How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Police Are Traitors. Why Dishonest Police Should Be Charged With Treason In The USA.

Police officers in the USA swear an oath of office or duty, to uphold the US Constitution first and foremost. They are sworn protectors of the US Constitution.

Their office is one of public trust and they are entrusted with much and that includes information and resources comprised of and supported by and only available via secret channels in the interest of national security and supported by national security assets. This includes use of HUMINT SATINT ELINT and other assets.

They would be considered as having a security clearance to access and act on this information.

In their efforts to break the law, allowing victims to be denied justice, protecting felons who have harmed these victims, the Police in effect are doing the following:

They are breaking the law and violating national security assets in order to profit themselves or others.

They are breaking the law and violating national security assets in order to obstruct justice.

They are breaking the law and violating national security assets in order to commit a criminal act(s).

They are denigrating and violating national security assets by disseminating and leaking information obtained via national security assets to untrusted persons. Their actions are observable by others and they involve others directly who have no clearance.

They are exposing capabilities of US national security assets via their actions, leaking of information, and other overt and covert acts to break the law.

With my employment with the US DOD and other federal agencies the following was shared with me relative to my employ there:

Information and military assets are classified as Top Secret, Secret, Classified, Company Confidential, Unclassified, etc.

Only the US DOD can determine what is and is not classified material.

Corporations and others can not classify, or make secret, information for the purpose of profit, in order to obtain competitive advantage over a competitor, or to break the law.

In other words you can't break the law and then hide behind national security and the protection of secrecy by that to escape justice or to profit.

Doing any of this is an act of treason punishable by death in the USA.

I think you need to start executing the Police who take the law into their own hands and from the people when they mock you and the US as a whole by their felonies and frauds against the people of the USA.

Who's nation is this?