How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Police No Show Jobs

The problem overall is that the police only have a problem since they are there at this moment and beyond that never enforce the law anyway.

Really they are only worried about getting shot with the garden hose you have in your hand at the moment, if you don't know what you are doing, and don't act on crimes you do know about and are so paranoid when you go out in public then don't be a cop.

This is a uniquely AMERICAN problem.

You do NOT have this in other countries and the problem here is the Police.

You Americans just do not get it.

You can't hire criminals to be police since this is all you get.

Since they can't win a single case in court, being they are guilty and wrong, all they can do is write a bunch of speeding tickets, run around acting violent, aggressive, surly and rude asking questions they don't need answers to or already know, and then hope to murder someone on the job to make it look good.

My advice to you is to force them to go to work every day, make them go to court. DO NOT PAY ONE SINGLE summons, speeding, equipment violation (tail light out, etc), without forcing the Police to trial.

They hope to spend a career avoiding due process and to deny YOU service this way and this is JUST what you get.

Make THEM defend themselves and to support their reputations.

USE MY CASE law to convict them, you have proof use it....

Nullify them via that.

Since they are nullified.

AND they are guilty of murder and treason, these are dead cops.