How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Pfeiffer Foods Closing Upstate NY Plant.

Pfeiffer Foods Closing Upstate NY Plant Tom Cruise Perfect Hair Color Of Money

Perfect timing for the Police who are always in the wrong place at the wrong time in NY and Wilson NY. Just ask them why nobody is willing to work or live there given his need to rape and murder all your children. A big surprise that, since no business owner will do business there or expect employees to suffer this kind of atrocity and abuse along with their worry that those like my father and the local judges will arson their buildings to the ground.

I say good, then you can understand and help this dumb ass Trooper understand how he can pay himself to be a child raping felon and fool. Since nobody including me is willing to pay him one cent.

Odd and telling that Doug Golde once called me Nowhere Man. I think his protege Tom Palisano saw that as being their predicament.

Given his studies in Economics and mine in common sense, those like this cop and others doing this kind of thing felt they can all do this and sit around selling hot dogs to each other and make this work. Won't happen.

You have no State since this police person has decided you don't have one. I'd not call him a man.

Then I'd say he pays for that then. Why should you?



Pfeiffer Foods Closing Upstate N.Y. Plant
Fri, 09/11/2009 - 5:25am

WILSON, N.Y. (AP) -- Pfeiffer Foods says it will close its western New York salad dressing plant this fall, putting more than 150 people out of work.

Officials at Pfeiffer, a division of Columbus, Ohio-based T. Marzetti Co., confirmed Thursday that the company's plant in Wilson will close in November.

The company says the plant's operations will be consolidated into other facilities.

Pfeiffer is the largest private employer in Wilson, located on Lake Ontario in Niagara County, 30 miles north of Buffalo.

The company expects to end production at the plant by Nov. 20.

Former Buffalo restaurant owner Samuel Pfeiffer opened the plant in the 1950s to produce salad dressings he had developed. Lancaster Colony Corp., T. Marzetti's parent company, acquired Pfeiffer Foods in 1983.




TOP 10: No. 5 Pfeiffer Foods leaves a hole in Wilson; jobs lost By Joe Olenick
Dec 26, 2009

There are 156 less jobs available in Wilson after a longtime plant closed last month.

On Nov. 20 Pfeiffer Foods, Inc. closed its Wilson salad dressing plant. Pfeiffer’s parent company, Ohio based T. Marzetti, informed employees in September of the Lake Street facility’s impending doom.

In a statement Marzetti officials said work would be phased out from October to November.

“As a result of ongoing review of manufacturing capacity, production requirements and management of its operations to best serve customer needs, the company has decided to cease operations,” the company said.

The Wilson plant made and packaged salad dressings mainly for sale at grocery stores, while other Pfeiffer plants are geared to restaurant supply. The retail side is suffering in the current recession, employees were told.

The people who lost their jobs are mechanics, mixers, stackers, line operators, machine operators, warehouse, quality control and office workers and managers. They’re residents of nearly every community in northern/central Niagara County, from Newfane and Barker to Youngstown and Lockport.

Contact reporter Joe Olenick

at 716-439-9222, ext. 6241.


Mr Music Pleaze:

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This photo is of that now vacant plant at 683 Lake Street in Wilson NY with the 2011 date from Google maps street view. I am sure it will remain vacant as it should be.

Owned by:

Lawta Properties, LLC
3095 Harlem Rd
Cheektowaga, NY 14225

AKA Wilson Farm Properties, LLC

Enjoy your egg whites…

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