support your local mafia.

Why negotiate? I asked Police to do their jobs and prosecute those who harmed me.

This says THEY are guilty of it all.

So for the Police who like to support their child raping friends and want to claim I don't make sense, my Engrish is not so good etc. This is like the hit and run felony that an Amherst NY Police officer made on my truck, leaving the scene of a felony accident or otherwise.

So when as Police you enable, partake in or leave the scene of a Class A felony then you become guilty of it.

Then we just charge those who ignore us with the crimes including murder and child rapes.

Easy. You get added to the death chambers.

Do your job or suffer the consequences. DO NOT break the law or suffer same.

You will not make people understand who have a vested or profit interest not to understand.

Nice to support not charging these felons based on blame of the victim for making a typing error... or you not wanting to hear it.

That says you are guilty of it since you decided not to be cops or judges.

You are far too fickle.