How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Police Frauds USA

For the Police in USA the question now becomes who does their stupid dialogs?

Do they as individuals make all the decisions to say and do all the stupid and criminal things they say and do?

The other problems are their admissions to offer they blame their victims of their predicament and the fact they act like a Mafia in total. In that they transfer their crimes unto their victims, accuse them of being cops, and then offer all the wrong they do is something they blame all others for. Sociopaths.

In that all crooked cops protect each other from someone else's crimes done with them hiding behind the gun and badge on it all.

Lame inversions of stupid criminals pretending to be cops.

Their processes of inversion, and aversion end up looking as cognizance of guilt and avoidance of the law.

And then the rest of the creation of and fomenting of fear, uncertainty, and doubt and causing of accidents says you don't have a legal system here.

You have something else.